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After an October visit to China I was asked to write my observations of the country since China is very much in the news, is a communist country and has not been visited by Americans nearly as much as European countries.

We often use the phrase that “something was half-way around the world” and when I checked my globe I found that China was, in fact, pretty much on the opposite side of the world from Georgia, and that’s why it took almost 18 hours of flight from Atlanta to reach Beijing, my first stop.

In days to come I would take intra-country flights to the cities of Xian, Guilin, Shanghai, and Hong Kong/Macau.

Noodles and company boise The country is so large the distances between cities were too great to travel overland. Noodles and company yelp When planning a trip to a country not visited before, you have images in your mind as to what it might be like. Noodles menu calories My images had not prepared me for what I found: very large cities with many modern advancements that often had me thinking that I had been dropped in the middle of New York, rural life that was primitive and challenging for poor farm families and an overwhelming population (1.4 billion) that made for huge crowds everywhere (China has four times the U.S. Noodles and company 76th st population of 325 million.). Noodles and company prices The following notes are my composite view of the country.

HISTORY: China has some of the most interesting antiquities in the world and is discovering more each year as they unearth them. Noodles and company delivery They know their early history and are proud of it. Noodles king menu The government is spending many millions to preserve these sites and the Chinese are out visiting them in hordes.

INFRASTRUCTURE/TRANSPORTATION: The cities very much need and enjoy many good highways/expressways/bridges to move the vast population and their required goods and services. Noodles and company laurel Urban highways and inner cities have a remarkable amount of plantings and landscaping which seemed well maintained. Noodles and company east lansing Construction is EVERYWHERE and is far exceeding our own. Noodles and company workday Buses, subways, bullet trains, hydra-foil boats, planes (in some cities there are two large airports and most are newer and larger than ours), and many cars, some US, China, and Japanese-made, move the populace. Noodles and company zona rosa In smaller towns and rural areas, scooters are the main form of transportation. Noodles and company monroeville pa After landing in Beijing and exiting into the covered parking lot to meet my van to the hotel, I was immediately taken with the sheer volume of shiny Mercedes, Lexus, BMW and other luxury cars belonging to the wealthy class. Noodles & company catering On a boat trip from Hong Kong to Macau, some 40 plus miles away over open water, I kept seeing a high bridge in the distance. Noodles and company madison I asked the tour guide what it was. Noodles n company hours I was told the Chinese government announced some years back that a bridge would be built to connect Hong Kong and Macau (the Las Vegas of China). Noodles hours The Chinese people laughed and said, “you will never build a bridge over 40 miles of open water!” It is now nearing completion and will enter Hong Kong by tunnel!

EDUCATION: The Chinese place tremendous importance on education and insist their children embrace it and do well. Xian noodles menu There are many universities and advanced educational facilities available, some free of cost if the student has performed well in secondary schooling. Noodles and company waukesha One tour guide told me her six-year-old daughter goes to her first school from 7:30 AM to 3 PM, takes piano lessons, then goes to a second school until 7 PM. Noodles and company schaumburg Most children are taking lessons for some musical instrument and many are also getting art education. Noodles and company breach Although the Chinese are embracing modern times and advancements, they also recognize they are losing some of their revered customs and values. About noodles and company The six-year-old mentioned above came home one evening and announced she had homework. Noodles and company lone tree The mother said, “Homework for a six-year-old!” The child said, “Mama and Daddy, I am supposed to wash your feet tonight to show my gratitude and respect for you!” Respect and honor of the elders are long held values and traditions in China and the people don’t want to lose that so they are reinstating those teachings.

HOUSING: Years ago before all these advancements, two or three generations of families lived in one small house or, in the city, they lived in hutongs, small, cramped quarters in alleyways or storage rooms behind stores. Noodles and company nutrition Sometimes three families shared one kitchen — and yes, they all cooked at the same time!

