100 days later_ what has changed_

July 7 marked the end of the National League for Democracy’s first 100 days in government. Noodles advertisement Weekend asked residents of Myanmar’s largest city how they feel about their first democraticly elected government.

President Htin Kyaw (centre), Senior General Min Aung Hlaing (right), Foreign Minister and State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (second right) and vice presidents U Myint Swe (third right) and Henry Van Thio (second left) arrive at Nay Pyi Taw International Airport on May 6. Noodles & company san diego ca Photo: EPA

Glancing at the newspaper headlines and articles circulating on Facebook, you might think that the National League for Democracy’s new government is off to a rocky start.

Noodles and company encinitas Western media has largely lambasted the once-idolised Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for her apparent reluctance to address the fate of the ethnic Muslim minority that self-identifies as Rohingya. Noodles & company A further blow came from the US State Department in June, when it downgraded Myanmar in its annual human trafficking report and ranked the country below most of its ASEAN peers. Noodles and company waldorf The NLD’s self-mandated “100-day” deadline for various civic changes riled press (this publication included) with vague language and no apparent resolution on the date that marked the “100th day”. Noodles and company chicago A proposed ban on the sale of betel near hospitals, schools and government offices also set off a panic before being backpedalled into oblivion.

But despite criticism from outside observers of Myanmar’s new government and its decisions, The Myanmar Times found that residents of Yangon are more or less pleased with the NLD’s progress so far. Noodles asian We spoke to men and women in neighbourhoods across the city, interviewing a wide spectrum of ages, occupations and religions. Noodles prices Almost everyone was positive about having a civilian government running the country.

President U Htin Kyaw (left) and State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi arrive at parliament in Nay Pyi Taw to take their oaths of office on March 30. And noodles Photo: EPA

The most common response to the question “Have you noticed any changes in Myanmar?” however, was, “not so much”. Noodles andco Many of the people we asked felt that 100 days was too soon to pass conclusive judgements regarding the NLD’s achievements, or that few reforms had happened yet. Noodles and company olathe People should be patient and optimistic, they said, as Myanmar’s first democratically elected leaders in more than 50 years settle into power.

And while international media has seized on the Rohingya issue, local sentiment suggested that most Yangon residents consider refugees a fringe topic: Nobody mentioned them as a priority issue, telling us instead that raising education standards, attracting business and alleviating poverty should be the new administration’s focal points. Continental noodles woodbridge hours This discrepancy between international analysis and local opinion could be attributed to the 1000 kilometres between Yangon and Sittwe, where more than 120,000 of the majority-Muslim ethnic minority live – out of sight, out of mind for many, it seems.

In terms of achievements so far, the people we surveyed cited improvements to Yangon’s notoriously clogged drains – just in time for monsoon season – as well as a much-publicised law prohibiting civil servants from accepting under-the-table bribes, as examples of NLD improvements. United noodles hours However, some of these changes, such as drain clearing, come largely through the work of the Yangon City Development Council, which was voted in prior to the November 2015 general elections, and is not necessarily linked to NLD decision-makers.

But more than concrete reforms, people spoke anecdotally of small changes: of police – notoriously corrupt – denying bribes; people littering less; households notified about pending electricity blackouts ahead of time; and schools providing free uniforms.

Though not all of these changes can be directly attributed to any one NLD legislator, one thing is for certain – hardly anyone knows who their township representative is. Noodles and company yonkers Only six people we spoke to could definitively name a representative of their township in the national or regional hluttaws, and many of them dismissed the question by saying that the individual representative rarely mattered. Noodles and company bel air For the vast majority of residents we questioned, exactly who is advocating on their behalf in parliament is something of a mystery, acceptable on the condition that, whoever it is, they must be alright if Daw Aung San Suu Kyi trusts them.

One change I’ve noticed happened last month, while I was visiting Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalay. Noodles and company houston Our new president, U Htin Kyaw, was there at the same time. Noodles chicago Visitors had a chance to pay their respects at the pagoda, and the president was also praying. Noodles and company las vegas In the old days, even lower-level governing officials would shut down pagodas when they visited. Noodles and company florida No one would have been allowed to enter the place – it would have been surrounded by guards. Noodles and company menu So, I feel like both the government and the citizens are changing for the better.

As far as general citizens are concerned, we don’t really care or know what specific things have changed in the NLD’s first 100 days. Noodles delivery But we feel so relieved, so worry-free. Noodles & company normal il And we are able to hope. Noodles and company racine Before the NLD took over, all we could do was hope that there would be no more bad days, that there would be no more dictatorship, that we would no longer have to worry about some invisible eyes watching us.

I haven’t seen any significant reforms, but in some areas the new government hasn’t performed well: They haven’t reformed the investment system yet, and what about the import and export trade? We don’t know. Noodles and company sioux falls The government didn’t show us any solid plans for the first 100 days, and though we understand the period is short, there should have been some sort of road map. Menu for noodles I don’t want to blame the government but they seem to talk more than they work. Noodles and company germantown [Yangon Region] Chief Minister [U Phyo Min Thein] keeps bringing up sensitive issues that cause a panic, like Thingyan pavilions, betel shops, night clubs and now Ma Ba Tha.

After our country spent so long in isolation, expectations of the new government were very high – maybe too high. Dc noodles menu We particularly hoped for an increase in foreign direct investment. Noodles and company kansas city The new government has not set out an economic strategy yet, but I don’t blame them. What is noodles and company Developing an economic system and attracting investment cannot be done in a few months.

Some people are talking about consumers’ rights, complaining about the rise in the cost of rice, oil and vegetables. Noodles and company eldersburg I want the government to focus on the business sector first because if people don’t have enough money they don’t care about anything else.

In the past, crime was not much of an issue. Noodles and company edina But lately people have become more interested in crime and what the authorities are doing about it. Noodles and company shorewood I’m not a politician, and I don’t know much about the changes, but I have noticed that the police seem to be working harder than before. Noodles and company menu calories You see traffic police outside working, even in the rain or on hot days, which is good to see – although we still have congestion. Yellow noodles It’s early days yet for the new government, but people are expecting changes for the better. Noodles and company 27th st The education system is still poor in our country, and without education we can’t develop. Noodles and company hours of operation I want the government to focus on business and education.

I feel great about the new government: For now, they are doing what they have to. Noodles denver But I want to talk about electricity. Noodles order We understand why the electricity didn’t work during the summer – because people were using more air-con and the city could not produce enough voltage. Noodles a Fine. Fast food noodles But now it is still happening in rainy season! I can’t understand that. Noodles and compsny Why is the electricity problem still happening?