Cheesecake brownie – let the baking begin! chocolate brownie recipe with cocoa

I am super excited about the recipe I’m here to share with you. Simple brownie recipe without butter Originally I was trying to re-create a brownie that I like to get from my favorite coffee place. Simple brownie cake recipe Somehow by doing tons of research on the ingredients, then studying the texture of the brownie I got exactly what I was looking for! I was so stoked when I tried them, that I kind of texted and snapchatted all my girlfriends, telling them that they just have to make these!

My family is not too big on the whole pumpkin thing, so for Thanksgiving we just make our favorite desserts, which might not be very traditional, but hey, it works for us, ha! So, with the big holiday being next week, guess what I’ll be making ;)? As we head into the binge-eating season (aka Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years), we have to be at least a bit conscious about the sugar intake, or we can predict our New Year’s resolutions right now.

With this in mind, I replaced all added sugar in the recipe with SPLENDA® Naturals Stevia Sweetener. Brownie cocoa recipe The great-tasting, no calorie natural sweetener is made with stevia extract and gets its sweetness from Reb D, which means no funky aftertaste in whatever you use it in. Good chocolate brownie recipe Another great thing about SPLENDA®, is that they use no added flavors or colors, no preservatives and only non-GMO ingredients in their sweetener.

Best moist chocolate brownie recipe By the way, you can visit their website to get more recipes made with Splenda.

Here’s a little story – After a couple of consecutive successful batches of these Cheesecake Brownies, I was ready to take pictures and post them to the blog. Cocoa brownie recipe from scratch I baked and cooled them, then let my family try a couple of bars and instructed them not to eat the rest as I was going to take pictures of them the next day. Best rated brownie recipe Next day I was too busy with school, so by the time I came back from school, the glass baking dish was empty :(. Brownie recipe all recipes I whipped up another batch, let it cool again, this time I covered and hid the Cheesecake Brownies, as not to tempt anyone. Real brownie recipe Guess what I found when I came back home from school again? Yep, you guessed it. Easiest chocolate brownie recipe My faithful testers ate most of them once again, not leaving me much to take pictures of.

No brownies, but many, many compliments about how good they were. Brownie recipe cocoa powder easy My husband said that if I was to sell these, I would become an instant millionaire and since he doesn’t throw words like that around often, I was even more excited that, I wasn’t the only one who thought that these brownies were awesome! Moral of the story, when you do decide to make these Cheesecake Brownies, make sure to double the recipe!