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Many successful businesses are born out of someone’s personal experience — good or not so good — that solved a common problem or filled a need with a solid product or service.

Such was the case with Call it Yours Casseroles, which was launched just over three years ago by Nancy Prescott and Corie Greenblatt. Calories in a chicken parmesan sub The Columbus businesswomen, who met while serving on a local board, jumped into the enterprise with both pots and pans after deciding that time-strapped families needed an easier way to feed themselves.

Thus, their idea was to use some delicious recipes for casseroles, specialty dishes, breakfast items and sides, cook them up in their 5156 River Road kitchen and store, freeze the products, then sell the food to hungry customers stopping by to pick them up.

“Take it … Chicken and parmesan Bake it … Bread crumbs parmesan chicken Call it Yours” was the simple slogan used by Prescott, 56, and Greenblatt, 46, as they began their journey in September 2013.

What goes with parmesan chicken Amid plenty of hard work and hearty laughs from their humble mistakes along the way, the two have opened a second location in Peachtree City, Ga., added e-commerce sales across the U.S., and developed a plan to sell wholesale in small boutique food stores in the Southeast.

Needless to say, the food-loving Prescott and the sales-oriented Greenblatt have no desire to slow their pace at Call it Yours Casseroles. How to cook parmesan chicken Instead, they will continue testing their dishes on family members and friends and customers, while seeing just how far they can take the small business.

The Ledger-Enquirer visited with the women recently at their business, talking with them about their jobs of helping the masses in the area fill their stomachs with tasty, homestyle food. Parmesan chicken drumsticks This interview is edited for length and clarity.

A. Chicken parmesan recipe oven Nancy: We get to know our customers, too. Easy oven chicken parmesan Food is very personal and this is the kind of food that’s going home for a celebration or a new baby or a death or an illness, or just for your family dinner. How to prepare chicken parmesan What’s so wonderful is nothing is gourmet, it’s family dishes, comfort food, that we make just like I used to make in my kitchen, except we use bigger bowls.

A. Authentic chicken parmesan recipe Corie: Yes. The best parmesan chicken bake I’m a salesman by trade, and I can always sell a mama on: ‘We feel guilty saying grab something, get in the car, we’ve got to go.’ That’s especially before school, knowing that food makes the brain smarter in the mornings. Parmesan chicken cutlets I always talk to them about our breakfast things. Baked chicken parmesan recipe rachael ray You can even cook them ahead of time and the kids can still have a meal if they cook them in the microwave and get in the car.

A. Chicken parmesan ingredients Nancy: A lot of times our customers will buy enough so that they know they have leftovers, because they can take it to work the next day or have another meal. Chicken parmesan recipe italian That happens all the time.

A. Cheap chicken parmesan recipe Nancy: We are very particular about our meats. How to make chicken parmesan in oven They’re all hormone-free. How to make chicken parmesan sandwich We only have white meat chicken breast and it’s very high quality. How to make the best chicken parmesan If I wouldn’t feed it to my family, I wouldn’t expect you to feed it to yours. Chicken parmesan oven So the level of the quality is very important to us.

A. Chicken with parmesan Nancy: We actually were over-ambitious and at times have had even more on the menu than we have now. Chicken parmesan dip recipe And we do try to change things around seasonally. Chicken breast recipes parmesan There are some things you don’t mind eating in the middle of the winter that you wouldn’t want in our hot Georgia summers. Chicken parmesan recipes baked We also have things, though, that if we took off the menu we would go out of business because they’re popular all year round. Parmesan chicken tenders recipe There’s even a difference between our Peachtree City location and here. Chicken parmesan recipe pioneer woman Some of the top sellers up there, all the time, would be chicken pot pie. Sides to serve with chicken parmesan For some reason they love it up there. Baked chicken cutlet parmesan Here, we see a decline in the hotter months. How to make chicken parmesan without eggs I’m not sure why, but that’s the way it goes.

