How to eat breakfast like a wellness blogger – racked

The food is vibrant, inviting, and lovingly presented, like it was prepared by a kindly innkeeper’s wife from a children’s book using freshly picked berries, and homegrown herbs she dried out herself. Healthy egg and avocado breakfast Sure, this fairy tale character is also armed with thousands of online followers and a long lens camera, but that doesn’t make the narrative any less fantastical — getting a halfway decent meal down my gullet each morning is challenge enough without making it social media-worthy, too. Avocado and boiled egg breakfast Most days I’m more likely to spot a unicorn.

I asked some of the internet’s healthiest eaters to pull back the curtain on their enviable AM routines and, hopefully, fortify my own in the process. Avocado and egg breakfast sandwich Their verdict? All it takes is properly managed time.

Avocado and egg When you’ve got 0 minutes: Embrace the Boy Scout motto (i.e.: Be Prepared)

“I guarantee you 99 percent of the ‘perfect’ breakfasts bloggers post online have been at least partially prepped in advance,” says Suja juice co-founder and Blawnde blogger Annie Lawless. Avocado and egg in microwave “They go to the store over the weekend. Avocado and egg yolk face mask They chopped everything. Avocado and egg breakfast It’s a lot of planning.” This, however, does not necessarily mean choosing between a Sunday afternoon nap and nourishing AM meals throughout the work week. Baked avocado and egg recipes “One of the easiest solutions is chia pudding: Just mix chia seeds with some coconut milk and spices, like cinnamon or turmeric, maybe add some almond butter and berries, and let it soak in the fridge overnight.” The seeds need several hours to absorb the liquid and thicken, so by the time you wake up, the blend should be ready to eat.

Naturally Ella’s Erin Alderson prefers to use the same method with oats: “It’s one of those things that only takes five minutes to put together at night — fruit, oats, milk — and it’s ready to take with you in the morning to enjoy on the train, or at your desk.” When she’s so booked there isn’t time to physically sit down with a bowl and spoon, she’ll opt for a homemade raw Lara bar instead. Egg and avocado sandwich recipes “I make a big batch ahead of time to throw in my purse. Avocado egg and bacon It’s not involved at all: You just pulse dates, nuts, and dried fruit in a food processor, press the mixture in a pan, and let it set in the fridge. Avocado and egg on toast healthy It’s important you use a powerful food processor, though, so the motor doesn’t burn up.”

Instagram Bonus: Kunin gets her best shots by combining foods of like colors and displaying in a clear container (mason jars, again, are an ideal option here). Avocado and egg health benefits “So, for instance, you could do blueberries, frozen acai, and beets for a vibrant purple. Baked avocado and egg breakfast If you start adding different shades, the hue will get murky.” If time allows, Katie Higgins from Chocolate Covered Katie is all about making a quick smoothie bowl dressed with fresh fruit and nuts at your desk. How to use avocado and egg for hair “But don’t just throw your toppings around everywhere! Arrange them in lines, circles, or patterns.” If you’ve got 20 to 30 minutes: Let’s have a toast!

The goal here is to split the time in two: the first half to cooking and documenting your handiwork, the second to laid back munching while you catch up on news. Avocado egg oven recipe Alderson recommends keeping a formula in mind. Avocado egg and oil hair treatment “I balance 1/4 protein, 1/4 grain, and 1/2 produce. Vegemite avocado and egg So any toast with nut butter and fruit is a fantastic go-to.” And, let’s not forget about avocado toast! To make hers more special, Lawless sprinkles it with a bit of cayenne pepper (“it revs your metabolism up”) and, if she’s not too rushed, a fried egg. Avocado and egg dinner But really, so long as both your bread and accoutrements are both fresh and nutrient-dense, it fine to switch up the specifics.

Anddd another angle of the g-free toast 6 ways because I’m feeling fiesty today and why not? PS we are having a lot of fun with #tbbtribe newsletter every SUNDAY- the link is in today’s bloggy post, along w/ these #TOASTS if you want to join the partay. Avocado and scrambled egg recipes (Really, it is a party.) #tbbkitchen #tbbmademedoit

Instagram Bonus: While it’s likely your garnishes are enough to carry a photograph, a beautiful place setting seals the deal. Avocado and egg yolk hair mask Younger is a pro at this: “I find good lighting, whip out my trusty marble slab, grab a few flowers to arrange on the side, stick the food on a colorful plate with cute silverware, and voilà ! Sometimes I’ll add a candle, a book I’m reading, a tarot card, or a piece of jewelry, too. Avocado egg boat recipe Food alone looks boring to me on Instagram these days!” If you’ve got all morning: Get some side action

Now that we’re in leisurely brunch territory, why not go for a full spread? To give yourself more face time with guests (or your coffee and Kindle), Kunin is a big advocate of making the extra courses a night or two beforehand and focusing on your main dish in the moment. Baked egg and avocado “I love doing baked eggs with roasted sweet potatoes and black beans because you can already have the sweet potatoes roasted. Egg and avocado recipes for breakfast Day of, you warm them up with the beans while your eggs cook.” Anderson uses a frittata or omelet as her centerpiece: “It’s quick and easy to throw together — minimal cooking time, and once you have a handle on the right egg-to-milk ratio, you can throw in any combination of vegetables, grains, or cheese — but looks impressive on a plate. Poached egg and avocado on toast To dress it up more, I’ll throw some extra filling on top before serving.”

If you’re a vegan, like Higgins, it’s easy enough to sub in an egg-free entree. Avocado and egg hair treatment “Sunday brunches for me are about lots of different dishes that pair together well,” she tells me. Avocado and egg sandwich recipes “I’ll do dairy-free pancakes or donuts with something savory I cooked the night before, like roasted vegetable or a stir-fry, and a fresh fruit salad.”