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And, she added, a weeklong ride across Iowa in the heat with limited access to beds and/or showers just might be the best way to assess a future Rapp family member.

“Last year, Rich, my daughter’s fiancé, came with us on RAGBRAI and to spend a week with him in such close quarters and with some of our best friends was a great way to get to know him,” she said. Recipe for tender pork chops “Rich and Megan actually weren’t going to come after their wedding, but a few weeks ago they decided that they couldn’t not be on RAGBRAI. Baked pork chops with pineapple So about a week after they tie the knot we’ll all be dipping our tires in the Missouri.” …To celebrate a bike accident survived.

Julie Lefebure was at a parade celebrating 150 years since Norway, Iowa, became a town when she got the phone call that her husband, Bill, had been hit by a car while on a RAGBRAI training ride.

What can u make with pork chops The car veered into him at 55 miles an hour and he was thrown 30 feet in the air. Recipes for pork chops in pressure cooker He’d been lucky, she said, only receiving broken ribs and lots of road rash, but the emotional toll was way more than he or Julie imagined.

“I didn’t think he’d ever get on a bike again,” she said. Baked pork chops 450 degrees “He healed but we had a constant reminder that life can be snatched away at a moment’s notice.”

So when Bill asked Julie a few months after the accident if she would ride RAGBRAI on a tandem bike with him, Julie, who’d only ever completed one day of the ride in the early 90s, thought absolutely not. Best pork chops But then she realized that the tandem ride across Iowa wasn’t for her or some machismo sense of completion he held dear, she said. How to cook pork chops and sauerkraut It was so he could face his fear and get back on his bike.

“I remember thinking, ‘Wait, there’s a bigger purpose here,’” she said. How to cook a pork chops “I have to be there to be his support and encouragement. Juicy fried pork chops I can’t be selfish and say no.”

This year will mark the couple’s third RAGBRAI together and their marriage has never been stronger, she said. Can can pork chops On a tandem, they have to be in communication almost constantly to stay upright and, on top of that, they camp together and eat together and pass the days with even more talking.

“The new mile of silence honoring the bikers who were killed or injured will be emotional for us,” she said. Fried pork chops filipino style “It will bring back memories for us both, but I’m so looking forward to honoring those that were lost and remembering that now is the time to live because life can be snatched away at a moment’s notice.” …To get off the rock.

When Tim Dailey, 44, and his young son and fellow rider, Alex, 9, leave for RAGBRAI, it will be one of the first times Alex has left “the rock” of Grand Cayman, an island off the coast of Cuba.

And even though fun is the main objective of the weeklong father-son adventure, Dailey is using this biking excursion to teach his son a few lessons.

“At his age, that is pretty good and when you factor in the spirit of RAGBRAI, the stopping and starting between towns, I think we will be fine,” he said. Crock pot pork chops healthy “But Cayman doesn’t have many hills.”

Second: humility. Fried pork chops pioneer woman Dailey said he had an idea a few months ago: While riding, why don’t we raise some money for needy charities on our small island?

So Flemming, who has done his fair share of RAGBRAIs, will be at the Bike World camp every night answering safety questions and promoting bike mirrors, a personal passion. Smothered pork chops oven He’ll also be in the meeting town each day as another worker on the line at the Bike World emergency repair tents. Pork chops recip And in between, he’ll hop on his bike and ride whenever he can.

“As a bike mechanic, I’m really a joy merchant and I mean that,” he said. Good pork chops “People use bikes to deal with loss, to stay alive (in the case of a heart condition), as a safe form of exercise, as critical therapy or just as transportation.”

Joe Vaughn starts every RAGBRAI with a white T-shirt, but by the end, the blank canvas bears the signatures of all the people he’s met along the way.

“Our team is called Team Sign Me,” he wrote in an email. Crock pot pork chops and potatoes “We wear a plain white T-shirt and wear a pen around our neck and get signatures (from people) such as town mayor, oldest rider, etc. Ways to cook thin pork chops as a scavenger hunt through the week.”

The team’s name is the same as national nonprofit Team RWB, which helps veterans return to active duty in their local communities once they come home from overseas.

“We are all about passion, people, positivity, commitment, comradery and community,” he said. Pork chops and stuffing “The rate of veteran suicide is staggering and we hope to decrease that rate and enhance the lives of as many veterans as possible by getting them out into the world.”

“It’s all about spreading the word,” he said. Best way to cook pork chops “We want veterans to know that if you need help getting through things or just want to get out of the house, we are here to help each other.” …Because my grandson is my best friend.

Steve Hardy, 65, and Jack Hillman, 8, are best friends. A marinade for pork chops Jack lives around the corner from his grandpa Steve and Hardy’s house is like his second home.

The pair go bike riding, camping, backpacking, fishing and Hardy, a geologist by trade, even takes the little guy on job sites to teach him about rocks and soil. Fried pork chops sides So when Jack learned about RAGBRAI last year there was no stopping him from going, Hardy said. He was determined to go, no matter what.

Sure there are a few pearls of wisdom that get passed down when you spend that much time together, but when Hardy and Jack are together, it’s all about having fun, Hardy said.

“It’s great!” he said. How to cook good pork chops “I get to be a kid again. Easy smothered pork chops in crock pot He benefits from my money, of course, because I buy him bikes and kayaks, but I benefit because I get to be a kid in my 60s.”