Lee daniels is tired of talking about diversity — vulture

Fox’s latest drama from Empire creator Lee Daniels, Star, centers on a young white woman who flees foster care, her biracial sister, and their rich black friend who move to Atlanta to try to make it big as a girl group. Www noodles and company menu The series, which premieres December 14, has none of the sheen or flair that made Empire an instant juggernaut. Noodles and company longmont In fact, it seems to revel in bringing to life a grittier, more depressing world — one in which a foster father repeatedly rapes his young charge — than we usually see on in prime time.

Star probably won’t be for everyone, and Daniels is fine with that. Noodles and c He’s made a career out of creating polarizing content, from producing Monster’s Ball to directing Precious and The Paperboy* (yes, the movie where Nicole Kidman urinates on Zac Efron). Noodles and company menu nutrition Vulture sat down with Daniels inside Star’s L.A. Noodles & production offices — days after he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — to discuss what he’s learned about making television over the last two years, why he’s railed against the diversity debate in Hollywood, and his dream of someday doing a Disney movie.

Surreal. Noodles and company franklin tn I’ve worked so hard all my life, but this is on another level. Noodles and company kentlands I have two shows now! I flew my entire family in and said, “I’m turning my phone off.”

Forty. Noodles & company columbus oh [ Laughs.] Seven of my aunts, all of my cousins. Noodles noodles and noodles My brother is incarcerated so he couldn’t come. Noodles and company oshkosh It was really about all them. Noodles menu pdf I arranged for a TMZ bus to drive them around and had a friend arrange for a big SUV for the ceremony. Noodles and company oak park Then the next night we went to Crustacean in Beverly Hills and ate crab and noodles. Noodles and company open hours I broke my diet. Noodles and company location [ Laughs.] I really wanted to spend time with them. Noodles and company rewards A lot of my aunts are around 90. Noodles and company maple grove I don’t know when I’m going to see them again. Noodles and company utah They are all the Cookies in my life, the inspirations for why I’m here. Noodles and company reston What this country is about. Noodles and company specials I am living proof that their legacy lives on. Noodles and company tinley park They are fabulous and were fabulous even in a time of great turmoil.

Delegation, delegation, delegation. Noodles and company food But you have to trust who you’re delegating to. Dragon noodles vaishali menu Trust is hard for me. Noodles and more I’ve also learned that each [writers] room isn’t the same. Noodles and company topeka Star is not Empire. Noodles etc menu Totally different personalities. Where is noodles and company It’s a different organism because the people are different.

Star to me is a return to gritty, dirty Lee Daniels. Noodles and company towson It’s more Precious and Paperboy than The Butler or Empire. Noodles n company coupons What inspired you to tell this particular story?

Oh, God. Noodles and conpany It’s inspired by the fact that I was going to do Valley of the Dolls for Fox, but then [NBC’s] The Playboy Club and [ABC’s] Pan-Am both flopped. Noodles and company c 470 and kipling They got nervous about doing [another retro series]. Noodles and company coupon But I kept thinking of girl groups; there aren’t any anymore because they always implode. Noodles and company valpo Really it all started with Dreamgirls. Oodles noodles menu leicester I remember taking my mother’s El Dorado, driving it from Philadelphia to New York City, and sneaking in the back of Dreamgirls’ original production. Noodles and company deerfield It gave me tingles. Noodles restaurant menu I’d never felt that way before about black people in entertainment. Noodles and company investor relations It was like, “Wow. Wide noodles The music! [ Sings a lyric:] And I am telling you! ” That was the business I had to be in. Noodles and company blaine Star is also a little Paris Is Burning, a little of John Waters’s Female Trouble. Noodles and company iupui In the first 15 minutes, you have three girls who will rob, steal, and mutilate people; do whatever it takes to get to the top. Noodles hours of operation This was all written pre our president-elect. Where is noodles I knew we were in trouble.

