Fox news ed henry who had an affair with a stripper returns to network as a 6am reporter _ daily mail online

But the 45-year-old will no longer be the network’s chief White House correspondent, with his new title being Chief National Correspondent – meaning he will not be reporting on the presidential campaign at all.

His first reporting hit will be on Monday’s episode of ‘Fox & Friends’ which airs at 6am. He’ll based in Washington and will be assigned to a specific 6am to 2pm shift.

Henry, who is married with two children and previously worked for CNN, was sideline by Fox officials after In Touch magazine revealed his affair with Natalia Lima.

Ed Henry (above, in 2011) a Fox News White House correspondent who had an affair with a Vegas stripper, is coming back to the network as a general assignment reporter

The pair hit it off during their encounters at the popular venue and engaged in a secret love affair at luxury hotels when the veteran newsman visited Sin City.

Lima revealed her tryst with Henry (above in May) in a salacious kiss-and-tell with In Touch magazine, prompting him to take time off work in a bid to mend his relationship with his wife

A close friend told Daily Mail Online that she is a celebrity stylist and a ‘good Christian girl’, denying any knowledge of a connection to Sapphire club.

One Sapphire stripper, who uses the stage name Aaliyah Cyn, told Daily Mail Online: ‘There’s around 400 girls working at Sapphire at any one time, especially on weekends, but Natalia has a locker in the same quad as me so I see her regularly to say hi to.

This photo of Lima in a bikini alongside two other beauties was taken at the Sapphire Pool & Day Club – a sister venue which adjoins Sapphire and where strippers get ‘wet and wild’ with customers

‘She was in there talking to one of her friends, she was telling her how she had this guy who was in politics, something connected to the White House, and said she was having an affair with him.

‘Natalia was saying she found out about the wife and confronted him. Chicken fingers recept She wasn’t happy and was telling her friend that he needs to be careful because she could expose him.

She poses with several women identified to Daily Mail Online as fellow Sapphire strippers and she is also seen with the club’s management team.

A photo of Lima in a bikini alongside two other women was also taken at the Sapphire Pool & Day Club – a sister venue which adjoins Sapphire and where strippers get ‘wet and wild’ with customers.

Sapphire club, a huge 70,000 sq ft, two-story establishment on Sammy Davis Jr Drive in Vegas, is popular with celebrities, including rapper 50 Cent, magician Criss Angel and boxers Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson.

Girls at the club offer lap dances for as little as $20 on the main floor or clients can opt for a VIP experience starting from $500 and going up to as much as $2,000 an hour in one of the club’s ten deluxe VIP Skybox rooms.

And another source at the nightspot, who asked not to be named, said: ‘Natalia and Ed met in Sapphires and they went to the Skybox, I believe the relationship started in 2015 but I can’t be sure.

‘Natalia sometimes uses the stage name Evita and is very well known for having dated celebrities and I know she was seeing a famous singer and has dated some of the players from the Seattle Seahawks.’

Lima claims her and Henry first met five years ago, shortly after the newsman married his wife at Las Vegas’ Wynn Hotel, but only embarked on an affair last year after she began ‘to fall for him a bit’ according to Lima’s close friend, model Ana Braga.

The Rio de Janeiro-born glamor model, 34, has known Lima, for more than four years and regularly works with her on fashion shoots – among them editorials for Cosmopolitan and Vogue Brasil.

‘She’s now brought this to light, confirmed something and now she’s exposed and people who don’t know her are going to judge her and it’s driving her nuts.’

In the interview with In Touch Lima detailed how her lengthy friendship with Henry turned sexual last spring after he invited her up to his room at the Wynn Hotel – the place where he married his wife.

She also detailed his penchant for bubble baths and shared some of the explicit text messages the two exchanged, including one that contained emojis of unpeeled bananas and female lips.

Further texts exchanged by the pair included a message from Henry in which he exclaims: ‘[You are] so beautiful,’ ‘love that pic of you!!,’ those eyes,’ ‘are u thinking right there about us making love?,’ ’cause i am…,’ ‘i will make love to you over and over so that we can wear u out and sleep:),’ ‘now that i saw that old photo shoot of you…’

‘She called me a few months ago to ask if I wanted to go for dinner and was like, oh, I’ve got a friend in town and he’s called Ed Henry,’ says Braga.

‘She’s very naive so I thought it was a joke. Chicken fingers rezept Then I got there and we had dinner and then I drove her home. Chicken fingers ingredients I didn’t notice anything inappropriate.’

She added: ‘He’s just a nice guy, he was laughing and making jokes. 4 fingers chicken recipe I even tried to talk politics a little but he probably didn’t want to do it because of his job.

Asked if Lima still speaks to Henry, Braga added: ‘She’s not in touch with him anymore, that’s all over. Are chicken fingers healthy I don’t think it was her choice though but it’s all so fresh.’

Fox News said in a statement shortly after details of the alleged affair were revealed: ‘We recently became aware of Ed’s personal issues and he’s taking some time off to work things out.’