Holiday eats_ skip the sugar, go straight for the meat

The traditional dips and chips, crackers and cookies, cakes and pies, adult beverages and sugary drinks, and vegetable and fruit trays are staples at any Wisconsin holiday party. Oatmeal and raisins cookies Over the past 50 years we have been encouraged to restrict the amount of dietary fat eaten and to make food choices according to the food pyramid (primarily grains, potatoes, and starches), which made it okay to indulge in these classic holiday treats. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies recipe But emerging nutritional science calls for a complete overhaul of this traditional approach to healthy eating, which means that what we have known about in terms of how to maintain a proper diet was never based in medical science.

Today obesity rates have exceeded 30% in our society—with even higher rates in women—and it is clear the messages of exercise more, count calories, and stop eating fat have not been working for most people. Healthy oatmeal cookies no flour What we think of as healthy choices–orange juice, oatmeal and a banana for breakfast, for instance–is not necessarily the healthiest choice. No bake oatmeal cookies Why? Because this breakfast example is loaded with carbohydrates and sugar and lacking in protein, causing blood sugar to escalate and stimulate an insulin response. Healthy oatmeal cookies with quick oats Insulin is the hormone responsible for fat storing. How to make cookies with oatmeal It blocks fat breakdown. Cookies oatmeal raisin Eating a diet high in carbohydrates dominates your metabolism and when your body is busy secreting insulin all day in response to your food choices there is no time left in the day for your body to burn its existing fat stores. Amazing oatmeal raisin cookies Cue the never-ending fat-making cycle.

With that said, if you are someone who is concerned about sticking to your diet this holiday season then you must first evaluate what your diet is doing for you metabolically. Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies With a diet high in fat and protein (which most experts agree is the best approach for not only weight loss but the overall reduction in inflammation and prevention of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, or stroke), you can naturally manage hunger and usually find many satisfying options whether you are at home and in control of your food options or away at a party or restaurant without as much control.

The bottom line is that our bodies need fat and protein. 3 ingredient peanut butter oatmeal cookies Through our diet every day, there are essential fatty acids and essential amino acids that our body must get. Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies chewy There are no essential carbohydrates. 3 ingredient banana oatmeal cookies So when we’ve eaten enough fat and protein, we feel satisfied. Recipe of oatmeal cookies When we’ve only eaten sugar or carbs we can eat all day long because our body is waiting for its essentials before it sends the satiety signal to the brain. 5 star oatmeal raisin cookies To feel full and healthy, especially when eating over the holidays, stick to the fats and proteins and limit the carbs and sugars.

If you are someone who wants to practice healthy eating habits over the holidays, here are five tips to help support your wellness endeavors: Fill up on fat/protein first

It might feel rude, but try eating before you attend your gathering to help avoid feeling ravished once the food is served. Peanut butter oatmeal cookies without brown sugar This allows you to maintain control over your food choices. Banana oatmeal date cookies Drink plenty of water

When you restrict carbohydrates you significantly lower the level of toxic inflammation in your body – and voila – your kidneys perk up and you no longer carry as much extra water weight. Recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies using quick oats As water works its way through your system, sodium also goes with it. Chocolate chip cookies oatmeal flour So be sure to ask the person across the table to pass the salt. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies food network Limit alcohol consumption

Although it can be tough to pass on the spiked eggnog, try to avoid beer and sugary mixed drinks. How to make oatmeal cookies from scratch Lower carb alcohol consists of dry wines or liquor with sugar-free mixers such as a gin and tonic. Oatmeal raisin cookies calories If you must imbibe, treat yourself to less than you would normally have. Simple healthy oatmeal cookies Evaluate & make a plan

Can you view the menu online ahead of time? If so, evaluate it and make a plan for what you will order. Oatmeal raisin no bake cookies If there is no way to plan ahead then control portions and eat smaller servings of the higher carb foods. Best recipe for oatmeal cookies Designate a cheat day

The holiday season starts November 1 for some people, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat yourself to a high carb or sugar food every day until Christmas. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies without eggs If you choose to do so – make exceptions to eat some higher carb or sugar foods (in portion controlled quantities) on the day of Thanksgiving and the day of Christmas – and not all the days in between.

So when are you at the dinner table during the holidays, remember these few simple tips associated with healthier eating habits to help you keep on track over these few days of celebration.