Hollywood beach cafe a worthy replacement

The refurbished cafe scene is comfortably beachy but also attractive with its handsome dark wooden tables and chairs in the main dining area, a small dining counter immediately inside the entryway, and a back patio that is partially shielded from the elements. Arby’s chicken tenders calories Large beach-oriented photos dot the high walls with familiar scenes, including an ever-endearing shot of the late Tillman, the surfing dog, doing his thing.

We focused on the lunch menu and started with a cup of chicken noodle broth ($5) and a plate of Channel Islands Tater Tots ($6). Making chicken fingers The soup featured plenty of chicken loosely shredded into a complementary broth, and the deep-fried tots were distinguished from basic potato squares with a thick layer of Cheddar cheese and caramelized onions stirred into a lively sauce.

Dip for chicken fingers A similar version of the dish at the same price is the Chili Cheese Tots. Sauce for chicken fingers Just plain old Tater Tots are $4. Healthy baked chicken fingers All are generous servings that can easily be shared.

There are plenty of burgers, other sandwiches, soups and salads from which to choose as the main dish for your midday meal. Pan fried chicken fingers Ours were the portobello mushroom burger ($12), a roasted tri-tip sandwich ($14) and a seared tuna salad ($13). Homemade baked chicken fingers The sandwiches come with a choice of French fries, onion rings or a house salad. Homemade chicken fingers baked Our sandwich fans added the regular French fries and the garlic version of the same. Ultimate chicken fingers Both were nicely crisped but the garlic-tinged option won us over with its extra flavor accents.

The portobello mushroom burger was as good as it sounds, starting from the large grilled mushroom and continuing through the juicy accompaniments of grilled zucchini, roasted bell peppers, grilled onions and griddled tomatoes. Homemade fried chicken fingers All of the good flavors and textures made the sandwich a standout, if a bit challenging to handle. How long to bake chicken fingers But who minds juice streaming down your fingers when the combo is so good? Besides, extra napkins are always an option.

Our roasted tri-tip sandwich had some of that same juicy challenge as it also came with fried onions and griddled tomatoes, plus a lively blue cheese accent. How long to cook chicken fingers The thinly sliced tri-tip was generously layered onto good nine-grain bread. Chicken fingers in oven I like my tri-tip more on the rare side than it arrived in the sandwich, but can understand that keeping it rare in a busy kitchen for the “rare” person who it prefers it that way could be a problem.

The seared tuna salad ($13) was a winner all around, with its hearty combination of plenty of the seared tuna with cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, hard-boiled eggs, snap peas, potato squares and romaine lettuce, combined with a creamy balsamic dressing.

We had hoped to try a dessert or two, but the Tater Tots did us in. How long to fry chicken fingers The homemade strawberry cheesecake sounded good to us, but so did a chocolate brownie sundae, a banana split or fresh pie or cake.

Other tempting lunch items include the “Nard” Burger with jack cheese, chorizo and ranchero sauce, Mom’s Homemade Chicken Salad Sandwich and the fresh mozzarella and basil pesto grilled cheese sandwich. Homemade chicken fingers fried Turkey or Old School chili, fish & chips, a carne asada burrito and a Baja shrimp cocktail are among the diverse items available.

If breakfast is your goal there are the usual favorites plus items like buttermilk chicken-fried steak, Eggs Benedict, corned beef hash and chocolate chip, peanut butter or banana pancakes. Homemade chicken strips batter Bagels and lox, with choice of bagel, and traditional oatmeal with berries and brown sugar are part of the range.

Rita Moran visits restaurants unannounced and pays for her food. Homemade chicken strips fried If you know of a new, unusual or just plain good restaurant, please contact her at rita.j.moran@gmail.com. Homemade chicken plucker fingers HOLLYWOOD BEACH CAFE

Impressions: New look at a longstanding and now refurbished site, with dining inside or on outdoor patio; prompt and pleasant service; good range of lunch and breakfast dishes, either served throughout the cafe’s hours.