Healthy restaurants in atlanta

Pop into this Shops of Buckhead Spanish stunner and dine on tapas to your heart’s content. Egg and avocado bake recipe While you may want to take down a New York strip complete with a side of manchego cheese and chorizo, try these satisfying alternatives to keep your diet in check. Avocado and fried egg Get your taste buds tingling with a refreshing mixed green salad topped with serrano ham, pistachios, olives and sherry-tomato vinaigrette.

Baked avocado w egg Then order up grilled octopus paired with roasted cauliflower and quinoa for a protein punch. Bacon egg and avocado Soothe your sweet tooth with bubbly cava at only 77 calories a glass.

Barbecue doesn’t have to mean racks of ribs slathered in sugary sauce. Avocado and poached egg Enjoy the lighter side of ‘cue at this Buckhead bbq joint. Avocado and egg baked in oven Instead of your usual Delta Double with pulled pork, brisket, mac ‘n’ cheese and waffle fries, chow down on smoked turkey lettuce wraps with Carolina red sauce and chilled farro and green bean salad with smoked almonds and mint yogurt dressing. Is avocado and egg good for your hair Still eyeing your friend’s plate of fries? No need to cut out the carbs with Smokebelly’s gluten free and vegan jalapeno cornbread cakes made with sweet corn, edamame succotash.

Substitute that double Grindhouse-style burger with cheese and house sauce for a protein-packed, double quinoa, black bean veggie burger topped with grilled onions and avocado. Egg and avocado breakfast Pair your healthy choice with a side of sweet potato fries. Avocado deviled eggs recipe no mayo Wash it all down with a pint of Strongbow hard cider at only 210 calories, and appease your sweet tooth and beer cravings in one fell swoop.

You’ve taken up a gluten free, paleo or vegetarian lifestyle as part of your healthy resolution but are mourning the loss of tacos and cheese dip. Egg and avocado on toast Never fear, Across the Street restaurant was created with dietary restrictions in mind. Poached egg and avocado breakfast ATS has dedicated fryers and work spaces for gluten-sensitive and vegetarian diners so you can nosh on chips and salsa worry free. Avocado and egg sandwich Vegetarians can also enjoy healthy choices like goat cheese or sweet potato enchiladas with mango chutney and meat-free black beans. Avocado egg roll recipe from cheesecake factory Gluten got you down? Try the blackened salmon with cucumber noodles or steak, chicken or fish fajitas with black beans, sauteed veggies and fresh corn.

If the thought of one more salad in your mouth makes you cringe, just remember, every diet has built-in cheat days. Avocado egg bacon breakfast While everybody loves “The Hank” piled high with cheese, pickles and Illegal’s special sauce, sadly it could lead to bad decisions and disappointment in your new, healthy lifestyle. Avocado egg rolls recipe cheesecake factory Treat your cheat day and your diet right with a grilled chicken burger and fresh, side salad or The Banh Mi with zesty pork, pickled veggies and fresh cucumber and jalapenos. Egg stuffed avocado recipes Crush your soda cravings with a spicy ginger ale at just 124 calories a pop.

While much on the menu here leans toward the light and healthy side, you can always find a few dishes that might tip the scale in the wrong direction. Baked avocado and egg Start your meal off with an order of summer rolls stuffed with shrimp, pork and herbs wrapped in rice paper rather than crispy (and fried) spring rolls. Avocado with egg recipes For your entree, skip the Vietnamese curry for chicken or shrimp Com served with jasmine rice and pickled vegetables. Avocado and egg pizza Pair it with a bright and beautiful papaya salad topped with apples, mango and Thai vinaigrette to round out your meal. Egg and avocado breakfast ideas For dessert, opt for a cup of Vietnamese coffee brewed table side with sweet condensed milk.

Billed as a European cafe and farmstead, this counter service, food stall in Ponce City Market carries everything from house-made soups to fresh salads to a made-to-order omelette service in the mornings. Recipes with avocado and egg Begin your day with a steel-cut, cinnamon and nutmeg oatmeal bowl topped with honey, dried cranberries and almonds. Baked avocado and egg recipe For lunch, there’s nothing more satisfying than a bowl of white bean chicken chili and a spinach salad mixed with artichokes, granny smith apples, carrots and tomatoes. Avocado and egg pizza recipe End a long work day with a lemon pepper turkey sandwich with dill Havarti on sourdough and a spicy, vegetable medley salad containing asparagus, corn, roasted mushrooms and sriracha balsamic vinaigrette. Avocado and egg for weight loss Most menu items are vegetarian, gluten free or vegan, making Farm to Ladle a friendly food option for those with dietary restrictions.

Well known for their delicious fried chicken, shrimp and grits and extensive bourbon bar, Table and Main has also become known as the place to dine on Wednesday nights for those on the paleo diet. Baked egg and avocado recipe Yes, this Southern tavern and bar offers up healthy and delicious paleo options like honey-satsuma glazed and roasted chicken on sauteed beets and greens or meatloaf with grass-fed beef and Brussels sprouts or pork breakfast sausage, scotch egg and coffee-roasted beets and greens. Egg white and avocado This is what happens when Southern goes paleo, y’all; and we like it. Avocado egg rolls recipe healthy Reservations highly recommended.