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“Home fries almost always suck,” he writes in his new cookbook, “Appetites.” “God does not want you to put chicken in your Caesar (salad).” “There is only one chowder (New England Clam Chowder). Making a tomato sauce for pasta All else is soup.”

Saturday, Bourdain will be at the Fox Theatre for a one-night stop on what he is calling the Hunger Tour. Sauce for pasta crossword clue The audience will know what to expect from the bad boy of cooking: an expansive knowledge about food from other lands, stories about life as a chef, a lot of humor and the kind of blunt, salty language that only comes from years spent in professional kitchens.

“I’m going to walk out on stage and rant and talk about things I like and things that have been pissing me off,” he said on the phone from San Sebastian, Spain, where he was filming an episode of his long-running TV show “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” (San Sebastian “has some of the best food, if not the best food, in Europe. Homemade pasta bake sauce recipe It’s an extraordinarily special place,” he said).

His appearance here will be a conversation with the audience, he said, and is stripped down to its essentials. Homemade tomato spaghetti sauce recipe “No props, no giant blenders, no T-shirt guns, no opening act. Easy homemade spaghetti sauce There will be (penis) jokes, though. Sauce for pasta without tomatoes (Penis) jokes are a very important part of any public appearance,” he said.

The tour coincides with the release of his first cookbook in 10 years. Simple homemade pasta sauce “Appetites” is inspired by his 9-year-old daughter, Ariane, to whom it is dedicated, along with her best friend.

“It is a life-changing thing to be responsible for a child, as any parent quickly discovers. Homemade red pasta sauce recipe In that respect, I’ve changed. Fresh tomato pasta sauce recipe nz I don’t know if I claim to have grown up entirely, but I’ve certainly changed,” he said.

Though his job takes him on the road about 250 days a year, when he cooks at home he is usually cooking for his daughter (“fortunately, she is pretty adventurous,” he said). Homemade pasta sauce fresh tomatoes What he cooks for her is what he likes to cook most, nostalgic recipes from his childhood.

And that is the main focus of his new book, such recipes as Grilled Cheese with Caramelized Onions, Cream of Tomato Soup and Meat Loaf with Mushroom Gravy. Homemade spaghetti sauce from scratch But the rest of the book is decidedly different, featuring recipes he has come to love from his travels abroad, such as Portuguese Squid and Octopus Soup.

Another, Laksa, is a spicy noodle dish from Borneo that requires 32 ingredients, many of which can only be found in specialty shops. Fresh tomato pasta sauce recipe jamie oliver He admitted it is more exotic than most of the recipes in the book but said, “It’s one of the most delicious things I’ve ever had. Recipe for tomato sauce for pasta using fresh tomatoes I love it deeply.”

Some of the dishes from overseas are in the book because, though they are little known, he believes they should become American classics. Fresh pasta sauce from scratch Buddae Jjigae, for instance, is also known as Korean Army Stew. Sauce for pasta and vegetables According to legend, it was created during the Korean War by hungry residents looking to use canned goods scavenged from the American PX.

“It’s a dish that came out of poverty and the ready availability of cheap products,” he said. Homemade spaghetti sauce from scratch recipe “Anyone can make it in a dorm room on a hot plate. Making homemade pasta sauce It would certainly improve the late-night stoner game for any dorm dweller.”

The cookbook does some things that other cookbooks generally don’t, he said, such as explaining that the first time you try the recipe for chopped liver you are probably going to get it wrong, and that Italian sausage and pepper sandwiches bought from street vendors, to which he is addicted, cause him extreme gastric distress.

But perhaps the most unusual feature, which he called “the most useful thing in the book,” is a chapter, “a tactical primer,” on making it through Thanksgiving dinner.

Begin two days in advance, he writes, buying your ingredients, taking out the bread so it will get stale for stuffing and making a stock. Homemade italian sauce for pasta The day before Thanksgiving, turn the turkey stock into a turkey sauce, make the stuffing and the cranberry sauce and prepare all the ingredients for side dishes.

On Thanksgiving, he writes, you should make the sides, brown the stuffing that has already been baked and, most important, roast both a stunt turkey and a business turkey.

This is the most revolutionary idea in the book: The small stunt turkey is the one you show your guests, with beautiful garnishments, stuffing in the cavity and a skin that is moist and shiny from being brushed with oil. Homemade pasta sauce canned tomatoes Once the guests have expressed their admiration, you take it back to the kitchen and privately start arranging the business turkey, the one you are actually going to serve.

The business turkey is larger, to feed everyone and give them (and yourself) plenty of leftovers. Tomato pasta sauce with cream It is cooked without stuffing (which can result in an unhealthy low temperature while roasting). How to make homemade pasta sauce from scratch And you can cut it before you even display the show turkey.