Harlan daily enterprise _ confession time_ cooking disasters

My parents, Opal and Caleb Bowling, had four children, and all earned graduate degrees. What to make with chicken fingers With a Ph.D. Four fingers chicken recipe from the Ohio State University, I have achieved the highest educational level.

My siblings have a variety of skills which seem foreign and complicated to me: they crochet, they play musical instruments, one ties fishing flies.

A few years ago I was dog sitting my granddaughter’s three toy poodles when I decided they might enjoy playing in the yard.

How to cook chicken fingers in the oven So I opened the front door and said, “Let’s play outdoors.” Within seconds they were out the door and gone — in three different directions. Homemade deep fried chicken fingers Passersby helped me catch them before their little bodies were flattened by passing traffic.

Before that fiasco, I was taking care of my great niece’s baby, Hunter, so that she could help with some yard work. What goes with chicken fingers He started crying, so I got some strawberry jam and put it on his pacifier. Chicken fingers homemade An hour later my niece started to feed him and began screaming, “We have to take the baby to the hospital. Are chicken fingers bad for you His mouth is bleeding.”

Cooking is another big fat zero for me although I regularly watch cooking shows but have little comprehension of the vocabulary of these culinary artists.

As holidays are just around the proverbial corner, I want to share with you a few of my kitchen initiatives which will help you understand that when it’s time to have a meal, my family members say, “I’ll cook,” or “Let’s just go out to eat, easier and nothing to clean up afterwards,” or “Just bring a nice bottle of wine. Chicken fingers recipe indian We have the food covered.”

The first time I prepared chicken was after I married, and my parents were coming to dinner. Jack astor’s chicken fingers recipe I was so proud of the golden brown, even crust of the fried chicken. Chicken fingers recipe in urdu My father bit into a breast and with a gasp and a “Damn!” grabbed a napkin as blood ran down his chin.

One day I was bragging to Edgar Blain, an art professor at Urbana College, that I knew all about pinto beans and corn bread. Chicken tenders recipe in urdu Within a minute, I was offering to prepare a meal for him. Baked chicken tenders no egg I thought, How difficult could this be? I’ve seen my mother do it.

I knew I’d need a rather large pot and I had none, so I bought one. Cooking chicken strips on stove It was cheap and thin. Cooking chicken tenders on grill As the beans started burning, I took them off the burner. How to make grilled chicken strips They were as hard as little rocks. How to cook chicken tenders on the grill It was off to the store to but pinto beans in the can and an air freshener to get rid of that awful smell that permeated the house.

This wasn’t my first experience with a burned pan. How to make chicken strips like popeyes When I was a student at Toledo Woodward High School under the tutelage of Angela Abair, I left a pot of boiling eggs on a stove and was off to a club meeting. Raising cane’s chicken fingers calories When I returned, the eggs were cremated, and the pot was black. Baked chicken tenders recipe without breadcrumbs I spent the next few weeks scrubbing that pot until it was shiny again.

And there was the time I fried liver with the skirt still attached. Recipe for chicken fingers baked That little event was even more humiliating than my father-in-law saying regarding a pecan pie I had made, “I really like your pie-if I could just get this crust cut .“

In graduate school at Eastern Kentucky University, I told my sister that I knew how to make spaghetti. Simple chicken fingers recipe Wrong. Dipping sauce recipes for chicken fingers From her, I learned quickly that ketchup is not a substitute for spaghetti sauce.

The list goes on and includes steaks that a cobbler could use to resole shoes and an attempt to use mackerel because it was cheaper than salmon and we were on a very tight budget.

Occasionally, I’ve been heard to say, “ I can’t prepare any food that requires that I use the oven, or I’ll burn my fingers or set my hair on fire.” I’m also famously known by my friend Jennifer Varney as the sole female she knows who can only prepare dishes that require three or fewer ingredients.

I use the oven so infrequently that I’ve learned that by the time it’s ready to be cleaned, I’m ready for a new stove. Recipe for chicken fingers fried This occurs about every ten years.

In spite of my checkered past in the kitchen, I can do one thing well- make delicious fudge. Chicken fingers for kids My maternal grandmother, Viva Moore Adams, taught me her secret decades ago, and I have guarded it carefully. Breading for chicken fingers No need to let that cat out of the bag.