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Compliance — whether it be for financial services, online education, pharmaceutical products or any of the dozens of other issues the government has decided to regulated — is one of the biggest issues facing companies today.

Companies are responsible for how their products and services are represented and packaged to the public, even if it is being done by a third party, such as being served to a website or discussed by a representative in a call center.

Alex Baydin, the firm’s founder and CEO, said its PerformMatch SaaS (soft-ware as a service) platform gives compliance departments the ability to monitor all product mentions — and do it in real time. Best spaghetti sauce in the world No matter the size of the company.

“We have over 29 billion compliance observations in our database,” he said. Best italian spaghetti meat sauce recipe “We score about 50 million compliance observations a day. Italian spaghetti meat sauce recipe The scale is massive.”

“Compliance is a man and machine problem,” he said. Spaghetti in meat sauce “Our goal is to be the machine aspect of it. Spaghetti with sauce People who need to make business decisions need to have quality data in real time to make those decisions.”

Baydin is equally impressed by PerformLine’s ability to keep its major customers, such as Quicken Loans, Barclays credit cards, Equifax, Experian, OnDeck Capital, Laureate Education and 2U.

“We’re profitable, which is pretty unique for software companies,” he said. Authentic italian spaghetti sauce recipe “And we have a client churn of less than 5 percent, which is terrific.”

In basic terms, the company helped advertisers understand where their ads were being viewed — since so many are now served to third-party websites.

It was a crowded market with limited revenue opportunities. Recipe for spaghetti sauce from scratch And while Baydin wasn’t necessarily looking to jump out of it, comments from his clients convinced him there was a better field: compliance.

“PerformMatch brings marketers from any industry a cutting-edge compliance solution that features full workflow capabilities, real-time analytics, remediation and monitoring across any channel to ensure regulatory, brand and TCPA compliance,” Baydin said, referring to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Marketing compliance — which is a fancy way of saying that companies need to represent their products and services fairly and accurately — always has been a big part of business. Spaghetti sauce from scratch recipe easy But its importance grew exponentially following the financial meltdown of 2008.

For instance, they must ensure any warnings or disclaimers appearing in an ad actually appear. Ingredients for homemade spaghetti sauce That sounds easy, but Baydin said you would be surprised how many digital ads get shaved or clipped in size to fit into an ad box that may not be proportionate to the ad delivered.

Companies also need to make sure that copy that surrounds the ads on a digital site does not mispresent the product or service. Homemade spaghetti sauce recipe easy The advent of blog-style copywriting — which can be heavy on opinion and light on facts — has made this a bigger issue.

Companies rely on third-party call centers to help sell their products and services. Recipe of spaghetti sauce And companies must be sure each speaker is accurate in their descriptions and disclaimers.

“Any space that’s regulated by the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) … is big for us,” CEO Alex Baydin said. Sauce spaghetti cuisine futee “It’s credit card issuers, all these new alternative lending companies, debt collection and settlement, student loans, pretty soon auto lenders, credit monitoring.”

Baydin is eager to enter the pharma market. Easy spaghetti meat sauce recipe But even though PerformLine has seen amazing growth, Baydin says the company will not move too quickly.

“We haven’t really gone there yet because I’m a nail-it-before-you-scale-it type of guy,” he said. Simple spaghetti sauce recipe “But it makes a lot of sense for us. How to make a good spaghetti sauce It’s just a timing question for us. Spaghetti bolognese sauce recipe jamie oliver We say no to pharma right now, but I think by the end of the year we’ll probably be doing that.”

“If you’re a finance company, you are regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which came out of financial meltdown, when they issued rules and guidance in deceptive advertising tactics,” Baydin said.

“If you mention an APR, you must also show an interest rate. Homemade spaghetti sauce to can Mortgage companies have to follow the mortgage advertising best practices or Truth in Lending Act.”

“The Department of Education is really concerned about deceptive tactics about the value of an online degree,” Baydin said. Homemade spaghetti sauce with italian sausage “And then there’s pharma. Best spaghetti sauce for lasagna Every pharma ad you see is fair balance and safety information.

“Our technology solves through that, programmatically. Tomato sauce spaghetti sauce Without a lawyer having to listen to an ad or read an ad, we can determine if there is fair balance on the pixels, is there fair balance on the page space, are there any banned terms or all of the needed disclosures present? We can do that (for) almost on any type of asset.” # # #

“The compliance game is really giving enterprise companies the help they need to get started because it’s overwhelming,” Baydin said. How to make pasta sauce at home “(Companies) get a 900-page document from a regulatory agency with all the new rules about advertising and say, ‘What do we do about that?’ We help them get the ball rolling.”

“A company comes up with a media plan and they’ll ask us to make sure that all of the stuff we know is compliant remains compliant when all of these third parties touch it,” he said. Best meat sauce recipe for spaghetti “They’ll say, ‘When all of these call centers have people answering the phone, I need to understand what’s being said and make sure they don’t say anything that’s counter to what has been approved. Spaghetti sauce with cream cheese We’re working with a publishing network that’s buying display ads, we need to make sure the ads haven’t changed.’”

