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Stepping into Brogino’s is like stepping into that family style Italian place you grew up with, and if you grew up in Redondo Beach, it might very well be one and the same. Best chicken parmesan Opened in 1977, Brogino’s still serves all the classics; chicken parmigiana, veal scaloppini, fettuccini alfredo and shrimp scampi, just the way you remember them, gooey and saucy and in ginormous portions. Parmesan chicken slow cooker Most entrees hover around the $20 mark à la carte, $3 more for the full dinner which includes a green salad and a tureen of homemade soup. Parmesan chicken breast There is also a long list of pizzas and pastas with a choice of sauces.

The wait staff is uniformly friendly and knowledgeable. Homemade baked chicken parmesan Most of them have been at Brogino’s for more than a decade. Chicken parmesan recipe in oven The manager, Becky Pedigo, who initially took the job to tide herself over between stand-up comedy gigs, is now approaching her 16th year. Chicken parmesan recipe healthy Chefs Hilario Olea and his brother Coni have been in the kitchen nearly 20 years. Parmesan crusted chicken salad The experience shows in the execution.

On our recent visit, the spouse and I started with martinis. Parmesan chicken recipes without bread crumbs Brogino’s has a full bar, a nice wine list, and a menu of specialty cocktails. Parmesan chicken pasta recipe Manager Becky steered me toward their popular “hot & dirty” martini, made with the juice from jalapeno stuffed olives, which lends the icy vodka a smoky tang.

A basket appears filled with garlic bread and squares of flat bread, accompanied by a small saucer of olive oil swirled with balsamic, and although I know better than to fill up on carbs, I can’t resist the buttery garlic.

For my entree, I order a signature dish they call “something different,” a sort of seafood fettuccine alfredo. Recipe for easy chicken parmesan My spouse chooses the chicken Napoli, baked with mushrooms, smoked ham, and mozzarella, served over creamy saffron sauce. How to make chicken parmesan with chicken patties Given the portion sizes I observe at the surrounding tables, I am tempted to go a la carte, but can’t pass up the minestrone; a classic tomato-based preparation, mellow and hearty with Italian herbs and chunky vegetables.

The entrees arrive and mine is crazy rich, cheesy, creamy, the shrimp and scallops huge, and plentiful. Parmesan chicken sides My spouse is equally taken with his chicken, moist and smoky from the ham and molten with cheese. Chicken parmesan pasta bake We eat in silence while taking in the ambiance.

Brogino’s decor is over-the-top, beginning with the mural of Pisa on the exterior. Chicken parmesan recipe with mayo Out back is an adorable patio with a fountain and gaily-patterned chairs and twinkly lights and hanging plants and a trompe l’oeil vineyard.

Inside the ceiling is painted sky blue with clouds and cherubs; like a riff on the Sistine Chapel, down to the creation of Adam over the bar. Parmesan chicken wings Every inch of wall space is given over to old photos and bits of bric a brac, plastic grapes and chianti bottles, bird mobiles and fake flowers, trophies and baskets and commemorative plates. Chicken parmesan recipe simple I even found a framed article from The Beach Reporter dated July 21, 1983 featuring a review of Brogino’s by “Around the Town” columnists Jan Nathan and Jill Gottesman, accompanied by a youthful photo of the then and current owner, Tony Afsar.

The spouse and I bag up the remains of our entrees for tomorrow’s lunch, but I’m not about to leave without trying the red sauce, and order a small portion of spaghetti and meatballs. Chicken parmesan healthy recipe Brogino’s marinara sings with a familiar sweet tomato tang, the meatball dense and satisfying. Chicken parmesan temperature Filling in the kind of way that only red sauce Italian is filling, which is tied to, but not entirely because it makes you full. Chicken parmesan recipe food network This is true comfort food.

Desserts are from Bindi, a purveyor of Italian sweets; a better than average tiramisu, New York cheesecake, and limoncello truffle. Chicken parmigiana recipe olive garden To accompany them, Becky brings mismatched kitschy shot glasses filled with Amaretto—and I wonder, when was the last time I drank Amaretto?