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It was the partridges that did it. Homemade chicken fingers fried Four of them to be exact, skulking at the back of an ice-caked drawer in my freezer. Homemade chicken strips batter I had no memory of ever bringing them into the flat, let alone wanting to consume them, but last month during a desperate late-night hunt for ice cream they spontaneously shot out of the shelf and landed on my little toe.

A cursory rummage to fit them back in uncovered an embarrassment of forgotten riches: a haggis, some breaded haddock, two pork tenderloins, handfuls of frozen basil leaves (related to a well-intentioned but ultimately misguided foray into mixology) and a birthday cake — complete with candles.

The answer to this monstrous display of profligacy was obvious: to return the freezer to Year Zero so that we could begin again, with renewed resolve to catalogue and consume everything in a timely manner. Homemade chicken strips fried So my boyfriend Nick and I decided to defrost everything and cook it all at once.

Homemade chicken plucker fingers And if that sounded too much like fun, we also invited 40 of our friends to empty their freezers too and volunteered to host a glorious if somewhat thematically confused feast at Nick’s bar in Tower Bridge.

We asked guests to tell us what they were bringing but apparently our friends are unable to follow the most basic of instructions, and so instead we found ourselves preparing 22 separate sharing dishes from scratch — totally blind.

I use “we” in the loosest of senses, because luckily for everyone involved I had nothing to do with the actual cooking. Zaxby’s chicken fingers calories Nick is fanatical about food and fastidious about waste. Fried chicken fingers calories With an old friend, he runs, an online platform that connects customers with local, independent British producers, to deliver meat, cheese, charcuterie and chocolate anywhere in the country the next day.

Because everything is produced and cut fresh to order, there’s no surplus, and you always know exactly where your food has come from. Chicken fingers nutrition facts They also host a series of supper clubs using Market Porter produce in their pop-up kitchen, so I felt they were more than qualified to handle the cooking without my help.

How right I was. Applebees chicken tenders calories Five hours of labour for them, and wine for us, produced togarashi forerib of beef, duck confit cassoulet, Berkswell cheese risotto and haggis sliders. Batter for chicken fingers A four-bird roast was a marvel, not least because I know few Londoners with a freezer large enough to contain it, and the kamikaze partridges ended up in a magnificent game pie.

The contents of our freezer are now pleasingly elegant: two portions of chilli, one bag of ice and a bottle of vodka. Crispy baked chicken fingers That’s Friday sorted, then.

These London-based coffeepreneurs are constantly working to minimise the footprint left on the planet, with biodegradable packaging and no chemicals in the organic coffee. Chicken fingers oven Compostable pods are due to launch later this year.

Direct action recycling — these pods are reuseable, refillable and washable. 4 fingers chicken menu They work with Phillips Senseo machines and you can fill them with any ground coffee.

When coffee drinkers demanded that Lavazza should consider the environment more, it spent five years developing a compostable capsule made from thistles. Chicken fingers and french fries They are due in shops soon.

You have to be desperately hungry or very brave to open the fridge in a shared house. How to bake chicken fingers The smell hits you first. Homemade dipping sauce for chicken fingers You hold your breath and look in the vegetable drawer, certain that you have carrots for a casserole. Best homemade chicken fingers Then your hand hits something soft. What are chicken fingers The carrots are gone and there’s only a decomposing cucumber.

My rotating cast of flatmates plan communal dinners on What’sapp but it’s rare that our schedules align enough for us to eat together. Chicken fingers recipe easy Instead I usually cook meals for one, buying too much and feeling guilty, about both the food waste and the money I’ve frittered, when I throw most of it away.

Then a new person moved in, with a zero-tolerance attitude. Chicken fingers recipe panko She grew up in a house where the Christmas leftovers were made to last all January, and she tells me my life is chaos if I can’t plan what I’m going to eat over the course of a week.

So now, instead of hurling uneaten food into the bin at the end of each month, I make it last. Chicken strips recipe in urdu Eggs that went off in August? Great (as long as they pass the sinking to the bottom of a bowl of water test). Baked chicken fingers with panko Potato glut? Boil them at the beginning of the week — they’ll last longer.

But it’s not all wholesome prep and turning apples into compote. Baked chicken strips healthy This week I bought too much mackerel but didn’t have the time to turn it into a packed lunch so stashed it in my bag and will assemble it into a meal at my desk later. Shake n bake chicken tenders It isn’t glamorous — but then nor is having a fridge filled with rotten cucumbers.

I think it was the day I threw out most of a roast chicken, two salmon steaks still in their wrapper, a bag of spinach, three bananas and half a bottle of good wine that I decided to stop being such a waster.