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I have driven passed a nicely lit shop front in Camberwell for years. Best spaghetti sauce recipe ground beef The sign says Pasha but means nothing to me. How long to cook spaghetti sauce Tonight I was invited inside to find that it is actually a hotel with a top of the range spa and a huge restaurant decorated like you could be somewhere, anywhere deep in Central Asia.

Jim and I were shown to a low table where we sat around on soft cushions like, er, Pasha (Turkish officers of high rank) while our host for the evening talked us through the restaurant’s ethos of providing the experience of ‘delicious dishes and exotic ambience of Central Asia, combined with flavours from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey’. Spaghetti sauce recipe food network So, not being up to speed on any of those except, perhaps, Turkish, we let Team Pasha decide for us, knowing that we would then be tasting the best of many worlds and what the chef wanted us to try from his repertoire.

But first we were given samples of two very full-bodied red wines from Georgia, both excellent but we chose the Kindzmarouli for the black cherry notes that bounced through each sip. What spices are in spaghetti sauce We clinked our glasses, said ‘Cheers’ and sunk back into a myriad of cushions.

The first was a dish that is handed out to all diners as a complimentary starter – Borsok – comprising of deep fried bread with a double cream dip. The best spaghetti sauce The breads had the texture and taste of good doughnuts but without the jam in the middle and any sweetness in the pastry was balanced with the cream. Fresh spaghetti sauce They were quite moreish so we knew not to overload on them, although Jim had a good go…

Next came Yogurtlu Kizartma, a nicely cooked selection of Aubergine, Courgette, Peppers and Potatoes with Yogurt and a Spiced Tomato Sauce, along with Hachapuri, (pastry baked with cheese) which were exceptionally tasty in a pizza-ish way, and Olivier, which was similar to a potato salad but with pieces of boiled beef. Spaghetti sauce recipe italian sausage All three were extremely good and served the Georgian wine well.

A young man sang songs with an Asian flavour, accompanied by a multitude of instruments and backing singers provided by an iPad that gave the effect of a full orchestra replete with balalaikas and pan pipes.

A table of twenty young women took selfies between their starters and main courses while we discussed our next drink, deciding on Russian beers. Homemade pasta sauce quick We shared a Baltika, a light lager-type ale, and a Stariy Melnik, both good beers coming in at just over 5% ABV.

But before we could toast our good fortune another course came: Samsi, a Baked Beef Pastry that was a mix of samosa and pasty, and a Manty, which was the same filling but in a light dumpling, and both very good with chilli, yogurt and tomato sauce accompaniments.

Feeling very nice laying back amongst the cushions as the tipsiness of the alcohol kicked in and with warm, almost full stomachs, I thought how life is good right now, when the door flew open and in came a belly dancer with flowing, shimmering chiffon trailing in her wake who proceeded to entertain us with quivering hips and alluring lips. How to make authentic spaghetti sauce She made a beeline for me and I shook as much as her belly when her navel quivered and danced just inches from my eyes! It was at that moment I realised that dumplings had aphrodisiacal qualities…

It was not long before she had all the women up following her moves, and a few of the men trying to shimmy and shake as best as they could. Spaghetti sauce recipe giada The chef, seeing a break in proceedings, ventured out from the open kitchen to introduce himself to us, which was a very nice gesture.

With such a treat for the eyes before us our appetites rose just in time for the main course of Lamb Shashlik, marinated chunks of meat cooked on skewers and Plov, a rice dish with lamb, spices, carrot, onion and salad that the chef told us was traditional in Uzbekistan. Meat spaghetti sauce recipe And Plov was probably my favourite of the evening, though there was very little between any of them. Italian spaghetti sauce with meat Jimmy said he didn’t have a favourite but that he wasn’t too keen on the creamy dip with the fried bread, even though he mullered almost all of it!

After a real feast, and the music and dancing in full swing, it felt good reclining amongst so many soft cushions. Spaghetti sauce recipe slow cooker A warmness set over me and as the celebrations continued I felt like I was on a magic carpet ride. Sauce spaghetti vegetarienne mijoteuse ricardo I was woken from my daydream when our host convinced us to try some traditional desserts.

These were two rich Middle-Eastern delights that completed an evening of great traditional food and entertainment. How to make perfect spaghetti sauce Chak-Chak was a light pastry with honey, almonds and raisins; the Baklava a pistachio and honey filled pastry.

As we stepped outside from the Asian excitement of Pasha, smiling and happy with the taste of the desserts still lingering on the palate, we were a little shocked to find that we were still in cold, damp Camberwell. Spaghetti bolognese sauce Pasha had created a different, exotic world for us even if just for a few hours.