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It’s a showstopper of a dessert in which hot chocolate sauce is poured over a chocolate dome which then melts away to display a stack of treats hidden within it.

The melting chocolate dome sundae, which would surely make any dinner table full of guests coo in amazement, looks easy in theory but how simple is it to create the gastronomic spectacle at home? And would it look half as amazing in the average kitchen, rather than a well-lit studio or restaurant?

As videos of this captivating pudding sweep the internet I took to the kitchen to see if I could recreate its hypnotic visuals – and mouthwatering contents – with some chocolate chips and a few balloons.

The white chocolate does not go far, and the balloon’s burst risk goes up as the amount of chocolate goes down – causing it to become hotter and leave less room between the balloon and the scalding glass bowl. What are chicken fingers One balloon burst and splattered white chocolate all over Emily’s t-shrt

I blew up five balloons to ensure I had enough domes to cover me should any go wrong, blowing them up so they were about the size of a grapefruit.

I soon discovered that the white chocolate does not go far and it even seemed to get hotter as I went on as the balloons came in direct contact with the glass bowl. Chicken fingers recipe easy In fact, one burst, which not only gave me a mild shock, but splattered chocolate on my T-shirt.

If Emily created this for a dinner party she might find the preparation of so many chocolate domes stressful. Chicken fingers recipe panko They are also quite delicate so she would make sure she had enough balloons and ingredients for back-ups

I was delighted with the results. Chicken strips recipe in urdu Even though the chocolate balls weren’t quite perfect with the odd drop here and there, I had already surpassed my expectations.

The assembly of the brownies, ice-cream and raspberries was so straight forward it almost felt like cheating, but then the inside of the dome is really not the focal point of this dessert.

My final task was heating the cream in a saucepan and melting in the chocolate chips to make the hot mixture that would create the hypnotic melting effect that has the internet gripped.

It was an anxious moment when Emily poured the hot dark chocolate sauce over the dessert. Baked chicken fingers with panko At first it seemed that nothing was happening, but when the dome began to fall in. Baked chicken strips healthy Emily found the dessert much easier to make than she anticipated and says she thinks anyone could make it

At first it seemed that nothing was happening, but when the dome began to fall in and the contrast of the white chocolate peeped through it looked brilliant.

If I were creating this for a dinner party I might find the preparation of so many chocolate domes stressful. Shake n bake chicken tenders They are also quite delicate so I would make sure you have enough balloons and ingredients to make back-ups.

3. Spicy baked chicken tenders Dip the balloon into the melted chocolate ensuring you get enough coverage to create a dome shape, as opposed to a shallow bowl shape. How to make chicken fingers batter Then hold the bowl above the water and let some of the excess chocolate drip off into the bowl.

5. How to make chicken strips crispy Pour the double cream into a sauce pan Add the dark choc chips and stir until mixed in Put it to the side but keep an eye on and stir every few minutes.

9. Cane’s chicken fingers calories The final flourish: Pour your warm chocolate sauce of the dome and watch it majestically melt away to reveal the brownies and ice-cream below.