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With “many of the families that stumble into the second generation and then fail,” said John A. Homemade pasta sauce simple Davis, a Harvard Business School professor, “you’ll see a pattern where the second generation wasn’t developed well and the first generation stayed on too long and didn’t let the next generation take the reins or experiment.”

More than three million family-owned businesses in the United States face the issue of how to beat the odds. White sauce recipe for pasta easy The three critical goals for such companies are to bring on board and train the next generation, plan for succession and let go when the time is right. Homemade pasta sauce from canned tomatoes Photo

Natalie Sexton, left, always knew that she wanted to succeed her mother, Marygrace Sexton, right, in leading their family-owned business, Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company.

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For the Sextons, identifying who would lead the next generation was easy. Homemade tomato pasta sauce fresh tomatoes The company was named after Ms. Homemade tomato sauce pasta Sexton, who always knew she wanted to follow her mother, though there were some sore points when Natalie was younger, Marygrace Sexton remembered.

Other children, however, have had to prove themselves to their parents before even being hired at the family firm, let alone taking the helm. Best homemade pasta sauce from scratch Suzanne Groth, whose family owns Groth Vineyards & Winery in Napa Valley, did not initially want to be involved in the business. Easy homemade spaghetti sauce for canning Everyone assumed her brother, who has an M.B.A., would take over. Homemade pasta sauce with olive oil But he wasn’t interested. Homemade white pasta sauce from scratch Photo

After working at the distributor for five years, she joined the vineyard as the regional sales manager. Rose sauce for pasta recipe Today, she is the vice president for sales and marketing at the 121-acre winery, which has 30 employees, and she is on track to become what the business calls its managing member.

More families are choosing their daughters over their sons, said Mr. Tomato pasta sauce with bacon Davis of Harvard, who is also founder of Cambridge Family Enterprise Group, a consulting and research firm. Sauce for pasta and meatballs “It’s still not at parity, but the playing field is much more level,” he said. Homemade red sauce for pasta “Families are becoming more talent-oriented.”

Frank Venegas Jr. Homemade pasta sauces from scratch has both a daughter, Linzie, and a son, Jesse, working at the Ideal Group, a Detroit manufacturing and construction services company he started in 1979 with $12,000 he earned selling a Cadillac Coupe DeVille that he won in a raffle. Homemade spaghetti sauce made from scratch Today, the Ideal Group employs 850 and has four divisions.

Ms. Homemade garlic sauce for pasta Venegas is the vice president for marketing, finance and human resources, while her brother runs one of the divisions. Homemade fresh tomato pasta sauce recipe But which one will lead the company is still not known.

In the meantime, he has begun transferring stock to his children and putting an official succession plan into place to clarify roles and titles. Making a sauce for pasta He is now the chairman and his brother Loren is president, acting as a bridge to the next generation.

“I always hated all of those titles,” he said. Easy homemade spaghetti meat sauce recipe “They don’t mean anything. Recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce from scratch But they really do in a transition phase because if you don’t have a place to write in what everyone is supposed to do, it gets real shady.”

Such formal succession planning, however, is not that common among family enterprises. Making pasta sauce from scratch The latest PricewaterhouseCoopers Family Business Survey, published last year, found that almost three-quarters of family businesses do not have a succession plan for senior roles and that half of the founders stay involved “longer than is optimum.” Addressing what the report called the “sticky baton syndrome,” when the founder is not willing to let go even when it’s time, is perhaps the most difficult conversation among family members.

“With a founder generation struggling to let go, we often see them hand over the title, but they don’t really give over the control or the leadership,” said Jonathan Flack, a partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers and leader of its family business services in the United States.

“You have to be able to talk about the business issues and confront issues when they exist,” Mr. Tomato pasta sauce slimming world Davis said. Homemade tomato and chilli pasta sauce “You need to have leadership and parenting to be able to keep this thing going.”

To avoid family conflicts, the Groth family created the title of managing member to identify the person responsible for making final decisions for the business. Easy homemade tomato sauce for pasta Dennis Groth now holds that title, and Suzanne Groth is learning how to make her proposals to him for changes.

“My father has always planned everything on a spreadsheet,” she said. Homemade pasta sauce with canned tomatoes “So if I want my father to bite down on something, I get him to look at the numbers.”

When she wants the support of her mother, Judy, she changes her approach. The best homemade pasta sauce “With my mother, it’s best if it’s her idea,” she said. Homemade pasta sauce from scratch “I plant the seed and hope it grows.”

Ms. Easy homemade spaghetti sauce using fresh tomatoes Groth is trying to persuade them to adopt screw cap bottles instead of using corks. Homemade pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes But her mother associates them with low-cost fortified wines. Easy homemade pasta sauce with canned tomatoes “She remembers when Thunderbird would be left on the street by the bums,” Ms. Recipe for homemade pasta sauce from scratch Groth said. Easy homemade tomato pasta sauce “That’s not the wine she’s making. White sauce recipe for pasta in hindi So I have to ultimately respect the people who are running the business.”

Even at small operations, the division of labor is critical. Homemade sauce for pasta Sweet Potato Sensations, a bakery in Detroit with 15 employees, ensures that each family member stays in a “lane of expertise.” Espy Thomas is the Queen of Awesomeness, responsible for all customer-related duties , such as social media and branding. Homemade spaghetti sauce recipe easy Her sister, Jennifer, the Master Product Formulator, develops recipes for the various products, which include sweet potato pie, cake, ice cream and waffles. Easy homemade pasta sauce olive oil Photo