Vast numbers of those have been torn down and hi-rise apartment buildings (thousands of them) have been built in every city. Menu at noodles and company Most have 700 to 900 square feet and each family pays rent and utilities. Noodles of the world locations The wealthy have a house or a large,

luxury apartment which is quite costly and they must purchase it. Noodles and company rochester Some of the hi-rises are government-owned and usually house the poor or the elderly who receive enough financial help from the government to barely subsist.

In most families both the husband and wife work. Noodles and company frankfort With the long work day (some stores are open 10 to 10) and the long commute with heavy traffic, it makes for a tiring, stressful day.

RELIGION: I saw few houses of worship. Noodles and company ames There were the remains of a long ago Catholic church and an occasional Taoist temple. Noodles and company orem The communist government doesn’t want any movement or cause to which the people might pledge their loyalty or faith and thus become a challenge to the government’s authority. Www noodles I asked one tour guide about this and was told the Chinese people don’t know much about religion and thus have no interest in it. Noodles and company bangkok curry I have been told by some who have done mission work there that the only way you can do it is to start a business there or work in a business and witness to those with whom you come in contact. Noodles and company loveland Starting a church or bible study would not be allowed.

WEATHER/GEOGRAPHY: A trip to China in October required two weights of clothing. Menu noodles and company In Beijing cooler days had already set in and, on windy days, it was quite cold. Noodles and company tulsa As I moved southward the temperature moderated and by the time I reached Hong Kong, short sleeves were needed. Noodles and company layton Two rainy days were experienced as Typhoon Haima passed thru the southern part of China and a second one came further inland about 5 days after I departed. Noodles and company reviews Northern China has bitter cold and snow. All about noodles I observed some smog several mornings but nothing severe. Noodles shop In every city there were a few wearing paper masks. Noodles and company boulder The country is so large that one can experience mountains with snow-caps in the North, plains in parts of the mid-country and the tropics in the coastal area.

ART: The Chinese people make all things artistic an important part of their lives. Www noodles and company Plays, drama, stories, all forms of painting and crafts, dance and music play an important role and they seem to have exceptional skills in these areas. Noodles delight menu I attended a short painting class, visited several art studios, a school for advanced artists, and a museum with a collection of old and new paintings. Noodles and company glen ellyn Everything is assigned some meaning: supporting timbers in one of the ancient buildings means authority, each color is assigned a virtue such as loyalty, power, long life, the angles of rock on a mountain beside the Ly River look like horsemen in an ancient story. Noodles and company hours The lion symbol is a favorite as it shows up frequently. Noodles inc menu There seems to be a contest among architects to see who can build the most unusual and “far out” styles in many of the newer buildings. Noodles and company concord ca Parks in the inner city are large and gardening is important, even if it is just pot plants on a hi-rise balcony.

POLITICS/GOVERNMENT/FREEDOM: The tour guide said, generally speaking, only upper class citizens are members of the communist party and the number is small. Noodles and company dc If you wish to climb the ladder in government or a large company you must be a member. Noodles and company vcu Corruption seems to be prolific as several were being hauled up for some bribery or kickback scheme in the local newspapers. Noodles in company (I tried to read the English version each day.) It appeared they were being made an example to others. Noodles and company ingredients The government owned several stores our tour group visited, but the prices were high. Noodles and company orland park In most of the other shops/stores we visited prices were better, but still too high, so bartering brought them down. Noodles and company elk river It was necessary to convert your U.S. Noodles and company richfield dollars to the Chinese Yuan and, in Hong King, you converted to Hong Kong dollars. Noodles and company oakland The tour guide stated that the internet and TV often go off for periods of time as the government does not want citizens to know everything happening in the world, especially if it does not reflect well on China.

I sent e-mails and text messages from China. Noodles & company hours Some texts were delayed and the e-mails did not get thru. Noodles and company cupertino When I landed back in the U.S. Noodles menu fayetteville ar my e-mails were delivered immediately.

