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Audiences have embraced “From Here to Eternity” since its 1953 debut, so it’s a pleasure to report that it will be available on local big screens (including AMC, Cinemark, Edwards and Regal theaters) at 2 and 7 p.m. Spaghetti sauce recipe to can Sunday and Wednesday as part of Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies’ Big Screen Classics series. Crock pot homemade spaghetti sauce Based on a James Jones novel so adult it was thought unfilmable, “Eternity’s” story of Army life in Honolulu’s Schofield Barracks just before Pearl Harbor transferred beautifully to the screen, up to and including the scandalous Burt Lancaster/Deborah Kerr surf-side love scene. Real italian spaghetti sauce from scratch “Eternity” was equally successful with the motion picture academy. How to make good spaghetti sauce The film had a whopping near-record 13 Oscar nominations, including five acting nods, and it won in eight categories, including best picture, director for Fred Zinnemann, screenplay for Daniel Taradash, cinematography, editing and sound. Spaghetti sauce recipe vegan Show up and see why. The perfect spaghetti sauce Read more

The fall TV season is here, and between the many options delivered by premium cable channels, multiple streaming services and a new slate of shows from the major networks, there’s a lot of programming to choose from. Homemade spaghetti sauce with canned tomatoes If you were hoping that that “Peak TV” bubble was going to burst anytime soon, allowing you a moment to do something other than watch television, you can disabuse yourself of that notion tout de suite. Good homemade spaghetti sauce It’s TV all the time now, and like the Hydra of legend, every show that’s canceled seems to sprout three in its place. What is spaghetti sauce Worse luck, many are excellent — so you’re sunk.

Spaghetti meat sauce recipe Here, we run down what to watch this season as they debut weekly.

Based on an actual incident, Stephen Sachs’ delightful and provocative comedy pits a boozy Bakersfield trailer dweller who has supposedly discovered an authentic Jackson Pollock at a local thrift shop against the intellectually snide art expert who has been sent to evaluate her find. Spaghetti sauce recipe using fresh tomatoes In this reprise of his 2011 production, Sachs, who also directs, has once again cast delightful husband-and-wife acting team Jenny O’Hara and Nick Ullett as surprisingly equal adversaries in his intellectually well-balanced dialectic. Sauce spaghetti vegetarienne mijoteuse For those who missed the production the first time around, this is a welcome opportunity to redress that oversight. Meat sauce recipe for spaghetti (F. Spaghetti sauce out of tomato sauce Kathleen Foley) (Ends Jan. Spaghetti sauce with fresh tomatoes 30) Read more

Last year Gregory Porter told me that “Holding On,” his sleek, skittering collaboration with the British dance duo Disclosure, started out as a bare-bones piano ballad. Ingredients in spaghetti sauce Given how much I’d thought of Porter’s fine 2013 album, “Liquid Spirit,” this was something I had to hear. How to make spaghetti sauce with ground beef Now I can: A handsome, slow-and-low rendition of “Holding On” — not merely unplugged, but with different chords that alter the vibe of the song — opens Porter’s new record, “Take Me to the Alley,” due Friday. Spaghetti sauce lasagna The tune’s placement on the album speaks to the importance of “Holding On” in Porter’s career, the way it put this Southern California native in front of unfamiliar listeners after years of hard work in jazz clubs and on Broadway. How to prepare spaghetti sauce Read more

Jonathan Gold is the restaurant critic for the Los Angeles Times. How to make spaghetti sauce with fresh tomatoes He won the Pulitzer Prize in criticism in 2007 and was a finalist again in 2011. Spaghetti sauce recipies He was twice a finalist for the National Magazine Award when he was the restaurant critic at Gourmet, and has won seven James Beard Foundation Awards for his reviews. Best italian spaghetti sauce A Los Angeles native, he began writing the Counter Intelligence column for the L.A. Sauce zu spaghetti Weekly in 1986, wrote about death metal and gangsta rap for Rolling Stone and Spin among other places, and is delighted that he has managed to forge a career out of the professional eating of tacos. Spaghetti and sauce calories He also contributes to the Good Food show on KCRW.

