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Welcome to tonight’s episode of Chopped, where we’re featuring some of the most remarkable late-night chefs in the noted foodie enclave of Berkeley — birth of the farm-to-table movement and home to a campus full of promising young gastronomes.

Eligible for competition were renowned restauranteurs at such high-end establishments as Steve’s Korean Bistro, King Pin Patisserie, Cookies Rule Everything Around Me, Blondie’s Italian Pizzeria, Fat Slice Ristorante, Yogurt Park Microcreamery, Thai Basil Brasserie and Sir Smoke’s Poutinerie.

All were tragically eliminated before our final round. Chicken tenders recipe ideas We could not forgive some blasphemous mistakes, such as the imperfectly displayed citrus offerings in the Blondie’s foyer.

“As a natural visionary, I am quite adept at the art of improvisation. Chicken tenders recipe oven I choose to take a modern twist on the iconic Artichoke’s slice and embolden the zest of the cream sauce by making a balsamic reduction and repurposing the artichoke bits into a GMO-free chutney with diced mangos for freshness and pickled red onions for acidity. Baked chicken fingers panko I sample the so-called “pizza sauce” in my basket, grimace and then brainstorm a way to mask this heinous flavor. Crispy chicken fingers recipe I top the slice with spring mix arugula and burrata for buoyancy.”

“I’m looking at the ingredients in my basket, and right away I feel overwhelmed by the variety of textures. Easy chicken fingers Chicken strips? A whole coconut? Organic vanilla beans? What do I do? Suddenly, the answer is obvious. How to cook chicken fingers I run to the pantry to grab some agave juice, acai nectar and raw unpasteurized honey, then swoop my basket ingredients off the table and throw all that shit into a blender. How to make homemade chicken fingers Voila! A multidimensional medley of ingredients all contained in one cohesive state of matter. Deep fried chicken tenders recipe I throw in some boba balls for texture, making sure to tenderize each one before adding it to the slushy mix. Chicken strips recipe ideas I then outdo myself on the presentation by topping the drink with an orchid, and then wait for the palate to stun.”

“My heart is racing, and I can feel my creative juices flowing. Zaxby’s chicken fingers recipe My mind is spinning at 100 miles per hour and I begin to lose my cool, when I see some kalamata olives and I immediately think: frittata. Dipping sauce for chicken fingers I throw the necessary ingredients in a pan and wait for the dish to cook properly. Oven chicken fingers I run to the pantry because I know the frittata’s fluffy flavor will be perfectly enhanced by the pairing of a cilantro and cashew puree. Chicken fingers recipe fried With 10 minutes remaining, I’m feeling ambitious and I decide to make an extra raspberry-herb mascarpone to temper the saltiness of my purée. Deep fried chicken fingers recipe To stamp my finished product with its signature flare, I isolate the diametrically opposed flavor profile of my creation and plate the offerings in two hemispheres: The frittata with cashew drizzle on the left, with the sweeter mascarpone, and last-minute added cereal — a modest bowl of frosted Mini-Wheats with chilled two-percent homogenized milk — on the right.”

“Duh. Chicken strips recipe oven I take this hot link that’s been soaking in chemicals for weeks. How to make chicken strips batter I put it on the greasy grill that contains the tears of a thousand futile political rants. Zaxby’s chicken finger plate calories I consider making a gastrique out of my sauerkraut, but then I think: Fuck that. Recipe chicken fingers I slap a sesame bun on the grill, take your cash and threaten your life if you puke on my counter. Baked chicken tenders calories And don’t you dare ask for a root beer prematurely, or I’ll introduce your face to this giant spatula in my hand. Cooking chicken tenders on stove Comprende?”

“Chef Wall, we weren’t sober enough to distinguish between the larynx and the esophagus, so one of your boba balls went down the wrong pipe. Homemade chicken tenders fried That’s on you. Baked chicken strips in oven For this reason, you’ve been chopped.”

“Chef Nickerson, as we always say when reflecting upon a Crossroads binge: You should’ve just stuck with the cereal. How to make chicken strips in the oven Also, there’s five weeks left in the semester and I’m out of meal points. How long to cook chicken tenders at 350 For these reasons, you’ve been chopped.”

Chef Agrovich, congratulations! You’re our Chopped champion! Your hot sausage was simply delectable (that’s what she said), The acidity of the sauerkraut brilliantly complements the heat of the Russian mustard, and the decision to plate your dish inside a yellow napkin was incredibly avant-garde. Arby’s chicken tenders calories However, it’s charming that you believe drunk undergrads in 2016 would actually possess cold, hard cash. Making chicken fingers Get a Venmo. Dip for chicken fingers Eh.. Sauce for chicken fingers you know what? Fuck it. Healthy baked chicken fingers I’ll also have a Spicy Mango — with a tomato reduction.