Campus considers dissolving the college of chemistry to cut costs _ the daily californian

The dissolution of the college is one of many options the administration is considering as the campus faces a growing and unsustainable deficit, according to campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof.

“This is just a bad idea,” said campus senior Jonathan Melville, who created a petition Wednesday against the potential dissolution. Noodles wiki “The College of Chemistry is vital to the academic prestige of Berkeley, and it’s a cornerstone of Berkeley’s historical scientific prowess.”

Mogulof said, however, that no concrete plans have been made yet regarding the status of the college. Where did noodles originate Campus officials are currently in the comprehensive planning phase, examining potential ways to make the campus more financially sustainable, Mogulof said.

David Wemmer, chair of the campus department of chemistry, said the chemical and biomolecular engineering department could be integrated into the College of Engineering, and the chemistry department into the College of Letters and Sciences.

This example of reorganization might save money on a salary for a dean in the College of Chemistry, Wemmer said, but the respective colleges would still need to hire more staff.

“Academically, intellectually, we don’t see advantages,” Wemmer said. Noodles and company hours operation “But our perspective on financial advantages might not be the same as the highest administration.”

The College of Chemistry was established in 1872. Noodles and company royal oak In the 20th century, researchers in the college at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered nine elements now on the periodic table. Today, the college is known as a pioneer in traditional and emerging fields of chemistry.

By Thursday evening, Melville’s petition, which addresses Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, had gained more than 1,800 signatures — more than the College of Chemistry’s undergraduate population.

Melville created the petition after Jeffrey Long, a professor of chemistry for whom he works, discussed the issue with some of his student researchers.

According to the February campus announcement of financial instability, campus administrators have been discussing ways to manage the budget deficit since June, talking with the Academic Senate, college deans, UC Berkeley Foundation trustees and the UC Office of the President, among others.

Do you have any evidence for any of your claims? I get the impression that you haven’t read any papers by professors in these fields, because the claim that there isn’t rigorous research going on in the (non-sarcastic) fields you’ve mentioned is just absurd. Noodles in chicago The only point you can really stand on is thinking that those fields of study are less important than others, which is your opinion. Yama noodles menu As a student of computer science very sympathetic to the idea of the warp drive’s invention, I absolutely and completely disagree with the statement that the key to scientific advancement is the neglect of the humanities and social sciences. Noodles catering The study of how we, as humans, behave is incredibly important. Noodles and compamy Fields like economics have driven wealth creation to levels that the world had not seen before the modern era. Noodles and company buttered noodles At the same time, fields like psychology help us understand people’s needs and vagaries, so that we may try to keep diverse groups of people with different interests happy together. Noodles and xompany Not to mention the importance of humanities that are directly linked to politics, like women and gender studies, that have important implications for bringing half of the world (!) to a state of social equality through which they can be more empowered to help bring about more advancement.

The neglect of what makes us human in a single minded pursuit of the material and the objective would lead society to woe–we are not machines and should not pretend to be.

The Chemistry department would remain. What are noodles Right now, there’s a Chemistry program in 3 different colleges, and its funding dwarfs any of the other majors you’ve mentioned. Find noodles Also, you shouldn’t be so quick to gut the humanities. Noodles and company woburn Mankind needs scientific process, sure, but it also needs people who know about our history, how we behave, what it means to be human… None of these are unimportant questions, and not all education must be pre-professional. Noodles company menu prices I don’t know whether I’m for or against the proposal because I have no idea how much the chemistry department would be hurt by the change or how much money would be saved. Noodles and company website Given that you don’t have any of that information either, it appears you may be leaping to shallow, reactionary conclusions rather than giving this any serious thought.

Think about this: If the College of Chemistry were dissolved and the Chemistry department placed in L&S, who would become the new benefactors of all those donations and endowments earmarked for Chemistry? This has NOTHING to do with ANYONE giving a rodent’s behind about the salaries and overhead of the Dean and his staff, especially given the fact there are HUNDREDS of positions that could be eliminated elsewhere without impacting real students one bit. Www noodles and company menu It’s clearly a money grab by L&S to cover their own deficits, and nothing more.

Funded in 1872, the College of Chemistry has a history longer than any other schools and colleges within Cal, and a huge portion of developments in modern chemistry is linked to the college (Lewis structure, discovery of man-made elements, the Manhattan Project, mechanism of photosynthesis, genetic-editing etc..). Noodles and company longmont This is not one dean we are talking about, it’s an institution with 150 years of excellence. Noodles and c Any chemist would be abhorred by the idea of dissolving it (As a matter of fact, the petition has garnered support from faculties at many world’s leading institution, and gained attention from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Science Magzine).

The environment created by the College of Chemistry also gives its students a much better experience than their counterparts in the College of Letters and Science. Noodles and company menu nutrition The College of Chemistry also attracts more talents: Many of my friends at the college would have chosen private schools rather than UC Berkeley, if the college hadn’t existed.

The UC system seems to be flush enough to create specialized victim studies programs, funnel millions into fighting the will of the California voters a la Prop 209, and provide special funding for people not even in the country legally, so why should we be coughing up any more money? The UC system does not have a financing problem, what it has is a FISCAL MANAGEMENT problem. Noodles & Maybe it’s time to start cutting out the giveaways to special interest groups, stop wasting money on fluff programs, and fire the people running the show if they can’t make it on the money they have.