London’s first naked restaurant bunyadi reviewed by the mailonline _ daily mail online

Once in my robe I slink into the dark, labyrinth like restaurant. Egg and avocado toast While I – the exhibitionist – am expecting an open and lit space, the layout of the restaurant evokes a cocooning and soothing atmosphere thanks to the private dining booths, encircled by bamboo.

I dined with a female companion (trust me, there is nothing more depressing than failing to get a date when a precursor of the night is that you will be naked) and the experience felt a lot like the relaxed spa experiences I’m used to with my female friends.

While I can’t imagine two blokes, however much the best of friends they may be, stripping off to enjoy Tartare together, nudity among female friends feels natural.

The first rule of Bunyadi states: ‘No indecency or nuisance or any sexual activity of any kind is allowed. Egg and avocado for breakfast Guests who don’t follow this rule will be escorted out immediately’

When I informed people I would be eating at a naked restaurant – which has 46,000 people on the waiting list – the universal response was ‘why?’

But they have clearly underestimated the indomitable power of fad in London. Avocado deviled eggs recipe paleo It’s a place where the creator of Bunyadi – which essentially means natural – built such a hype around his Owl Cafe that 80,000 people signed up to drink hipster coffee blends in a warehouse in the presence of predatory birds.

On entering Bunyadi, which looks from the outside like a derelict pub with boarded up windows, it feels as though you have walked into the illicit layer of a Bond villain.

After passing the bouncer at the door of the secret London venue, you are greeted by beautiful male staff in white robes, Lyall’s PR army of young men who made me immediately realise I was not ‘summer ready’.

Then there are the glamorous bar staff – also all male – who serve up cocktails with basil, egg and avocado, which set the premise for the evening. Avocado and egg salad recipe Because gorging on a five-course menu with your stomach – and a lot more – hanging out suddenly seems much more appealing after cocktails and clay chalices filled with organic wine.

After de-robing in a tiny, seedy room full of lockers next to the bar, my partner and I walked out out feeling like Roman aristocrats – everyone in white robes and sandals, sipping natural beverages from clay cups.

After hearing about the restaurant, she sought them out for work. Avocado and egg microwave And yes, it pays better than the average student bar job, she said. There was also a young waiter, serving other tables, who wore nothing but tattoos and a fig leaf.

The space is lit only by a few dim candles and music plays quietly in the background. Avocado and egg hair mask Through the cracks in the bamboo you can see the silhouettes of other dining parties.

People stroll around the dark corridors baring all unashamedly but you don’t dare glance for more than a moment for fear of breaking etiquette in an atmosphere that breaks convention.

Stripping off to eat your dinner seems like an odd thing to do, but when sat on a wooden log in the private booth, surrounded by bamboo and being served by semi-naked waitresses, suddenly it seems almost impolite not to – even if it is optional.

If you’re male and go with your partner, you can certainly enjoy a certain nakedness inequality, with the table protecting your privacy. Avocado and egg diet Although you will feel an understandable twinge of awkwardness when in an an enclosed space with two naked women, one of which is not your partner.

It’s an impossible balance to strike that I may have pulled off, until I smashed a glass and found the waitress sweeping up inches away from my naked…feet, my girlfriend staring at me intensely and shaking her head.

It was a moment of awkwardness only rivaled by the moment I met Emily earlier in the evening, who had not been told I was coming to gatecrash her naked photoshoot.

However fun a concept Bunyadi is, I think most people would agree it is not the sort of place you would want to meet a colleague, and will not be a favourite for staff parties. Poached egg and avocado But I may be wrong.

After the glass incident – and I will no doubt be reminded of ‘glassgate’ for weeks to come – the food arrived, and in total honesty it was less memorable than the cocktails.

The sushi-grade salmon to start was a highlight, and the beef carpaccio which followed was good, but it is far from man-dining and had I not had a healthy dose of body-shaming, I might have stopped off for a take-away on the way home.

There was a lot of pickles and salt, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Baked avocado egg microwave Even the chef admitted it had been difficult to come up with a menu that fitted with the concept.