Jonathan Gold is the restaurant critic for the Los Angeles Times. Homemade spaghetti sauce from tomatoes He won the Pulitzer Prize in criticism in 2007 and was a finalist again in 2011. Homemade spaghetti sauce recipes He was twice a finalist for the National Magazine Award when he was the restaurant critic at Gourmet, and has won seven James Beard Foundation Awards for his reviews. Authentic italian spaghetti sauce from scratch A Los Angeles native, he began writing the Counter Intelligence column for the L.A. Traditional spaghetti sauce recipe Weekly in 1986, wrote about death metal and gangsta rap for Rolling Stone and Spin among other places, and is delighted that he has managed to forge a career out of the professional eating of tacos. Spaghetti sauce homemade recipe He also contributes to the Good Food show on KCRW.

You’re probably going to want to try Gus’s Fried Chicken. Meat spaghetti sauce from scratch Because it’s pretty remarkable stuff, even in chicken-obsessed Los Angeles: a burnished red-gold, pieces bigger than they are small, whose peppery heat at first seems mild, even nonexistent, until it starts creeping up a few bites in, a heat that makes you glad you have a pint of sweet iced tea by your side. Italian spaghetti sauce from scratch You may be thinking of Nashville hot chicken, the kind you can stand in line for at Howlin’ Ray’s in Chinatown, but this isn’t that — you don’t worry whether you’ve renewed your life insurance after a wing or two, and the crunch, although considerable, is of a completely different sort. Best spaghetti sauce to buy Classic Nashville chicken has a complex, multilayered crunch that maintains much of its integrity even after a day or two in the fridge. Spaghetti sauce to can Gus’s chicken is more of a batter-fried phenomenon, with a thin, fragile crust that shatters under your teeth, releasing a flood of scalding juice. Spaghetti and meat sauce recipe Read more

There has never been a tempura restaurant in Los Angeles quite like Tempura Endo, the first American branch of a Kyoto, Japan, institution that dates to 1910. How to make spaghetti without sauce The restaurant occupies a modest storefront next door to a Japanese knife shop and right by a rental car yard. Turn tomato sauce into spaghetti sauce The location, although it is in the Beverly Hills triangle, has never been noted for fine dining – I remember a sushi bar that seemed really to specialize in sukiyaki. Homemade spaghetti sauce recipe for canning Tempura Endo is the other kind of tempura bar – an exquisitely expensive place that exists to serve intricate omakase dinners, well-calibrated multi-course meals presented with the detail and attention to seasonality of kaiseki, the lightness and purity you might not associate with two hours of deep-fried food. Best easy spaghetti sauce Read more

Is it possible to become converted in a single bite? Because with a single fried chicken wing at the original Portland Pok Pok in 2007, I dropped my prejudices about non-European cooking in Oregon, the crossover potential of extreme Asian funk, and the ability of a non-Thai to prepare anything like upcountry Thai food. Pasta spaghetti sauce So eight years, many affiliated restaurants, a James Beard award, a Michelin star and a Chinatown noodle stand later, here we are at Pok Pok Los Angeles, an enormous restaurant in the old Fu Ling space in the Mandarin Plaza at the relatively deserted north end of Chinatown. Spaghetti sauce with sausage Chef Andy Ricker’s gift is the ability to make Thai food seem new again, to take it out of that comfortable place in the suburban strip mall, where it has become the default takeout comfort food for a huge chunk of Los Angeles, and put it back into the roadside stands and rural villages of Northern Thailand. Sauce spaghetti trois fois par jour Read more

I’m Batman. Great spaghetti sauce I’ve waited years — since the release of 1989’s “Batman” — to say those words and mean them. How to make spaghetti sauce less acidic Considering that I’ve spent the bulk of my professional life writing rather than building a superhero’s physique, it seemed unlikely, save for Halloween, that such a day would come. Amazing spaghetti sauce recipe This year we saw the release of the Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive, which makes it possible to put on a pair of goggles and disappear into a digital landscape — as long as you have a high-priced, top-of-the-line computer. How to cook italian spaghetti sauce Now with Sony’s PlayStation VR, an add-on to the PlayStation 4 so many of us already have hooked up to our TVs, virtual reality is coming to the masses. Homemade spaghetti sauce no meat And it’s bringing Batman along with it. How to make spaghetti sauce with ketchup The timing couldn’t be better. Best pasta sauce ever Whether it’s the outcome of the political season or simply the results of October baseball, many of us this time of year may feel the need to don a headset and escape to our own private Disneyland. Award winning spaghetti sauce recipe So at long last, I’m Batman. Ingredients of spaghetti sauce Read more

