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Dr Sohère Roked, Women’s Health and Hormone Specialist at Omniya Mediclinic, Knightsbridge, says it’s essential to try and keep some part of your normal routine going.

If you always get up and go to the gym, why can’t you continue that most days over Christmas? If you juice every morning, why can’t you keep doing that?

At a bare minimum, try and start your day with a good breakfast which is full of protein, this will give your body a good start to the day, keep you fuller for longer and may help with cravings.

It’ll be a weight off your mind (and waist!) to know you’ve done something healthy for yourself that day and you won’t feel bad when tucking into the chocolate orange.

Most people end up drinking every night and not getting any sleep for most of December due to all the socialising.

White sauce recipe for pasta in hindi Take one or two nights off a week and get an early night. Homemade sauce for pasta This will stop your adrenal glands going into overdrive and producing lots of cortisol and that, in turn, makes you crave sugary and salty foods more.

When you are overindulging in rich foods and drink, it’s a good idea to take some probiotics and digestive enzymes to help your gut cope with it all.

All the late nights can leave your immune system a little weak, so it is good to take a supplement that supports your immune system, such as Bionutri’s elderberry complex or Nutri Advanced Immunoblast.

Low Vitamin D will affect your energy so take a supplement, which most people should take throughout winter as we don’t get enough sunlight to keep levels optimum.

On the days when you are not having a celebration meal, prepare lighter meals such as a big salad or a vegetable and bean soup. Homemade spaghetti sauce recipe easy Try to avoid alcohol on these days too. Easy homemade pasta sauce olive oil This will give your digestive system and liver a break and allow you to recharge for the next round of festivities!

Fibre supports healthy intestinal transit and good bowel movements, which are vital to stop you feeling bunged up and bloated. Homemade cream sauce for pasta Fibre is found in vegetables, fruit, healthy whole grains and beans – but overdoing the party foods can leave you lacking. Homemade cheese sauce for pasta If you need extra help, try a daily fibre supplement to keep things moving.

Take a Milk Thistle herbal remedy to relieve the symptoms associated with over-indulgence of food and drink. Making a white sauce for pasta Be sure to take a capsule/tablet before starting the evening’s celebrations, as well as afterwards and the next morning.

If you suffer digestive problems such as bloating, pain or diarrhoea after eating dairy foods (milk, cheese, cream or yoghurt) you could need extra support with digesting lactose. Homemade italian pasta sauce recipe from scratch Try a digestive enzyme supplement containing the enzyme lactase, which helps to break down the lactose.

After the enormity of cooking on Christmas day it can be tempting to overindulge in unhealthy takeaways to save time and energy. Tomato pasta sauce with passata Sadly this will only cause further weight gain,

Nutritionist Zoe Martin at Discount Supplements says you should ensure you always have healthy, staple substitutes, such as dried whole wheat pasta, tinned tomatoes, lentils, couscous, dried fruit, noodles and beans to avoid temptation of takeaways and encourage you to cook nutritious meals instead.

If you’re about to tuck into a Boxing Day buffet it’s easy to assume eating nothing beforehand will counteract the amount of calories you’re about to consume. Tomato pasta sauce names Actually, this isn’t the case, for arriving hungry will only encourage you to consume more calories. Homemade tomato pasta sauce jamie oliver Have something healthy to eat before arriving; this could be a piece of fruit or a small sandwich to ensure you aren’t overly hungry.

When you begin to fill your plate, remember that two thirds should come from whole grains and fruits and vegetables, the remaining third can include sauces, meat, high calorie and high fat foods. Quick and easy homemade pasta sauce Using a smaller plate is also beneficial for discouraging you from piling it up.

There’s no way around it: if you want to avoid gaining weight or feeling terrible post-Christmas, you need to stick to this golden rule! This doesn’t have to mean missing out, though. Tomato pasta sauce thermomix For example, if you have a large meal, just have a small slice of cake or a couple of chocolates rather than a large slice or half the box.