Is the paleo diet based on sound science_

A 2012 meta-analysis of 45 prospective cohort studies and 21 randomized-controlled trials in the Journal of Nutrition found that people consuming more whole grains were less likely to develop heart disease and type two diabetes and other conditions associated with systemic inflammation, while there was also an inverse relationship between whole grain intake and weight gain.

As for bread – which is public enemy #1 with many in the Paleo crowd – context is crucial, stresses Bellatti. Avocado with egg recipes “Eating two slices of white bread by themselves is, from a glycemic standpoint, very different from having a sandwich filled with tofu, avocado, and hummus.

Avocado and egg pizza The presence of additional protein, fiber, and fat in that sandwich greatly decrease the bread’s effect on blood sugar levels.”

Andy Bellatti: “Trust me, beans and whole grains are not behind rising obesity, diabetes, and heart disease rates. Egg and avocado breakfast ideas Today’s health problems can be easily traced back to excesses in calories, added sugars… omega-6 fatty acids, saturated fats in animal products, trans-fat, and sodium [coupled with a sedentary lifestyle].”

And while whole grain bread is a better choice, he adds, “ Keep in mind that white bread was the ‘standard’ bread sixty or so years ago, when diabetes and obesity rates were much, much lower.

“The problem isn’t refined flour itself as it is the amount and frequency in which it is eaten. Recipes with avocado and egg Today’s health problems are mainly attributed to two things: people are consuming too many calories, and these calories mostly come from nutritionally empty, overly refined foods.”

As for concerns about allergies and autoimmune disorders, yes, the latter are on the rise, he says, but we are just as likely to have an allergic response to foods consumed in Paleolithic times (fish, treenuts, insects) as those that entered the human diet more recently, so why single out grains in this regard?

Insects, for example, were a big food source for our ancestors in many parts of the world, but they frequently generate an allergic response, such that people with shellfish allergies are advised to avoid them. Baked avocado and egg recipe It’s also worth pointing out that many grains (rice, corn, oats -if certified GF, quinoa, sorghum, teff, millet, amaranth, buckwheat) do not contain gluten, the protein in wheat, barley and spelt that a tiny percentage of people struggle to digest.

As for those advocating ‘zero carb’ iterations of Paleo diets, adds Bellatti: “ One of the main reasons for getting a sufficient amount of carbohydrate in your diet is for ‘protein sparing’— that is, to allow protein to do what it needs to do.

“Trust me, beans and whole grains are not behind rising obesity, diabetes, and heart disease rates. Avocado and egg pizza recipe Today’s health problems can be easily traced back to excesses in calories, added sugars… omega-6 fatty acids, saturated fats in animal products, trans fat, and sodium.”

But on positive note, he says: “ The one thing I like about the Paleo diet is that it advocates one very important point that I agree with: eat foods that are as close to nature as possible. Avocado and egg for weight loss Instead of drinking apple juice, eat an apple; instead of munching on onion rings, have onion slices in a salad.

“The absence of highly-processed junk food in the Paleo diet makes it a step up from the Standard American Diet. Baked egg and avocado recipe And, certainly dairy products are not necessary for health. Egg white and avocado However, it’s a shame that many are losing out on the healthful properties of whole grains (think oats, not sugary cereals), beans, and legumes.”

from Masstricht University challenged the notion that we’ve only been eating grains for 10,000 years and our bodies have not adapted to them, especially those containing gluten.

In fact, evidence suggests that Neanderthals were eating wheat, rye and barley 45,000 years ago, while there is evidence of large-scale processing of cereals in Israel 23,000 years ago, he pointed out.

But even if widespread consumption of grains only began a few thousand years ago, our bodies have evolved mechanisms to digest and utilize it pretty efficiently, he said.

But before readers bring out the ‘ well she would say that wouldn’t she’ argument, she says, “ Let’s be clear: The scientific consensus is that grains, notably whole grains, play a key role in a healthy diet, and my relationship with the Grain Foods Foundation doesn’t change that.”

Intact whole grains also provide a steady, slow release of glucose, and can also play a beneficial role in weight management, she adds, noting that a recent TV ad for Weight Watchers in which Oprah Winfrey declares her love for bread reinforces this point.

Fewer than 1% of people have celiac disease (they can’t handle gluten), while the literature suggests the percentage with NCGS/non-celiac gluten sensitivity ranges from 0.5% to 6% (although we can’t be sure because there are no validated biomarkers or diagnostic tests).

The challenge facing dietitians is that consumers are far more likely to go to blogs and other “ opinion-based” forums – rather than

– for nutritional or weight management advice, while media coverage of celebrity weight loss plans, new diet books or nutritional studies rarely presents them in the context of the overall body of literature, she says.

“What the research consistently shows is that variety is good: grains, dairy, protein, fruits and vegetables. Avocado egg rolls recipe healthy For many people, grains are also a key source of fiber. Healthy egg and avocado recipes We just have to keep control of portion sizes in grain foods. Is avocado and egg good for you Many people love bread, they just have to eat it mindfully.”