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You can babyproof your house as much as you want and be careful to store away all the permanent markers out of reach, but your toddler will find a way to create a mess that will make you want to tear your hair out. Grilled chicken tenders recipe If you are a parent of a toddler, you know that keeping a clean house is as difficult as brushing your teeth while eating cookies. How to make chicken fingers Crayons on the wall, food in the hair, stains on the high chair and trail mix in the crevices of furnitures are a few things you will have to learn to deal with. Baked chicken strips recipe If you are a clean freak like me, please understand that your house will cease to look like a neat, clean normal house and more like a place that has been roughly lived in. Chicken fingers calories However, you can’t turn your back to the mess your child is bound to create.

Baked chicken fingers recipe If you are scratching your head over how to clean an extremely stubborn stain on the walls, here are a few cleaning hacks that will save your sanity.

1. Fried chicken fingers Cleaning chewing gum stuck on clothes or hair: I always wonder why children learn certain skills way before understanding how to use them responsibly. Baked chicken fingers recipes You can easily teach a child to chew gum without gulping it, but you can’t stop her from playing with it — sticking it all over the place, breaking it into pieces and whatnot. Calories in chicken fingers More often than not, the chewing gum will end up stuck to clothes or worse, hair! If the chewing gum is on the clothes, simply put it in the freezer for half an hour. Baked chicken tenders no breading After the chewing gum is frozen solid, you can easily scratch it off. Crispy chicken fingers If your child manages to get on her hair, rub some ice over it till it solidifies. Fried chicken fingers recipe Now gently pry the gum out of her hair.

2. 4 fingers chicken Sketch pen marks on leather sofa: This is a very common one. Chicken fingers restaurant No matter how much you try to keep the colourful markers away from your child, all a toddler needs is a few unsupervised seconds with a sketch pen and bam! Your sofa get a complete artistic makeover. Oven baked chicken fingers If you have an eye for art, enjoy the new Picasso-esque couch, if not, clean it either with a nail polish remover or toothpaste.

3. Baked chicken tenders in oven Play dough stuck in hair: Ouch! This one is the most painful and most likely to happen. Chicken fingers baked Kids love play dough, and play dough loves to get stuck in hair! If your child comes screaming to you, first of all, calm down. Recipe for chicken fingers Now get a bowl full of warm coconut oil and generously apply over the stuck playdough. Chicken fingers recipe baked Now comb through the softened playdough slowly and gently, freeing the hair strand by strand. Healthy chicken fingers Wash the hair once you get most of the playdough out.

4. Best chicken fingers Spilt oil, shampoo or any liquid: This will happen a lot. Chicken tenders recipe easy Like a LOT. Breaded chicken fingers So keep all the baby powder you were gifted, but never used, handy. Chicken tenders recipe fried Whenever your tot spills oil, shampoo or anything that is not as easy to clean, sprinkle a generous amount of powder to absorb all the liquid. Buttermilk chicken fingers It will be very easy to clean this goop with a kitchen towel.

5. Finger stain from mirrored surfaces: Nothing looks as dirty as a mirror panel with finger marks! Do not waste your time with cleaning sprays and napkins. Deep fried chicken fingers Simply take a paper towel and sprinkle some baby powder on it. Baked chicken tenders recipe no breading Dust it and clean the mirror or mirrored surface with it. Say hello to clean, sparkling mirrors, that will stay clean and sparkling for all of 10 seconds!