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What kept me sane during my tour of duty in Afghanistan were the rare occasions when we could forgo what was offered at the camp dining facility (or DFAC in military parlance) because we were able to get our hands on some locally prepared food.

While it was basic stuff, mostly bread and rice with grilled kebabs and stewed vegetables, I found the flavors plentiful and satisfying. Crispy chicken fingers recipe fried The aromatic rice was often redolent of the stock it was cooked in and the grilled meat, usually chicken or lamb, blended charcoal smokiness with a deep, appetizing marinade. What goes good with chicken fingers Those meals were always a welcome respite from the monotonous swill being served at the DFAC.

On North Witchduck Road in Virginia Beach today, in the space that used to hold the Highlander restaurant, the recently opened Mazari Kebab and More restaurant is serving the same Afghan food that I experienced long ago.

The dining room is decoratively spare, with a scattering of open tables and a few traditional afghan rugs tacked on the wall. Shake and bake chicken fingers In a nod to Western expectations, I suppose, a small bar sits in the back of the room with a few beer taps and a handful of liquor bottles holding the promise of a few highball cocktails. What to eat with chicken fingers Loud, dueling televisions located opposite each other unfortunately detract from the atmosphere.

Your options on the no-frills menu are to pick either a kebab plate or a gyro sandwich. Sides for chicken fingers The kebab plate comes with a single skewer of grilled meat served over white or brown basmati rice, one piece of fluffy pita bread and two side orders of vegetables. Best fried chicken fingers recipe The gyro is served with your choice of meat wrapped in bread with house-made potato chips providing a crunchy supplement.

On our visit together, my wife chose the lamb gyro with an a la carte order of Afghan salad on the side. Kids chicken fingers The gyro came with tomatoes and onions and was dressed with a tangy blend of mayo, vinegar and dried mint drizzled across the top.

The salad is a refreshing, palate-cleansing mix of mostly cucumber and tomato with a hit of the same dressing as on the gyro. Crispy oven chicken fingers Everything disappeared quickly except for the house-made chips, which became unappetizing the moment they cooled from the fryer.

My choice was to go with the chicken kebab plate with sides of potatoes and chickpeas. How to make chicken fingers from scratch The marinated chicken remained succulent and tender despite the blistering heat of the grill and while the potatoes and chickpeas were tasty enough on their own, I found they were too much when combined with the heaping mound of rice and pita they were served with. Recipe of chicken fingers I simply couldn’t finish it all.

On an ensuing solo visit, I chose eggplant and spinach as my sides as they are not nearly as bulky. Recipe for homemade chicken fingers The eggplant was flash-fried to soften the purple skin and then stewed with tomatoes and onions, a preparation I found agreeable even though I tend to dislike this particular vegetable. Recipes using chicken fingers The stewed spinach was texturally pleasant but went begging for some seasoning. How to make chicken fingers in oven Thankfully, my choice of lamb, along with the rice and pita bread, hit the delectable mark.

The desserts, however, are not recommended. How to make crispy chicken fingers We sampled a slice of the lemon cake that was tasty enough, but the chocolate frosting reminded me too much of the stuff that comes out of a Duncan Hines can. How to deep fry chicken fingers That is acceptable for home cooks but not paying customers in my book.

All in all, this little spot brought a smile to my face. Deep fried chicken fingers batter The aromas and flavors reminded me that as terrible as the world can be, there is always good to be found if you look hard enough.