Baydin is quick to note, these different third parties have incentives to drive performance — often compromising compliance. How do you make homemade spaghetti sauce That’s where PerformLine comes in.

“In our platform, there’s a rule engine with banned language: Here are 500 things that should never be said, either exact match or broad match,” he said. How to make delicious spaghetti sauce “And any time one of these violations is found — it could be an ad, it could be a blog post, it could be audio transcript — there must be this disclaimer.”

The platform is able to pick up key phrases, either in print or audio, and then can be programmed to alert clients whether a proper follow-up phrase or disclaimer is used. Homemade spaghetti sauce with diced tomatoes If it’s not, the client is notified.

“We’ll give all the managers and the compliance team a dashboard so they can see in near real time anytime something is missed, who missed it and how often they missed it. Spaghetti sauce giada And then, we even give you workflow tools so you can send those calls to the manager on the floor and say, ‘Here are seven instances where this person missed it, here’s the bookmark in the 40-minute call where they should have said it and they didn’t — please train them up or move them out.’ ”

“Maybe ‘Hannah in New Hampshire’ goes off script or neglects to read some proper disclaimer, or maybe Hannah is having a bad day and she swears or she’s frustrated with the callers,” Baydin said. Sauce spaghetti en pot masson “All of that are things we can extract from the data and report back to the company so they can make better decisions, both from a compliance perspective and an agent performance perspective.”

“Citibank just paid a $700 million fine because their third-party call centers were not disclosing to the consumers that there was a charge for add-on fees like credit monitoring and fraud protection,” he said. Spaghetti sauce del monte “That’s the perfect use case for us.”

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently made all of its complaints public. Ingredients for spaghetti sauce Baydin said they made a case for his platform in the process.

“If a company has over 2,000 complaints, the likelihood of being fined by the CFPB goes from 6 percent to 58 percent,” he said. Best spaghetti with meat sauce “If they received over 10,000 complaints, the size of that average fine went up to about $700 million. Easy spaghetti sauce with ground beef That’s a great piece of information for decision makers to take back and a great way for us to show that we are thought leaders.

So, if you’re thinking this monitoring company is a modern-day sweatshop of people glued to monitors, think again. Sauce spaghetti ricardo But if you think this technology is a job killer, you’d also be wrong.

Baydin, who proudly boasts the company averaged hiring a new employee every month in 2015 and figures to do the same this year, says his now 30-person firm is a job creator.

“We make (compliance teams) more efficient,” he said. Italian spaghetti sauce recipe from scratch “It’s a huge problem and it requires technology to solve it at scale, so not only are we helping them mitigate risk by finding the issue, but people whose job it is to monitor and remediate, we gave them a SaaS dashboard to make their lives easier. Spaghetti sauce without tomato We’ll say, ‘There were 1,000 instances where your ad was served today — these 200 have a potential issue. Amazing spaghetti sauce Here’s a screenshot, here’s what the issue is, now you decide what you want to do about it.’

“We’re not taking jobs away from people. Spaghetti sauce receipe Monitoring is not a very sexy job, so what we’re saying to the head of compliance is, ‘Your counterparts (in marketing, accounting and elsewhere) are using tools so they can get real-time analytics. How to make homemade spaghetti sauce What are you using? You’re using Excel and Outlook and you have a team of analysts. Easy delicious spaghetti sauce We’re going to give you the Web platform for you to do your day-to-day job in a much better way.’

“We like to think the product is delightful, fun and easy to use, and it will enable you to be hyper-efficient. Making homemade spaghetti sauce You can mitigate more risk because you can have eyes on more potential issues.”

“We’re really bullish on New Jersey,” he said. Spaghetti sauce uses “We’ve really found a team of allstars in New Jersey and we think this is a really interesting play for folks who may be looking for a little work-life balance and a better commute. Spaghetti recipes without sauce A couple of our key people actually returned our call and they were over-the-moon surprised that there is a fast-paced, cutting-edge technology company in Jersey that feels and acts a lot like a Silicon Valley startup.”

Baydin said he has a robust intern program, which has led to many hires, including a handful from both Rutgers and Princeton universities. How to make a spaghetti sauce He has also had success at Fairleigh Dickinson and Drew universities and would like to begin working with New Jersey Institute of Technology and Stevens Institute of Technology.

“It’s nice if they have some expertise in what we’re hiring for, but we look more for stage fit — folks who have worked in fast-growth companies, people who understand you are going to wear different hats here. How to make spaghetti sauce with tomato paste We’re hiring a lot this year in sales and marketing and development and engineering.”

“I don’t want people getting in their cars for lunch, so we’re going to stay in walking distance to South Street because it’s so important to our culture to be able to go out for beers after work or have a meeting at Starbucks,” he said. Spaghetti sauce over rice “It’s critical.”