A visa was necessary to enter China and was good for only 60 days. Ceo of noodles and company Every place I visited was a Chinese city but my passport and visa were checked at the airport each time I entered a new city. United noodles menu Security at all tourist sites was high and my carry-on luggage was thoroughly checked at each airport down to sniffing my cough syrup. Yummy noodles menu Several large articles in the newspapers I read were lauding their President’s visit to other lands where he was bearing gifts of loans and money to a country in need. Noodles and company logo What better way to show your success and prominence on the world’s stage than to be gifting/helping less developed countries. Noodles noodles noodles China wants to be accepted as a big, important player on the world’s stage!

BUSINESS/COMMERCE/CAPITALISM: Business is booming in China! Although the government owns and controls some companies and certainly has a strong say in regulating everything, I was amazed at the commerce and the wealth accumulation occurring there. Noodles 28 menu The government has turned the people loose and they know how to work hard — and smart — to build their own businesses from small to very large and it is making China very rich!

Examples: A tour of busy Hong Kong Harbor in a small, old boat piloted by an old Chinese woman caused me to wonder: Is this safe, does this boat/operator meet any safety rules?

I began to look around and found a metal plate with wording similar to what you see here that said it had met government regs and was authorized to carry only a certain number of people.

Airports had many signs and directionals almost identical to ours. Noodles and company fairfax A bag of candy had all the nutritional info in a chart on the back of the package in the same format we use here. Restaurants like noodles and company They are not spending time and money developing even these simple things — they are copying ours!

HEALTH/FITNESS/FOOD: A large variety of dishes were usually served at meals so there was always something that suited my tastes. Noodles and company omaha The Chinese meal typically consists mostly of vegetables: cabbage, bamboo shoots, bok choy, onion, carrot, potato, green salad with tomato, etc. Noodle noodles plus white & brown rice and or noodles. Where is the closest noodles and company (This might also be in the form of a soup.)

Very little meat is served, usually three or four small pieces cooked in one vegetable dish. Noodles and company dallas There is almost no bread and dessert will be a few slices of fruit. Noodles and company duluth Hot tea is the beverage.

The use of sugar and baked goods is almost nil. Noodles noodles & noodles The meal is eaten with chopsticks rather quickly and with little conversation at the table. Noodles and After the evening meal some of the family members will go for a walk where they engage in conversation. Street noodles In over a two week visit, seeing thousands upon thousands of people, I saw only TWO people who were overweight — not fat —just overweight.

Everyone, young and old, is slim and trim What a contrast with our citizens! People there walk everywhere possible or ride the subway for longer distances or a scooter in suburban or rural areas.

Health care is provided by the government but our tour guide told of being diagnosed with gallstones. Noodles & company prices The doctor said he would let her rest in the hospital a few days. Noodles and company application After five or six days, no surgery was scheduled. Pt noodles menu Her husband began to ask around from friends as what was going on. Noodles and company gluten free He was told: “Oh, you will have to get up money from family and friends and pay the doctor extra under the table.” After he did that, the surgery was scheduled and performed!

Fitness and exercise is performed daily by individuals or groups in the parks. Noodles & more I actually participated in a tai chi group in the park one morning to the music on someone’s portable boom box. Noodles and compan I also observed middle age couples dancing a waltz and other routines in the park as well as men flying kites and small airplanes, all having a great time and getting exercise as well. Noodles and company hunt valley These routines are a way of life there.

PEOPLE: I found the people to be very friendly and welcoming. Noodles catering menu One even went a block out of the way to give directions. Noodles and company wiki I never sensed being cheated or taken advantage of in any transaction. Noodles and company munster They, as we, love their cell phones and everyone has one. Noodles and company southlands This year the “one child” policy has been changed to two children per couple with the reason being the population is aging and more young workers are needed to produce enough to care for the aged. Noodles and company oak creek The average person appears to be a hard worker, doesn’t complain and enjoys life.