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Then Election 2016 happened and I discovered that not only does my circle include a few libertarians, Tea Partiers and right-wingers, but there’s a solid contingent of hard-lefties, uber “progressives” and extremist liberals. What to eat with chicken fingers And I am none of those, on either end of the spectrum. Sides for chicken fingers I’m a registered Democrat who falls ever-so-slightly left of center and who believes being a centrist, a moderate, is a good thing.

Best fried chicken fingers recipe That assessment is based on years (I’m moderately old) of being around extremists from both sides of the aisle and finding extremism to be, well, extreme; often close-minded, tunnel-visioned, self-focused and largely uncompromising. Kids chicken fingers And while being uncompromising is good when it comes to morality, integrity, and honor, it is less so when working amongst people with diverse interests, learning to collaborate, listen, and consider the needs and realities of many different views. Crispy oven chicken fingers Which is certainly the assignment of any politician, particularly the president of the United States.

As I’ve always maintained, I like Bernie. How to make chicken fingers from scratch I think he’s a passionate, well-meaning guy who’s been deeply involved in issues that resonate with a lot of people. Recipe of chicken fingers They resonate with me. Recipe for homemade chicken fingers But they’re not all that resonates with me. Recipes using chicken fingers There’s much that he pays little attention to, or has a different opinion about, that is also important to me. How to make chicken fingers in oven So he’s not my guy for president. How to make crispy chicken fingers Because I believe being the president of this country, particularly at this time in our history, requires talents, skills, experiences, nuances, personality traits and worldviews that are not necessarily in his wheelhouse. How to deep fry chicken fingers They are in the wheelhouse of Hillary Clinton. Deep fried chicken fingers batter Which is why she’s my guy.

Just writing that makes me cringe a little, too, but for different reasons: I have discovered — having this large contingent of “Berners” in my circle, that any positive statement about Clinton is typically followed by a barrage of negative pushback from Sanders supporters. How to cook chicken fingers in oven The usual stuff (which I won’t reiterate because it’s so often repeated, and usually with the same verbiage every time, that it’s like reciting a playbook). How to make breaded chicken fingers It’s knee-jerk. Chicken with fingers It always happens. Chicken fingers pictures Which is strange to me. How to bread chicken fingers Because, while I have never gone on the thread of anyone touting Bernie’s virtues to caterwaul in contention, offering my criticisms of the man, how his votes and beliefs on certain issues do not align with my own, etc., the reverse cannot be said. Homemade chicken fingers oven Bernie supporters have no compunction about hijacking a pro-Clinton thread to throw every kind of smack her way, with zero thought to social media decorum or just plain, good manners.

I had a number of conversations with Clinton supporters this weekend (on the phone and in private messages; not on public Facebook pages) in which all parties involved admitted to being reticent to speak up for her in public because to do so means having to endure battering by #FeeltheBerners. Chicken breast fingers One mentioned feeling that the sheer fanaticism and idealization of Sanders supporters has made it impossible to have an adult conversation without triggering a kind of cultish backlash… Homeade chicken fingers which I too have experienced (similar to the way Scientologists respond when one suggests L.Ron Hubbard is not a god). How long to cook chicken fingers in oven Another said she’s going to quietly vote, quietly share her Clinton support with those who ask, but is not going to throw it out there for public consumption. Who invented chicken fingers I don’t blame her, I don’t blame any of them… Golden chicken fingers one supports Clinton at their own peril.