Instagram vegans who can’t live without eggs coin new name for their diet _ daily mail online

Veganism has surged in popularity in recent years, but it seems that many who favour a plant-based diet are struggling to go without animal products altogether.

Now a new class of healthy and ethical foodies have emerged who are adding eggs to their meals – and sharing photos of the results on Instagram.

While they are abstaining from any meat and all other forms of animal produce, the new wave of plant eaters are promoting the benefits of continuing to eat eggs alongside an otherwise vegan diet.

The official term for this type of diet is ovo-vegetarian but there are now more than 5,000 posts on Instagram alone under the hashtag #veggan.

One of them is food writer Vicky Anne Hadley, 23, from London, who has been following a veggan diet for two years after being vegan and then starting to introduce organic eggs into her diet.

‘I adopted a vegetarian diet three years ago after hearing about all of the hormones in meat as well as the saturated fat and chemicals in processed meat. Avocado egg nog My skin was always dull and I often broke out.

‘I am allergic to dairy so always avoided milk products anyway and was only left with eggs as my non-vegan source. Lean in 15 avocado and egg I started researching into veganism and liked the ethics behind the lifestyle as well as believing that a plant based lifestyle is much healthier.

Since following a vegan diet she said that her skin looks healthier, she has ‘tons’ of energy, her metabolism is extremely quick and she is never bloated – but likes an extra source of proteins in eggs when exercising

‘I was at a friend’s house who keeps chickens as pets in her garden and she presented me with poached eggs and avocado on toast for breakfast which I ate, and guilty enjoyed. Egg and avocado breakfast recipes I carried on eating eggs from then onwards without really knowing what to call my diet.’

Vicky, who works for health magazine Healthista, only found out her way of eating had started to be called vegganism when her editor mentioned the new trend.

‘I found that by following this diet, my skin looks very healthy, I have tons of energy, my metabolism is extremely quick and I feel fresh and never bloated, but as I am exercising often I like to get a different mix of protein sources and eggs are another source.’

The benefits of eating a vegan diet have been widely documented but some nutrition experts have also hailed the positive impacts of eating a purely plant-based diet while incorporating eggs for an additional protein boost.

Expert nutritionist Hala El-Shafie, who has worked in the NHS, private and corporate sectors for 15 years, said: ‘From a health perspective eggs are an excellent and cost effective source of high quality protein.

‘The egg white is where the protein is found, along with vitamin B2 and lower amounts of fat and cholesterol than the yolk. Avocado and egg diabetes Egg whites are also rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.

‘It’s excellent health-wise if someone wants to eat a mainly plant-based diet and incorporate eggs but bottom line is they’re vegetarian not a vegan.

‘You would need to especially go for algae type products like chlorella and marine phytoplankton, and have enough proper healthy proteins such as beans and lentils .

But not everyone is impressed with the growing veggan trend – The Vegan Society said it flies in the face of the very ethics behind adopting a plant-only diet

‘Fermented soya products are good – for example, a well cooked tempeh with seaweed will provide a good source of protein. Baked avocado egg rolls Try to avoid processed foods and keep foods as natural as possible.

‘If you’re missing the heaviness and saltiness of animal products, tempeh with tamari sauce is an ideal dish. Avocado and baked egg Nutritional yeast flakes are good for providing B12. Avocado and egg baked Nuts naturally contain enzyme inhibitors so you need to soak them overnight for six to eight hours with salt.

‘Then rinse them and dry them in a low oven you can put your hand in to. Avocado and egg face mask Other good sources of vegan protein are pea protein powder, hemp protein powder and pumpkin seed powder.’

The Vegan Society insists the new trend is missing the very principles of the ethics behind a vegan diet, and say the health benefits promoted are questionable.

Spokesman Jimmy Pierce said: ‘The egg industry is no less cruel or exploitative than any other animal industry, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of unwanted male chicks every day while females endure a short life of pain and suffering before they too are killed.

‘Veganism is all about avoiding the exploitation of animals. Breakfast with avocado and eggs Eggs are not ours to take, hens can’t give their consent, and nutritionally we don’t need to eat them.

‘In fact much of the peer-reviewed evidence suggests we are much healthier without eggs, which are high in saturated fat and cholesterol – a cause of heart disease. Avocado and egg mask A balanced vegan diet contains all the essential nutrients we need for optimum health at any age.’