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Don’t we all need a break from the stress of science projects at school or cash-flow issues at work? Well why not try learning some of these new skills over the weekend?

Learn some basic cooking or baking skills so you can help out in the kitchen at family gatherings. Noodles phone number Or, you could wow your friends by showing off just how delicious your Moroccan lamb stew is compared to their Indomie cup noodles. Noodles and company number After all, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.

Indonesia Patisserie School: From basic baking to butter cream icing courses, cooking to artisan bread-making classes, this school has long been known to offer solid foundational courses to introduce anyone to the culinary world. Noodles and company kenosha The course schedules are very flexible and very accommodating to the budget conscious.

Jakarta Culinary Center: Considered one of the favorite culinary institutions in Jakarta, the Jakarta Culinary Centre will introduce you to knowledge in Asian, European and even Mediterranean cuisine as well as intensive hands-on learning. Noodles and company jobs However, for those whose schedule overflows with other commitments, you might want to clear some room if you’re planning to take a course with JCC, since their shortest program is five-Saturdays long.

When looking for our daily dose of caffeine, half of us consider the quality of the coffee while the other half look for the aesthetic appeal of the latte art. Noodles and company uptown But who wouldn’t want to master the best of both worlds? Joining a barista course will give you a better understanding of the world of coffee and teach you to use the coffee cup as your canvas.

Esperto Barista Course: Their courses are held on the 2nd and 4th week of each month and students are given individual equipment to be used throughout the course. Noodles restaurant locations After each lecture and demonstration, baristas-in-training are expected to practice their knowledge immediately, which later culminates in a written and practical examination at the end of the course.

ABCD School of Coffee: This school is set to lead you step by step into becoming a masterful barista. Noodles and company 96th street Their courses are all one-day session, and you don’t have to take all the classes to learn specific skills. Noodles house menu dubai However, note that there is a 6-person per class limit. Noodles and company wifi If you’re pressed for time and prefer the courses segmented into different parts, then this is the workshop for you.

Who doesn’t love flowers? Even the mere fragrance of flowers would make you subconsciously smile. Noodles and company appetizers Unfortunately, simple centerpieces can be quite pricey and sometimes, the florist’s arrangement doesn’t match what you had in mind. Noodles and company birthday Well, these boutiques now offer you the option to learn basic flower arrangement so that you can start doing them on your own.

Hana Flower Boutique: Their classes offer probably the widest range of flower arrangements, from box flowers to round jar centerpieces. Noodles and company salary Students learn how to cater to a diverse selection of moods and occasions, from rustic to romantic arrangements.

Jakarta Flower Workshop: Their floral academy’s courses are seemingly held more frequently than other workshops. Company noodles However, their workshop classes are relatively shorter compared to other workshops, which means that you need to devote your complete attention to absorb as much of the lesson as possible.

Petalé Flowers: Their 8-student/class policy ensures that each participant is given complete attention and guidance to refine their arrangement skills.

Decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering has experienced increasing popularity over the past few years. How do they make noodles By the time you’re done with the basic calligraphy workshop, you’ll be addicted to sending notes to your family and friends—no matter how short or how simple—just to have and excuse to display your smooth, effortless penmanship.

CforCalligraphy: Author of Everyday Calligraphy Chia Tjong hosts workshops for calligraphers of all levels. Yamamori noodles menu Gather a few interested friends and schedule a workshop for the whole group, or look out for any of her scheduled workshops and pen meets.

Calligraphy by Dian Trisna: Another Jakarta-based calligrapher, Dian Trisna accepts workshop requests as well as commission work. Noodles and company louisville co For those who don’t like to attend workshops with too many people though, you might need to request a smaller, private session. Restaurant noodles (sab/kes)