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Here in San Diego, NYC-style delis are few and far between. Avocado egg tomato breakfast There are a lot of imitators, but none come close to what you find on the East Coast. Avocado egg recipe microwave Enter Carnivore Sandwich — an eatery by Baz Emini , the son of a delicatessen owner who’s hoping to lure New York natives with overstuffed sandwiches. How long to bake avocado and egg But Emini assures diners it goes beyond meat between two slices of bread.

Avocado and egg toast He wants customers to consider his made-from-scratch salads, custom condiments, imported ingredients and more. Avocado egg roll recipes Read below for all the details on Downtown’s newest sandwich shop.

Emini stresses that Carnivore Sandwich is not an authentic Jewish delicatessen commonly found on the East Coast. Sandwich with avocado and egg Homesick expats won’t find a broad selection of hot foods like latkes, pancakes or stuffed cabbage, but they will find a huge selection of overstuffed sandwiches featuring hand-sliced meats, housemade soups (including a memorable matzo ball and chicken noodle) and variety of fresh salads.

Cured meats were an important consideration for Emini. Avocado egg nog Instead of relying on Boar’s Head, the option he says that local delis often use, Carnivore’s meats are delivered from the East Coast twice a week. Lean in 15 avocado and egg Turkey and pastrami comes from Nations Best Wholesale Deli in New York, while salami, pickles, hot dogs and sauerkraut are sourced from Chicago. Egg and avocado breakfast recipes Prices may range a bit higher than what diners may be used to — the shop’s popular pastrami sandwich rings in at $11.95 — but it’s reflected in the quality of the meats. Avocado and egg diabetes Locally Sourced Bread

Not everything is sourced from the East Coast. Baked avocado egg rolls Local bakeries supply the bread used for all Carnivore’s creations. Avocado and baked egg North County’s Top of the Bagel is the base for many of the breakfast items. Avocado and egg baked And Emini says that Charlie’s Best Bread, a local bakery that provides the shop with challah and rye loaves, comes pretty close to what you find in Manhattan.

Whatever you do, don’t skip out on the Carnivore’s deli sides, namely the potato salad. Avocado and egg face mask Like all the salads — including coleslaw, beet and cucumber — it’s made fresh daily using recipes passed down from Emini’s grandmother. Breakfast with avocado and eggs Starting with red Russian potatoes, the kitchen creates a secret dressing from scratch every day.

The shop’s biggest draw is the build-your-own-sandwich option. Avocado and egg mask With 15 filling options, fours kinds of cheese, seven kinds of bread and slew of condiments, the daunting BYO menu can send any prospective customer into a tizzy. Egg and avocado salad When in doubt, go for one of Carnivore’s specialty sandwiches. Egg in avocado weight loss We like the Lady Liberty ($12.95) — a Kaiser roll piled high with house roast beef, Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing. How to make baked avocado and egg Emini suggests subbing the Kaiser roll with soft challah bread instead (pictured) and requesting extra Russian dressing on the side.

There’s one California-inspired dish in the heavy NY-centric menu — and it’s not the stuffed avocado ($12.95; pictured) topped with either tuna or chicken salad on a bed of fresh greens. How to make avocado and egg For something truly Californian, go for the avocado open-faced sandwich ($5.95). Avocado and egg blood sugar It’s Carnivore’s take on avocado toast with a hard-boiled egg and avocado spread on whole wheat toast. Avocado and poached egg on toast It’s only found on the breakfast menu.