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Gastronaut explores the wine, wellness, culture and gastronomy of southern hungary

After a 4 hour drive to Pecs from Zagreb, the Gastronauts were greeted in Pecs by Vesna Haluga, Croatian Consul General in the Republic of Hungary, and Mark Kincses, director of the Tourist Office of Hungary in Southern Europe. Noodles

Lifestyle feature canning with jan gillespie _ cullmansense

CULLMAN – Growing, harvesting and preserving your own food can be rewarding on many levels. Easy homemade spaghetti sauce from scratch For starters, it gives you more control over what goes in your food, allowing you to control salt and

Recipe_ think polenta demands endless stirring_ think again. bake it _ the salt lake tribune

We call it cornmeal mush. How to cook parmesan chicken breast The Italians call it polenta. Parmesan chicken with spaghetti And they’ve been making it since shortly after Columbus introduced corn to the Old World upon his return from America.

The secret to these noodles is an obscure chinese desert plant _ munchies

Traditionally, the plant is roasted, compacted, and then dissolved into a flour and water mixture. Spaghetti recipe with italian sausage Today, most of the powder is made in factories. “Humans have taken advantage of these minerals for culinary purposes by

The recorder

Your family might like it well enough to eat it at your holiday dinner, so long as there’s a boat full of gravy within reaching distance or a big jar of mayo in the fridge for the next day’s sandwiches.

Start your appetite_ lexington burger week is back _ lexington herald-leader

Brace yourselves, burger fans: Lexington Burger Week returns July 11 through 17, with 35 local restaurants planning special burgers, according to organizer Smiley Pete Publications. Recipe for easy chicken parmesan Each burger will be $5, and chefs are encouraged to

Indians develop new taste by using umani seasoning in their meal _ business standard news

Ajinomoto, whose name is synonymous with flavor enhancer Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) manufactures umami seasoning, which is scientifically proven benefit in the interest of people’s health. Despite the debate surrounding the use of MSG in India, Ajinomoto has seen a growth

You’re holding your coffee mug wrong, according to scientists _ munchies

Despite the ubiquity of caffeine consumption and the elegant simplicity of mug design, people still spill coffee on themselves all the time. Noodles and company employment It’s an inevitable pitfall to enjoying the world’s most popular psychoactive drug and one

Paleo peppermint no bake brownies simple brownie cake recipe

I am ALL about enjoying the holidays with food. Best brownie recipe allrecipes Food is meant to be enjoyed, savored and eaten with loved ones. Fudge brownie cookie recipe Over the next couple of months I fully intend to enjoy