Early in the game “Severed,” one of the more striking images you’ll see this year in a video game appears. Easy spaghetti sauce recipe with ground beef A woman of mixed-race descent stands before a mirror, her yellow dress bloody, her arm a stub and her eyes wide in shock. What to make with spaghetti sauce The world is bright and blocky — a handcrafted-looking universe that seems constructed of paper, but immediately the tone drifts toward melancholic. Best recipe for spaghetti sauce The art almost appears lifted from a Día de los Muertos display, and though this is the beginning of the journey for young Sasha, it also feels like the beginning of an end. Spaghetti sauce recipe panlasang pinoy Read more

The opening of Universal Studios’ new Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood brings to the West Coast what many consider the grandest theme park attraction in North America. Whole30 spaghetti sauce recipe A mix of fully realized sets — including a steamy, fire-breathing dragon — as well as screens interspersed with actors from the “Harry Potter” films, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a highly kinetic motion simulator that aims to re-create the sense of flying. Quick and easy spaghetti sauce recipe Guests sit on what appears to be a bench, pull down an over-the-shoulder harness and are soon whisked into the air, gliding in and out of filmed moments and elaborately constructed scenes. Recipe for spaghetti and meat sauce Read more

The $350-million, 633,000-square-foot federal courthouse, designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, between Hill Street and Broadway, across the street from The Times, is an unusually polished work of civic architecture — especially by the standards of Los Angeles, where well-wrought public buildings have been comparatively rare in recent decades. What is the best spaghetti sauce Ten stories high, with broad shoulders and careful posture, it takes the form of a cube sheathed in walls of glass. Sauce a spaghetti simple As architect Craig Hartman (who led the SOM design team alongside Michael Mann, Paul Danna and Jose Palacios) told me during a tour a couple of weeks ago, the symbolism of the cube is meant to be impossible to miss, a representation of solidity, constancy and the rule of law. Spaghetti sauce is too sweet The largely unadorned materials — concrete and glass on the exterior, terrazzo and white oak inside — reinforce the same message. Spaghetti sauce recipe crockpot Read more

Christopher Hawthorne is the architecture critic for the Los Angeles Times. Sauce spaghetti tofu ricardo Since coming to The Times in 2004 he has covered post-hurricane recovery efforts in New Orleans, the headlong growth of Dubai and innovative public architecture in Medellin, Colombia. Meat sauce for spaghetti from scratch But his central focus has been the changing face of Los Angeles, which he has chronicled in reviews of significant new buildings as well as in stories on mass transit, preservation battles, urban planning and landscape architecture. How do i make spaghetti sauce A graduate of Yale, where he studied political science and architectural history, he has taught at UC Berkeley, Columbia University and Occidental College. Easy quick spaghetti sauce With Alanna Stang, he is the author of “The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture,” published by Princeton Architectural Press.

McLaughlin’s painting retrospective is the most moving and viscerally beautiful exhibition to be installed in BCAM since the building opened eight years ago. Sauce spaghetti saucisse italienne This is the first time a major institution has mounted a proper, full-scale retrospective. Freezing spaghetti sauce with meat That such an indispensable painter didn’t merit one until 40 years after his death tells you all you need to know about how passed over this brilliant artist has been. Homemade spaghetti sauce in crock pot In fact, I’ve been waiting those same 40 years for it. Spaghetti sauce recipe meat Through April 16. Homemade spaghetti sauce canning Read more

