Carl bistrack moved from philadelphia, pa to wilmington, nc taking the philly italian market with him

Carl Bistrack announces the publication of his eBook “Shut Your Mouth! Smell This! And Other Italian Sausage Sayings at the Philadelphia Italian Market.” The opening of the book describes the market: “The Philly Italian Market’s a dodge-em, irritating, pushy, Alice’s Wonderland curiouser & interestinger fun place. Recipe homemade italian sausage No cookbook or TV show can explain this one. Johnsonville sweet italian sausage pasta recipe You’ll smell, salivate, taste it, with a new dance step added. Sweet italian turkey sausage recipe Photoart textless recipes like you’ve never smelled before. Homemade hot italian sausage recipe Italian sausage fruit bowl? A Cheese Wow. Italian sausage recipe crock pot A “Shut your mouth!” right at you. Authentic italian sausage recipe Pasta music. Ground italian sausage pasta recipe Philly Steak wit or witout. Italian sausage recipe slow cooker No apologies. Mild italian sausage recipes An edible history.”

Until 2014, Carl lived and worked in the Philadelphia area and ran his own film and media production company Film Flair for many years, Next, he sold an ergonomic pen he designed and patented to reduce writing pressure and hand stresses.

But he missed being away from the visual arts. Spaghetti and italian sausage recipe He took up photography using the newer digital photo technology and developed a style that became a combination of photos and art style. Homemade italian chicken sausage recipes A composite photo art journalistic piece, “Halloween Hurricane Sandy Flood Ebb” based on 2013 North Jersey Atlantic Ocean shore flood, earned him a 6th place award in the national Maryland Federation of Art yearly juried US Landscape exhibition out of 707 entrants.

Italian sausage seasoning recipe That put him on a photo-art technique path.

Carl’s earlier film production travel exposed him to a wide range of foods throughout the US. Jennie o sweet italian turkey sausage recipes That led to cooking as a hobby. Recipe for homemade italian sausage As a Philadelphian, he would sometimes visit the Italian Market to find and buy ingredients as well as gather information for the next cooking adventure. Johnsonville mild italian sausage recipe And, that led to the Italian market book.

Combining photo-art and cooking, Carl created a book that shows the unique market in its own way. Italian sausage rigatoni recipe The questions existed: How do you reveal and explain a market like this with its centuries old Italian, naturally cured ingredients in a book? There have been a number of travelogues, yearly press articles, commercial books, and Italian markets recipe cook books. Spaghetti with italian sausage recipe Those photos used in the various media were as expected and repetitious. Italian sausage spices recipe But, “Shut our Mouth! Smell This!…” is unlike the others. Italian sausage soup recipes olive garden It reveals the uniqueness of adventuring through the market and expresses it visually in an artistic, theatrical, and journalistic way.

In 2014 he worked on photographing the market and completing some of the visuals over the year. Mild italian sausage recipe That was briefly interrupted for several months. Italian sausage stew recipe During 2014 he decided he wanted to move to Wilmington, NC, a warmer climate closer to the Atlantic Ocean. Italian sausage seasoning blend recipe There was a brief moving and swimming vacation from writing the book. Ground pork italian sausage recipe It then took another year. Italian sausage potato soup recipe He worked on the book and transferred the notes he kept on each visit of each area, the stores and products. Italian pork sausage pasta recipe The title “Shut Your Mouth…” came from notes on a customer and store owner in a rousing, fun conversation in one of the stores. Italian sausage and pasta recipe The photo-art pieces had to be arranged in a logical order. Homemade spicy italian sausage recipe They may or may not illustrate specifics. Hot italian sausage pasta recipe Unlike more standard photos, these had to create their own story-within-a-story.

But, there’s another story-within-a-story-within-a-story. Ground turkey italian sausage recipe Can the photo-art pieces hold up in the book? Perhaps it is not a usual path. Italian beef sausage recipe A writer can be good. Hot italian turkey sausage recipes A photographer can be good. Italian sausage and potato recipe But some combinations may blend in a recipe with ingredients that excel as never before.

Carl showed some of the photo-art pieces to individuals, art associations and galleries in the Wilmington, NC area to get their feedback on the pieces in general. Italian sausage pasta recipes for dinner All results were very positive. Italian pasta sausage recipe Galleries in the area are currently carrying several of the pieces. Italian sausage soup recipe Clams, a photo-art piece from the book, was chosen for exhibit at the yearly Carolina’s Got Art exhibit held in Charlotte, NC, featuring entries from artists in North and South Carolina. Italian sausage and peppers pasta recipe From three thousand entries, only 117 (4%) were chosen for the exhibit. Recipe for italian sausage and pasta Clams was one of them.

The eBook “Shut Your Mouth! Smell This! And Other Italian Sausage Sayings at the Philadelphia Italian Market.” is available at all eBook sellers $2.99