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Most grammar dictionaries warn against the overuse of capital letters, but Bruce Springsteen, in rhetoric as in music, has always done things his way. How to make chicken fingers batter In his memoir, Born to Run, he deploys all caps more than 70 times. How to make chicken strips crispy This enthusiastic writerly tic is, in one sense, a clue that no ghostwriters had a hand in writing the book. Cane’s chicken fingers calories But as Born to Run develops, it also becomes an essential part of Bruce’s style, the key weapon in his struggle to register the emphatic power of his voice on the flat surface of the page.

So here’s every example from the book of when Springsteen tried hardest to convey a life or death urgency — save two: his memory of watching Elvis Presley perform on Ed Sullivan, in which the caps continue across four pages, and an extended story about getting kicked out of Disneyland because Little Steven wouldn’t take off his bandanna.

1. Buffalo chicken tenders calories On rejecting the status quo: To these schmucks, I’m just another spoiled kid who will not conform to what we all ultimately must conform to, the only-circumstantially-theistic kingdom of … THE WAY THINGS ARE!”

2. Calories in chicken fingers and fries On what he prefers: THINGS THE WAY I LIKE ‘EM! Related Stories Bruce Springsteen’s Memoir Beautifully Dissects His Own Masculinity Playlist: The Songs Bruce Springsteen References in Born to Run All 314 Bruce Springsteen Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best

45. Baked chicken fingers recipe panko On the problems with New York City: I couldn’t get sky, couldn’t see sun and couldn’t run. Easy baked chicken fingers Yeah, the museums, the restaurants, the shops, but I was still SMALL-TOWN!

47. Battered chicken fingers On his daughter: She would sit there, her complexion turning Bazooka-bubblegum pink as her stubby little digits, pulling and tugging, struggled with the buckle and she exerted her tiny, mighty little will to DO IT HERSELF!

50. Honey mustard dipping sauce for chicken fingers On reuniting the E Street Band and getting the group back together: I started realizing there was a sea of young people out there who never saw the greatest thing I did: PLAY LIVE … with the E Street Band.

51. Breaded chicken fingers recipe On playing with his idols at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: In 1964, millions of kids saw the Stones and the Beatles and decided, ‘That looks like fun.’ Some of them went out and bought instruments […] Tonight, one of those ended up standing between Mick Jagger and George Harrison, a Stone and a Beatle. Chicken fingers in the oven I did not fool myself about what the odds were back in 1964 that that one would’ve been the acne-faced fifteen-year-old kid with the cheap Kent guitar from Freehold, New Jersey. Best baked chicken fingers My parents were RIGHT! My chances were ONE, ONE in a MILLION, in MANY MILLIONS. Honey mustard chicken fingers But still … here I was. What to serve with chicken fingers I knew my talents and I knew I worked hard, but THESE, THESE WERE THE GODS, and I was, well … one hardworking guitar man.

52. Deep fry chicken fingers On the response to his controversial song “American Skin”: I received letters, one from the police commissioner asking me NOT to play the song! … Huh? It’s a song!

53. Best chicken fingers restaurant On early sessions for The Rising: All great rock ‘n’ roll records convince you of one essential thing: that SOMETHING is HAPPENING! Something you NEED to hear! … We didn’t have that. How to make chicken fingers at home When I listened back to what we’d recorded, my final judgment was: WE WERE DULL!

54. How to make fried chicken fingers On what he wanted from the Super Bowl halftime show audience: I want you to step back from the guacamole dip. Easy homemade chicken fingers I want you to put the chicken fingers down! And turn the television ALL THE WAY UP! Because, of course, there is just ONE thing I’ve got to know: ‘IS THERE ANYBODY ALIVE OUT THERE?!’

55. Oven baked chicken fingers recipe On his errant knee-slide during that same show: Too much adrenaline, a late drop, too much speed, here I come, Mike … BOOM! And I’m onto his camera, the lens implanted into my crotch with one leg off the stage. Cooking chicken fingers I use his camera to push myself back up and … say it, say it, say it, say it … BLAM! ‘BORN TO RUN’… my story.

56. How to fry chicken fingers On fans asking whether the band would continue without Clarence Clemons: “Whaddyagonnado?’ That’s how it always came out. How to make chicken fingers in the oven One thought, one word, one critical, life-defining, all-important, existential ‘I gotta know NOW ’cause it’s driving me CRAZY that this thing I loved might no longer be there!!!’ question.

57. Homemade chicken fingers deep fried On Jake Clemons filing in for Clarence: When he arrived, he ‘sort of’ knew [our songs]. Pictures of chicken fingers Lesson number one: in the E Street Band we don’t ‘sort of’ do …. Healthy homemade chicken fingers ANYTHING. Chicken fingers recept James Brown was my father, god and hero as bandleader. Chicken fingers rezept Sam Moore was also a great inspiration … On the bandstand, with their bands, they gave NO QUARTER!

58. Chicken fingers ingredients On the E Street Band’s longevity: People always asked me how the band played like it did night after night, almost murderously consistent, NEVER stagnant and always full balls to the wall. 4 fingers chicken recipe There are two answers. Are chicken fingers healthy One is they loved and respected their jobs, one another, their leader and the audience. Chicken strips recipe healthy The other is … because I MADE them! I needed Jake to deeply understand them both, so I said, ‘ … Where … do … you … think … you … are? If you don’t know, let me tell you. Baked chicken strips no breading You are in a CITADEL OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL. Baked chicken tenders no breadcrumbs You don’t DARE come in here and play this music for Bruce Springsteen without having your SHIT DOWN COLD!’

59. Homemade chicken fingers panko On Jake Clemons again: Because even if he could play in the E Street Band, who you ARE, what you’ve got inside, your degree of emotional understanding of the stakes we’re playing for, FUCKING MATTERS!

60. How to make chicken tenders crispy On playing with the Rolling Stones: The phone rings. How to make chicken strips at home Mick Jagger is on the line. Recipe for baked chicken fingers I had a teenage daydream about receiving a call like this many years ago, but no, the Stones do not need an ex-pimply faced front man for the next evening’s show. Dipping sauces for chicken fingers But it’s THE NEXT BEST THING! They’re playing in Newark, New Jersey, and have decided one extra New Jersey guitar man and voice for ‘Tumbling Dice’ might get some of the local fannies wagging … These are the guys who INVENTED my job!

61. Crunchy chicken fingers recipe On thinking about playing with the Rolling Stones: On my way home I kept thinking, ‘I GOTTA CALL STEVE!’ […] The next night we did it again for twenty thousand thunderstruck New Jerseyans in Newark. Restaurant style chicken fingers It was a thrill but it didn’t have the mystic kick of the night before when I got to sit in, in that little room with just those four guys, the GREATEST GARAGE BAND IN THE WORLD, in my small piece of rock ‘n’ roll heaven.

63. Baked breaded chicken fingers On post-tour depression: I had an attack of what was called an ‘agitated depression.’ During this period, I was so profoundly uncomfortable in my own skin that I just wanted OUT. Breaded chicken fingers baked Tags: bruce springsteen memoir born to run punctuation