Forget steel, pittsburgh is a chocolate city classic chocolate brownie recipe

Who knew we had such an extensive and intense love affair with chocolate in Pittsburgh? We are known for our sandwiches stuffed with fries and our love for whiskey and craft beer, but chocolate? These local chocolatiers prove why Steel City actually is a chocolate city.

Even after taking over the company in 1967 from its original creator Betsy Ann Helsel, the Paras family hasn’t changed the chocolate-making process a whole lot. Simple moist brownie recipe It still follows Betsy Ann’s original recipes and believes in an artisanal way of making chocolate. Chocolate brownie recipe “We make a high-quality product that’s difficult to do without a lot of handwork,” owner and president Jim Paras said.

When it transitioned into wholesale packaged items, the company discontinued a lot of its chocolate barks, which were trendy back in the day when customers would buy them by the piece in retail stores. Easy brownie recipe Under the Paras family, Betsy Ann introduced the American Original Truffles in the 1990s, highlighting traditional flavors such as milk chocolate, pecan caramel, cookies and cream, and crunchy peanut butter. Best brownie recipe It can be a special gift for “anybody who likes good-quality chocolates,” Mr. Fudge brownie recipe Paras said.

These days, the company’s best-selling product is the sea salt caramel pretzels. Fudgy brownie recipe “It has exploded, everybody loves it, we can’t make them fast enough,” Mr. Simple brownie recipe Paras said. Homemade brownie recipe Individuals and companies can have their personal logos engraved on Betsy Ann chocolates to make a memorable impression on loved ones and business partners, respectively.

Edward Marc Chocolatier. Healthy brownie recipe The Milk Shake Factory, 1705 E. Vegan brownie recipe Carson St., South Side; 412-488-1808. Brownie recipe from scratch Tower at PNC Plaza, 314 Fifth Ave., Downtown; 412-315-7115;

After opening its doors a century ago, the company is now on its fourth generation of chocolatiers and busier than ever. Easy chocolate brownie recipe Besides being known for its caramels, Edward Marc also is known for its two other lines — Snappers and The Milk Shake Factory.

Snappers, a milk chocolate/​pretzel/​caramel confection, is available at such retailers as Costco, Target, CVS and Giant Eagle. Eggless brownie recipe “We noticed there was a movement in the industry for salty and sweet and snackable,” CEO Chris Edwards said, and Snappers was born. Brownie recipe with cocoa powder “The Milk Shake Factory is our version of the soda fountain business” that his great-grandparents started back in the day, Mr. Brownie cookie recipe Edwards said. Peanut butter brownie recipe The store serves sophisticated milkshakes made with special syrups coined from the same family recipe that Mr. Chocolate fudge brownie recipe Edwards’ grandfather used.

“It is important to maintain and honor those family values that brought us to this place,” Mr. Brownie recipe easy Edwards said. Best chocolate brownie recipe “We may be the brains behind the operation, now but my parents [and the ones who came before them] are the heart and soul.”

But that doesn’t mean that the younger generation is not bringing new products to the table. Moist brownie recipe In August, Edward Marc came out with coconut-covered almonds, and for the holidays it’sintroducing flavors such as brownie-fudge, dark chocolate peppermint and cinnamon caramel.

A dream that Frank Sarris started by making candy in his basement in 1958 has now grown into a chocolate empire. Brownie cake recipe Sarris Candies has delighted customers for more than 50 years, and that’s because “we try to make sure that our chocolate stays as consistent as possible,” said Bill Sarris, son of Frank Sarris and president of the company. Cheesecake brownie recipe He added that there’s a difference between a cook and a chef, and Sarris Candies is like a chef who tries to escalate the product to the next level and give customers the best possible chocolate.

The company is known for its flavor combinations such as peanut butter and chocolate, caramel and chocolate or pretzel and chocolate. Simple chocolate brownie recipe Mr. Blonde brownie recipe Sarris said that the key to good chocolate is the cocoa beans. Quick brownie recipe “We are one of the only companies that use fresh whole milk to make our chocolate. Brownie recipe cocoa powder The taste in the chocolate is because of the milk we use; our chocolate doesn’t leave an aftertaste in the mouth,” he added.

Soon, customers who frequent the Canonsburg store will have an opportunity to try the new almond, cashew, toasted coconut and pretzel meltaways before the candies hit other retailers next year. Chocolate chip brownie recipe They can also indulge in Sarris’ homemade ice cream served in the ice cream parlor connected to the candy store.

“I wanted to be in the food industry, I liked cooking food, and I really loved making candy,” said Chris Weck, who opened Sinful Sweets in 2011. Walnut brownie recipe Today, the store showcases a mix of hip pairings including chocolate-covered bacon and roasted pecan toffee, and exotic flavors such as Champagne truffles. Chocolate brownie recipe easy To top the salted caramel truffles, another beloved confection, Mr. Best brownie recipe ever Weck uses Hawaiian charcoal sea salt.

Mr. Cocoa brownie recipe Weck said his company stands out among the local chocolatiers because “we do everything by hand. The best brownie recipe There’s no equipment. Caramel brownie recipe We use a classic approach where we’re connected to the product from start to finish.” He added that his company puts a lot of love into the whole chocolate-making process, and develops its own truffle and toffee recipes, too.

Around the holidays, Sinful Sweets will introduce seasonal truffles, cupcakes and fudge, as well as peppermint bars, barks and truffles. White chocolate brownie recipe Mr. Brownie recipe with cocoa Weck added that a riff on the popular Champagne truffle also is in production, so stay tuned.