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The day’s special was a crab-cake sandwich ($16) and she ordered that, too. Avocado and egg breakfast sandwich The crab cake was enormous – burger-sized, as you expect if you had planned a sandwich around it – and she pronounced it delicious. Avocado and egg The bun was a ciabatta-like puff, with a little dish of remoulade to add some extra flavor. Avocado and egg in microwave A cup of apple-cabbage slaw arrived alongside.

My other guest wanted the first thing on the lunch entree list: a green chile cheeseburger ($16). Avocado and egg yolk face mask She ordered it medium-well and it arrived exactly thus, with just a hint of pink in the center.

Avocado and egg breakfast The green chile was applied with a generous hand, a handsome chop of roasted green with a few chunks that had just started to redden. Baked avocado and egg recipes She pronounced this late-harvest “autumn roast” her favorite and noted that the Blue Heron’s chile packed just enough heat to satisfy locals. Egg and avocado sandwich recipes The housemade fries alongside won raves from everybody.

As you’d expect at a spa, the menu featured a couple of vegan and vegetarian choices. Avocado egg and bacon I opted for the blue corn vegetable tamale ($15). Avocado and egg on toast healthy An exquisite triangular little package wrapped in corn husks arrived in a pool of red chile with a small mound of savory rice. Avocado and egg health benefits The tamale was good: I liked the unusual use of blue corn. Baked avocado and egg breakfast But I thought it was a little too small for the price and the filling – some variation of calabacitas, as nearly as I could make out – was undistinguished, as was the rice. How to use avocado and egg for hair Given the healthy emphasis of the spa, it’s worth noting that there wasn’t a shred of cheese on the entire plate.

The red chile, however, was both unusual and excellent. Avocado egg oven recipe It was thicker than standard red, which I make for myself from scratch, and not a bit hot. Avocado egg and oil hair treatment But it had a rich, roasted flavor and drew raves from my guests.

The Blue Heron’s menus for both lunch and dinner are small and heavily seasonal. Vegemite avocado and egg The lunch menu had five starters and five entrees the day we dined, with pumpkin bisque with roasted pumpkin seeds the soup of that late autumn day.

Most of the culinary bases are covered: Amid the entrees were two fish choices and two vegetarian dishes. Avocado and egg dinner And the menu notes that fish, chicken or filet mignon can be added to any item; I was briefly tempted to add some steak to the starter salad, which would have made for a full meal. Avocado and scrambled egg recipes The dinner menu offers similar options, and at brunch, you can add a poached egg to, say, duck confit hash to up the protein content.

Blue Heron’s dessert menu is similarly short, but again the usual options are covered. Avocado and egg yolk hair mask The “healthy” choice the day we dined was a melange of fresh fruit with coconut cream and salted caramel walnuts – healthy but not boring. Avocado egg boat recipe We were fixed on chocolate (as in the flourless “cake”) and the rice pudding brûlée (both $7). Baked egg and avocado The other choice was a white-chocolate cheesecake with strawberries.

Both our selections were excellent. Egg and avocado recipes for breakfast The dark-chocolate decadence was satisfyingly rich and slightly bitter, and the luxurious crème anglaise under it a perfect foil. Poached egg and avocado on toast The brûlée topping was shatteringly crisp and the chunky vanilla-flavored rice pudding underneath satisfyingly studded with candied ginger. Avocado and egg hair treatment An excellent variation on the standard crème brûlée, we all thought.

Service at the Blue Heron was excellent, and we loved the airy ambiance and the wall-to-wall view of the ponds and grounds of this area of natural springs, one of the first places in the area to be settled by the Spanish.

After lunch, we took a little tour of Sunrise Springs’ 70-acre grounds, enjoying the waterfalls, paths and gardens with their mortarless, dressed-stone walls, as well as the huge cottonwoods in their last golden glory. Avocado and egg sandwich recipes One caveat: there are many, many steps from the restaurant down to the bottom of the grounds and no ramps to serve the same area. Avocado and egg breakfast recipes If steps are an obstacle, however, you can enjoy the view of the grounds from the area right around the restaurant, including its terrace.