Saar, at 90, is what the Japanese would call a Living National Treasure. How do i make homemade spaghetti sauce Any opportunity to see the Los Angeles native’s work is a privilege, one that promises to wrench, incite and nourish. Spaghetti sauce with ground beef recipe This work in this show spans more than 50 years and includes found object assemblage, installations, mixed media paintings and drawings, collages and a print. How to make my own spaghetti sauce It oscillates between toughness and beauty and typically fuses the two. How to make meat spaghetti sauce (Leah Ollman) (Through Dec. Best homemade spaghetti sauce recipe from scratch 17) Read more

Stephen King, I’ve come to think, is at his most adept when writing in the midlength range. Spaghetti cooked in sauce His big novels — “The Stand,” “It,” “11/22/63” — have always felt a little baggy to me, while his shortest work (he has published more than 200 stories, gathered in a number of collections) can feel sketchy, more idea than nuanced narrative. Spaghetti sauce recipe That middle zone, however: His finest efforts emerge from this territory, shorter novels “Misery,” “Joyland” and “The Shining,” novellas such as “The Body” or the chilling “A Good Marriage.” In this material, King has the breadth to do what he does best, which is to evoke the very human underpinnings of terror, while also remaining constrained by certain limitations of space. Best spaghetti meat sauce recipe food network As he explains in “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams,” which gathers 20 pieces of fiction, along with brief reflections on their composition, “Only through fiction can we think about the unthinkable, and perhaps obtain some sort of closure.” The key word there is not the unthinkable in which King traffics but “closure,” the closure of the midrange form. Spaghetti sauce jar Read more

Among my favorite aspects of Clancy Martin’s second novel, “Bad Sex,” is that it is not about bad sex; in fact, the sex is relentless, passionate. Fast homemade spaghetti sauce Rather, it is about all the bad stuff sex — or sexual obsession — can make us do. Spaghetti with sauce recipe Narrated by Brett, a recovering alcoholic who betrays her sobriety, and her marriage, for a yearlong affair with her husband’s banker Eduard, the book records the spiral, the ripple effect, of transgressive behavior, the way that once we slip the bounds of propriety, it can be ever more difficult to find a passage back. How to make tomato sauce at home by sanjeev kapoor Read more

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, a new boutique has opened on Robertson Boulevard marrying East and West Coast style. Sauce spaghetti avec boulettes Reservoir is the concept of New York City transplants Aliza Neidich and Alissa Jacob and features a well-edited mix of clothing, accessories and home goods with an easy sophistication made for L.A., including Ryan Roche hand-knit sweaters, Denis Colomb ponchos, Ellery sleek crepe dresses and tops, Solid and Striped denim jumpsuits, Madeworn tees, Newbark shearling slides, Dosa patchwork totes and Wendy Nichol fringed leather bucket bags. Spaghetti without sauce recipe Read more

With famed film mogul Sam Goldwyn as her grandfather, Liz Goldwyn’s family name is practically synonymous with old-school Hollywood glamour. Authentic spaghetti sauce from scratch But it’s Los Angeles before it became the capital of the motion picture industry that’s the subject of the style maven’s new book, “Sporting Guide: Los Angeles, 1897” (Regan Arts). Top rated spaghetti sauce recipe The work of historical fiction looks back on the city’s seedier past, with loosely connected stories about the madams, prostitutes, orphans, hustlers and tramps who roamed Alameda, Los Angeles and Spring streets. Great spaghetti sauce from scratch I chatted with Goldwyn about what drew her to this time period in L.A., her impressions of the book’s rough characters, and what role women had in a culture where prostitution was tolerated. Quick spaghetti meat sauce Read more

Ladies, the next time you are teetering on high heels, you can blame men. Sauce spaghetti lentilles But not for the reason you think. Spaghetti sauce meat In Western fashion, high heels were popularized by men, starting in the court of Louis XIV where a talon rouge (red heel), identified a member of the privileged class centuries before Christian Louboutin made red soles the calling card of his luxury shoe brand. Make your own spaghetti sauce That’s just one of the tasty tidbits in “Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe,” an exhibition scheduled to run through Dec. How to cook sauce for spaghetti 13 at the Palm Springs Art Museum that examines the fashion accessory we all love to hate, including its history, its relation to gender identity, sex appeal and power. Slow cooker spaghetti sauce from scratch Read more