Buckeye balls (peanut butter balls) – dinner at the zoo best moist brownie recipe

The holidays are here and we are busy decorating, crafting and creating delicious treats! Our lights are up and I’ve made quite a few batches of these amazing peanut butter buckeye balls to give out to family and friends. Easy turtle brownie recipe One thing I’ve been focused on this holiday season is energy efficiency. Best brownie recipe with oil Between all of the cooking and baking, the hundreds of twinkling holiday lights and turning up the dial on the heater, the energy usage can really add up! This year we decided to make the switch to LED lights, both LED string lights for indoor and outdoor holiday lighting, and ENERGY STAR Advanced LED light bulbs for everyday lighting.

I decided to switch to LED lighting in my home primarily because of the energy savings. ENERGY STAR Advanced LED light bulbs use anywhere from 75-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and they can last up to 20 years! The LED holiday lights look beautiful in my home, and they’re also shatterproof and don’t get hot to the touch, which reduces the chance of fire. Best brownie recipe food network The LED holiday lights can reduce energy usage by up to 90% and I love that if one burns out the rest of the strand still stays lit! You can find out even more information about the benefits of switching to LED holiday lights on their website.

I recently took the opportunity to switch the incandescent lighting around my home to ENERGY STAR Advanced LED light bulbs. Best brownie trifle recipe I found my LED lights through the PG&E Marketplace, they have light bulbs of all shapes and sizes that are perfect for every day lighting. American fudge brownie recipe I was able to find light bulbs for all of my household lighting needs.

Another way to save energy around the holidays is to be smart with your kitchen appliances when you’re doing your cooking and baking. Best fudge brownie recipe ever PG&E has lots of great tips and tricks for saving energy while cooking. Chocolate fudge brownie recipe easy For example, you can bake multiple pies at the same time to save on energy, cover pots and pans when you’re cooking with the stove, and microwaving small servings of foods uses up to 80% less energy than an oven. Fudge brownie recipe nz These peanut butter balls don’t use an oven at all, they’re a no bake treat where the only energy usage is to heat the chocolate in the microwave for a minute or less!

Saving energy this holiday season is really quite easy to do. Quick fudge brownie recipe A few small changes here and there really add up to some big savings! Be sure to check out the PG&E Marketplace for a huge selection of ENERGY STAR Advanced LED light bulbs to keep your home well lit. Simple brownie recipe bbc Using LED holiday lights this winter made me realize just how simple it was to make the switch, and I’ve carried these changes over to the rest of my house so that I can stay energy efficient all year long. Simple moist brownie recipe You can now find ENERGY STAR Advanced LED light bulbs in my kitchen, all of our bedrooms and the bathrooms too. Chocolate brownie recipe I’m looking forward to a 2017 that’s filled with energy savings!

These buckeye balls are a classic holiday treat that I make every year. Easy brownie recipe They’re a great project to do with the kids, my kids call it “peanut butter play doh” which is actually pretty accurate! All you need for this recipe are a handful of ingredients that you probably already have at home. Best brownie recipe After the ingredients are initially mixed together, you’ll want to knead the peanut butter mixture with your hands to get all the powdered sugar incorporated so that you can form the peanut butter balls. Fudge brownie recipe The traditional way to do buckeye balls is to dip them in semisweet chocolate. Fudgy brownie recipe I decided to mix things up a bit, and dipped half my balls in semisweet chocolate and the other half in white chocolate and holiday sprinkles. Simple brownie recipe You can either use chocolate chips with shortening, or simply use candy melts, no shortening needed!