I am eating everything on the johnny rockets ‘allegiant’ menu

100% all American handcrafted beef burger, fresh, never frozen and topped with creamy peppered steak sauce, caramelized onions, bacon and smoked Gouda cheese served with leaf lettuce and tomato on a toasted brioche bun.

Here’s problem #1 with this whole eat-the- Allegiant-menu plan: Every item comes with french fries, and the french fries are, frankly, not good. Baked chicken tenders recipe without breadcrumbs They’re limp, soggy and completely devoid of salt. Recipe for chicken fingers baked On the flip side, I guess they do sort of fit the overall theme of The Divergent Series.

Simple chicken fingers recipe What better way to give fans a taste of the flavorless existence that is life in a brutal dystopia than with flavorless french fries? I can already see the cross-promotional scene where Kate Winslet screams “NO! THEY GET NO SALT! SERVE THEM BOILED POTATO FINGERS WITH ZERO SEASONING!”

As for the burger itself, it’s not very defiant, although I guess if you eat three burgers in one sitting you’re at least defying the unwritten laws of simple common sense. Dipping sauce recipes for chicken fingers It also doesn’t have much gouda flavor, smoked or otherwise. Recipe for chicken fingers fried But it’s not a bad burger; the patty is juicy, and the “peppered steak sauce” adds a nice zing. Chicken fingers for kids Would I pledge allegiance (or Allegiant) to this burger? Probably not. Breading for chicken fingers But I might eat it again, if I didn’t have to eat two other burgers after it.

Prepared with a grilled, farm-raised, 100% all-natural chicken breast and topped with smoked Cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, leaf lettuce and a creamy garlic aioli on a toasted brioche bun.

In the terrifying future of Divergent, the city of Chicago is surrounded by an enormous wall. Best baked chicken fingers recipe You can see the characters scaling the wall (I think) on all the posters for Allegiant.

prepared with a 100% all American handcrafted beef burger, and topped with Bleu Cheese crumbles, bacon, tomato, spring mix and mayonnaise on a toasted brioche bun.

You’ll notice it looks a lot like the Defiant Smoked Gouda Burger, to the point where we almost thought they’d given us two of the same burger by mistake. Baked chicken fingers healthy But upon careful inspection we did find some blue cheese inside this thing. Crispy chicken fingers baked Not much, just a little dab right in the center. Southern fried chicken fingers Perhaps this is yet another nod to the fallow world of the Divergent franchise, where blue cheese (and salt, apparently) is an incredibly rare commodity.

Whether deliberate or not, I appreciated the restraint: At this point, the less I have to eat the better. Chicken fingers fried I cruised through the first two sandwiches, happy as a clam. Crispy chicken fingers recipe fried But midway through burger #3, I was struck by an overwhelming drive to never eat anything ever again. What goes good with chicken fingers I begged my coworkers to let me quit, but they egged me on. Shake and bake chicken fingers And so, after a short break, I powered through. What to eat with chicken fingers Am I in Dauntless yet? This is part of the initiation, right? I can’t imagine a more demanding test of one’s courage.

Again, I’m not sure any of these burgers really have anything to do with Divergent. The Denny’s Fantastic Four menu actually made an effort to find ways to match foods with characters, like the spicy Human Torch egg dish or the craggy bun on the Thing burger. If there’s something allegiant about this burger, I couldn’t find it. Sides for chicken fingers (Also, “allegiant” isn’t a real word.) But I do think that eating all three of these sandwiches in one sitting really nails the essence of life in a YA dystopia: an endless slog of misery, discomfort, cruelty and praying for the sweet release of death.

Much as the Divergent series has been extended from three books to four movies, our Allegiant menu has been stretched to a fourth course: the “Dauntless Brownie Brittle™ Shake.” Damn these franchises and their desperate attempts to wring one last payday out of a dying property! Can’t we just let these things go?

hand spun with premium vanilla ice cream and fudge, nestled inside a swirl of chocolate and topped with whipped cream and a chocolate chip brownie brittle.