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This is a review of Cathay Pacific’s Airbus A350-900, with 280 seats configured in three classes: 214 economy seats, 28 premium economy and 38 business. Homemade spaghetti sauce from scratch recipe It is a new aircraft, and in addition is a return to Gatwick for Cathay after a gap of nearly 20 years. Making homemade pasta sauce The four-times weekly service started in September 2016. Homemade italian sauce for pasta Flight times can be found on the news piece

I arrived at London Gatwick’s South terminal at 1000 for my 1235 departure on CX344 to Hong Kong, a flight of just under 11 hours (10 hours and 50 minutes).

Cathay has a check-in area in Zone F, and there was a dedicated queue for business class passengers as well as premium tier in Oneworld. Homemade pasta sauce canned tomatoes A lady apologised for the length of time it would take to check in since this was a new operation for the team, but in fact it only took a couple of minutes to process the passengers in front of me and myself.

I was given an invitation card both for the No 1 Gatwick Lounge and also one for the Arrivals Lounge at Hong Kong. Tomato pasta sauce with cream I also had a sticker placed on my boarding card for Premium Gatwick, which is the fast track at the airport. How to make homemade pasta sauce from scratch I then went up the escalators for departures.

Security was very quick, and after walking through World Duty Free I was into the main shopping area of the airport. Homemade easy pasta sauce This is on two levels, with shops on both. Homemade pasta sauce crock pot The lounges and the restaurants are on the top level – though there are also yet more shops up there. Homemade pasta sauce recipe To read a review see No 1 Gatwick South Terminal.

When I saw the screen change for the flight I came out of the lounge and took the escalators down and walked to Gate 17. White sauce recipe for pasta and chicken It’s about a five-minute walk. Tomato sauce recipe for pasta easy When I got there boarding had already started, and that meant that although I was quickly through having my boarding card checked via the premium line, I then queued with all the other passengers in the gate area to get onto the flight. Homemade pasta sauce in crockpot Once on board I was shown to my seat.

That said, there are teething problems with this. Homemade pasta sauce for lasagna It wasn’t just that first seat with a broken arm rest. Homemade pasta and sauce Having moved to 20G which is the front row in the rear business class cabin, another passenger had found his arm rest was stuck down and could not be raised. Homemade pasta sauce food network The seat is controlled by some simple-to-use settings with pre-sets but also a toggle switch allowing for smaller adjustments for the seat back, leg rest, and seat pan.

There’s a thick padded seatbelt, which in the front seats has an airbag in it, but this can get stuck in the side of the seat as it comes up and down and I had to stand up to let the flight attendant sort out getting the seat back into a position for a meal. Homemade spaghetti sauce from scratch food network In addition, the tray table comes out of the side area, but is quite small, slopes and vibrates when you work on it.

The seat has an 18.5-inch personal television, as well as a new 4.3-inch video handset and you can have the map on one and watch a film on the other. Homemade tomato sauce for pasta The headphones are excellent, and the quiet aircraft and top notch IFE system along with large screen makes it a great environment for catching up on entertainment.

I noticed that if left idle the main screen goes to sleep after a while which is a good idea, since people fall asleep yet the bright light from it can fill the cabin. Homemade pasta sauce using fresh tomatoes The system has three live television channels: BBC, CNN, and Euronews which I watched and worked well. Tomato pasta sauce jamie oliver The system has an e-Reader with a large collection of international and Hong Kong magazine titles from the personal TV.

You can also use the new Panasonic ex3 platform to put on a Do Not Disturb or Wakeup Call function, though I’ve never had a problem with attendants deliberately waking me up, though they often do it inadvertently by dropping things or chatting loudly through the night (not on Cathay, I hasten to add).

The rear cabin backs straight onto premium economy, though there a full wall between and curtains across. Easy homemade sauce for pasta I’d go for the front cabin since the back on gets the noise from the galley – this aircraft is very quiet and you can hear people chatting very clearly in the galley, both in row 20 and 21. Best homemade spaghetti sauce using fresh tomatoes Service also seems to be from the front of the main cabin moving backwards, so you can end up waiting for that first drink or your meal in the rear cabin.

In general, the window seats have great views – particularly the large windows – I’d go for one of these if you have the choice. Homemade tomato pasta sauce using fresh tomatoes If you’re a couple probably the centre seats are best, though you have to lean forward to see one another. Homemade meat pasta sauce If you want privacy in these seats after take-off leave the door open on the side cabinet – you’re supposed to in any case if you have items charging using the power points that are in this cabinet. Make homemade pasta sauce As well as the plug there’s USB charging as well.

This was only the second service of the flight (I had been at the inaugural a few days earlier), and I had the impression the flight attendants were finding their feet but were confident and soon caught up, though there was a fair amount of dropped items in the galley.

Not everything is perfect on the aircraft – the washroom doors and awkward to use, and even when locked I found the light didn’t always come on when in there. Tomato pasta sauce brands In addition, there was standing water in the wash basin, which was odd because the A350 I’d flown with Ethiopian Airlines to and from Addis Ababa a few weeks before had the same problem on both flights. Homemade pasta and sauce recipe It’s because the unmarked control to the left of the tap is actually to close or open the plughole but it’s difficult to work. Homemade spaghetti sauce recipe no meat The flight attendants put post-it notes on the flush button and hand soap.

There was an Organic Wine Promotion on board. Easy homemade tomato pasta sauce recipe There were four listed, though only one was on board so perhaps that was what was meant by them being “rotated” every three months. Easy homemade spaghetti sauce with meat The ones listed on our flight were

After the meal I watched a film and then reclined the seat. Homemade white sauce for pasta The side arm went down, and also there was an extra side flap which flips up and creates and even larger bed area. Homemade pasta sauce slow cooker Along with the low side area with storage beneath it, this all adds up to be a very large bed and a very comfortable one, allowing you to sleep on your side, move around, bend your legs while sleeping.