When black people were getting shot and killed last summer, and we were watching and scratching our heads. Noodles and company wausau What is happening to our nation? This isn’t the ’60s. Noodles and company woodridge This isn’t the ’90s. Noodles and company sandy And this shit is still going down? I felt that making the character of Star white could heal the nation. Noodles and company data breach Show that this white girl had the balls to tell somebody who was black, “You’re a racist, bitch.” And in prime time! Also, I have so many friends who are biracial. Noodles and company eagan How are they identified now? What is it like being black and having a white sister? What does it all mean when your best friend is black and richer than fuck and the three of you all are climbing up together? I remember a few years ago, my son asked me, “Why didn’t you tell me that people look at me differently?” He was 19 at the time. Noodles and company vacaville “Why didn’t you ever tell me the police look at me differently? What’s up with that?” I never looked at racism in that way. Noodles and company calories I don’t know whether it has to do with how I live in a state of denial half of the time. Yaya noodles menu I believe racism is real and it should be acknowledged, but I think that if I fully acknowledged it, I would have been an angry black man with nothing. Noodles and company lakewood co I got to get to where I gotta go.

Is it also because in Hollywood, a very white business, you couldn’t let yourself worry about how people felt about you every time you walked into a room?

Yes. Noodle or noodles I think people can smell that on you. What is in noodles But people label that as “crazy.” Like, “What’s wrong with him?” You get shit for it, and on both ends — from black and white people. Noodles and company village crossing My son has a black dad and a white dad, my [former] partner in New York. Noodles and company healthy I thought I was giving him the life that I didn’t have. Noodles & company coupons I thought I did the best parenting I could. Noodles resturant But he said, “You pride yourself on honesty, and you weren’t honest with me.” But I am honest! Have you seen my interviews? [ Laughs.] Look me up! And actually you, Stacey, started it last year with that interview [in which we had a heated discussion about race in TV writers rooms, and Daniels said, “I hate when white people write for black people.”] You goaded me. Noodles and company indianapolis But I couldn’t hate you because it’s what I do to actors.

You’ve had your highs and lows in dealing with the media. Noodles to go In fact, Sean Penn won a $10 million defamation lawsuit against you in May for your implying in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he was a domestic abuser. Noodles and company hours today Did that experience make you more likely to self-edit when talking the press?

Yes. Noodles phone number I was raised by a tribe of women. Noodles and company number Fabulous, bold, audacious, loud. Noodles and company kenosha When you think of Cookie, it’s exaggerated humor, style, elegance, toughness, realness. Noodles and company jobs A woman to me is far more complex and interesting to write for than a dude. Noodles and company uptown From Monster’s Ball on, the projects I’ve had a hand in writing, they’re almost all women. Noodles restaurant locations That’s what kills me overall about this whole diversity thing in Hollywood. Noodles and company 96th street I’m flabbergasted by it.

You’re flabbergasted by the conversation centered on diversity in storytelling — or, as your friend Oprah Winfrey now calls it, “inclusive” storytelling?

[ Pauses.] Look, I’ve never had to depend on anyone in my entire career. Noodles house menu dubai I don’t need a white man to tell me I’m good. Noodles and company wifi I don’t need your money to make a movie, sweetie. Noodles and company appetizers I will go out and get my own money. Noodles and company birthday I don’t need an award to justify my artistry because most [of what I make] isn’t award-worthy, apparently. Noodles and company salary [ Laughs.] And I’m okay with that! So for somebody to sit there and talk about inclusion or diversity… get off your ass and do what I did: Raise your own money, write your own shit, do your own thing. Company noodles Don’t ask for permission. How do they make noodles And don’t sit there saying to Hollywood, “You owe me an Oscar, you owe me an Emmy, you owe me an opportunity.” Nobody owes you shit! Ain’t nobody gave me shit. Yamamori noodles menu I took mine, okay? I’m bored with the whole conversation. Noodles and company louisville co I know my shit is good. Restaurant noodles I really think that this sense of entitlement is what’s caused our country to be where it is right now — everybody thinking that somebody owes them some shit. Noodles menu with prices I’ve made Champagne from lemonade. Noodles and friends I’m a living example of the American dream. Noodles and company near me Period. Noodles and company nutrition data And I’m okay with losing, too, because I know that with every fucking hilltop there’s gonna be a valley.