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Forget those pricey face tucks or even expensive spa stops. Chicken with fingers A report quotes cosmetic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn as saying that you can give yourself an apt facelift -straight from your own refrigerator! He advocates using pepper to plump up your lips, orange and lemon for a glow and pineapple as a scrub, too. Chicken fingers pictures While we all know slowing down ageing is also about a healthy lifestyle -including a no-cigarette and early-to-bed regimen -home-made beauty remedies have their own success rate, too. How to bread chicken fingers Here are the best options for a quick pick-me-up…

Thick Greek yogurt is known as an all-round beauty enhancer that leaves the skin blemish free. Homemade chicken fingers oven Full of protein, calcium and vitamin B-12, which loosens dead skin cells and removes pigmentation, it also has a high probiotic content that battles skin infections, leaving it moisturised.

Chicken breast fingers The dairy staple also lightens suntan. Homeade chicken fingers Apply it chilled on the skin this summer.

We know that fresh orange, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, can really brighten up the skin tone, but did you know that its peels are as effective, too? They have more vitamin C than the fruit itself! Grind the peels to a powder and add different ingredients to it to make a variety of masks. How long to cook chicken fingers in oven Use multani mitti and rose water with the peel powder to remove blackheads, add some yoghurt to the powder to reduce skin tan and add some cold milk to it to nourish the skin.

For a plumper pout, try this. Who invented chicken fingers Mix a little lip cream with some cayenne pepper and apply it carefully to the lips. Golden chicken fingers The idea is that the pepper causes the lips to sting and draws blood to them, temporarily making them look brighter and fuller. Chicken fingers recipe buttermilk Caution: try tiny quantities of pepper, to avoid skin burn.

Want a quick fix before a party? Reach for a handful of chilled grapes from the fridge for a facial. Chicken fingers recipe indian style Rub the grapes all over the face and neck and rinse off. Chicken fingers recipe by shireen anwer If you have oily skin, add some multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) to this. Chicken fingers dip recipe Green grapes are also known to reduce scars and marks. Chicken fingers recipe filipino style They even out the skin tone and help reduce suntan.

Rub slices of pineapple on the face to reduce blemishes. Chicken strips recipe uk Just remember to wash it off in a few minutes as the fruit has acids that can burn the skin. Chicken strips marinade recipe You can also puree the fruit with water and oatmeal to make a handy morning facial scrub.Pineapple juice has vitamin C and bromelain, which help battle acne and can also slow down skin ageing.

Coffee perks you up in the morning and also has a similar effect on the skin.Used coffee grounds act as a magical skin refresher.They work as a natural exfoliant to slough away dead cells and brighten the skin. Chicken tenders recipe nz Add olive oil, which acts as a moisturising agent to the grounds to make a paste and scrub this gently on the skin. 4 fingers chicken wings recipe Let it remain for four minutes, then wash off. Baked chicken strips calories Coffee is also said to minimise the appearance of cellulite.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr uses green tea in her beauty routine and you can have a facial with it, too. Juicy baked chicken tenders Do a facial steam by first brewing dried, loose green tea leaves in hot water. Baked chicken tenders panko buttermilk Using a towel over your face and head and begin our steam. Baked chicken tenders temperature Rich in antioxidants, the your steam. Baked chicken tenders time Rich in antioxidants, the steamed liquid directly imparts the benefits to the skin. Homemade chicken fingers with flour It can also reduces swelling, prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Homemade chicken fingers with panko You could also steep a green teabag, let it cool and apply that under the eyes.

A source of vitamin A, C and B-6, carrots can effectively reduce inflammation and soothe sun damaged skin. Homemade chicken tenders batter You can also add honey to it. Homemade chicken strips with bread crumbs Grind a few pieces and once it is pulpy apply this to the face.Let it dry.