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Cilantro. Avocado and egg for hair Before he places a single order, my buddy Lou has rooted out, like a drug-sniffing dog at Dulles, the divisive herb on the menu at BAB Korean Fusion. Egg and avocado bake A cilantro-phobe prone to railing against its soapy qualities, Lou is more perplexed than annoyed.

Avocado and boiled egg He lived in Seoul as a boy and never once found the fragrant leaves loitering in his bowls.

The blame — or credit, depending on your view of cilantro — goes to Justine Choe, co-owner of this new fast-casual spot on H Street NE. Egg in avocado hole recipe Born in Baltimore, Choe is the daughter of Korean immigrants. Baked avocado egg bowl She describes herself as “very, very American,” even though her mother, Kay, strove to balance the powerful influences outside the family’s front door with homemade meals from the mother country.

At the same time, her parents ran carryouts in Baltimore and the District, including Tony’s Place on H Street for a decade, before they moved the business across the street and rechristened it Tony’s Breakfast, which caused a small skirmish in the Atlas District. Avocado and egg bake Choe’s dad, Robert, has embraced American fare in all its glorious greasiness. Avocado and egg nutrition He’s been known to whip up some meatloaf or grill steaks for the family.

The Choe clan’s dichotomy played itself out in unconventional ways during American holidays. Toast with avocado and egg Their Thanksgiving table would feature roast turkey and homemade kimchi. Avocado and egg on toast Those same complementary, if not contradictory, cominglings have informed Justine Choe as she has collaborated with her mom on BAB, which debuted in March. Baked avocado with egg The shop draws on Kay’s deep well of knowledge of Korean cooking, but takes numerous liberties.

Like adding cilantro to rice bowls. Avocado and egg for diabetes Justine Choe loves to raid the international pantry for ingredients, which, to her mind, only improve Korean dishes. Avocado and egg recipes “I don’t really like the traditional bibimbap,” she says. Avocado and scrambled egg “I like new flavors.”

Justine Choe has a habit of calling her mom “country,” although I should add that she throws the word around without an ounce of disrespect. Avocado egg tomato breakfast Best I can tell, the daughter is basically saying her mother doesn’t hail from Seoul, that high-tech metropolis so hellbent for speed it makes Manhattan look slow. Avocado egg recipe microwave Kay Choe is a native of Daegu, located in the southern part of the country, where they have their own traditions. How long to bake avocado and egg Like flat dumplings, a Daegu street food in which the filling is secondary to the thin, supple wrapper. Avocado and egg toast BAB’s flat dumplings, topped with fried discs of leftover dough, seem to only suggest a filling of sweet-potato noodles, tofu and scallions, as if the wrapper were filled with aromas, not the ingredients themselves. Avocado egg roll recipes It’s a singular dish, the one house special not to miss.

The specials menu also includes the requisite Roy Choi riffs — Korean tacos and quesadillas, both worth a spin — and even the latest trendy soup, shin-ramyun, which is the spicy, semi-beefy South Korean take on instant ramen. Sandwich with avocado and egg The BAB kitchen finishes its version with egg and cilantro, and maybe I should feel remorse for endorsing a highly processed dish that requires little effort but delivers enough sodium to cure a ham? Yep, I’m going to feel bad as soon as I put down this spoon.

The shin-ramyun may not even be the oddest bowl to emerge from BAB’s kitchen. Avocado egg nog That honor goes to its japchae, a stir-fry dish in which translucent sweet-potato noodles are paired with carrots, spinach, mushrooms, scallions — and a small pile of rice, for some starch-on-starch action. Lean in 15 avocado and egg The rice addition, it seems, is a Choe family tradition, one with a familiar ring to all Americans obsessed with portions.