A. Authentic chicken parmesan Corie: I’ll give you four of them. Chicken parmesan and spaghetti It would be lasagna, an all-time favorite for men because it’s filled with ground beef and Italian sausage. Recipe for baked chicken parmesan Men tend to like more hearty meat, something real filling, and it has that Italian sausage kick to it. Parmesan chicken lasagna Hands down, women are going to choose the chicken tetrazzini, especially if they’re having bridge or bunco or any kind of group functions. How to make chicken parmesan in the oven I would say the pot pie is very popular during most of the fall and winter months. Mayo and parmesan chicken And poppy seed chicken is going to be a favorite for kids and parents.

A. Italian parmesan chicken Nancy: It’s chicken in a cream sauce with a buttery cracker-crumb topping. Chicken parmesan recip You just really can’t wrong, and you can eat it with some bread. Chicken parmesan recipe baked easy We also have the same thing (in another dish), but with pasta in it. Chicken recipes with parmesan cheese We will have some holiday items that we will only have between the end of October and January.

A. Chicken parmesan recipe olive garden Corie: We do a ton of Thanksgiving business. What do you eat with chicken parmesan We don’t do the bird, the turkey. Easy chicken parmesan recipes We call it the feast without the feathers. Vegetarian chicken parmesan recipe We do everything else for your holiday meal, even down to the yeast rolls and things.

A. Homemade chicken parmesan sauce Nancy: We’ve already started. Parmesan chicken soup Our head cook and the kitchen’s been running non-stop. How long do you cook chicken parmesan Everything we sell is by net weight, and we seal it and shrink wrap it and freeze it. Amazing chicken parmesan recipe When we’re making something, we immediately start the freezing process. Chicken parmesan przepis So it’s freshly made and then quickly frozen.

A. Chicken parmesan dinner Nancy: For me, every holiday has a food associated with it. Easy chicken parmesan casserole When you think about growing up, there are certain things that occur, and all of my fond memories happened around a table or near one. The best chicken parmesan recipe So it’s something’s that has been important to me.

A. Quick chicken parmesan Nancy: I have a corporate background. Chicken parmesan recipe oven baked I did business and executive development. Vegan chicken parmesan recipe She’s an outside salesperson. Recipe chicken parmesan The two of us together have an interesting business perspective. Chicken parmesan dishes She’s really interested in convenience, as we all are, but the food and the quality of it is very important to me because I enjoy it so much. Chicken recipes parmesan Corie is one of the few people that I know who eats because she has to.

A. Parmesan chicken roll ups Corie: Not all all. Pictures of chicken parmesan We have two locations, and our shipping nationwide is growing like crazy. Parmesan chicken pasta bake Of course, you’ve got to think about how you promote that. Chicken parmesan recipe easy quick That’s stuff that I do. Chicken parmesan hero recipe How do you promote yourself to get people in other states to know what you’re doing? I’ve been teaching myself e-commerce.

A. Chicken parmigiana recipe gordon ramsay Nancy: No, it’s a company store. Parmesan chicken pizza In order to franchise, you need to be able to run multiple locations and prove that it can be done. How to make chicken parmesan We’re doing that now. Parmesan crusted chicken without mayo We just don’t know how many more we want to actually run ourselves, because you can find that you’re getting away from your core customers and your core business. Best chicken parmesan recipe baked The way we’re looking to grow now is more about we’ll have customers in other cities, but they will be our retail partners instead of running an entire shop.

A. Chicken parmesan meal Corie: But we don’t want to get away from making our food by hand. Chicken parmesan with pasta When you see Call it Yours Casseroles, you know that it’s all made by hand.

A. Parmesan chicken mayonnaise Nancy: We really make it all by hand. Parmesan crusted chicken low carb It’s stirred by a human. Chicken parmesan recipe without breadcrumbs We have specific recipes to keep quality consistent, but we still have somebody going, hmmm, this doesn’t look just right. Chicken parmesan recipe giada Sometimes even the weather can influence something.

A. Chicken parmesan best recipe Nancy: Everything we ever do, we sample batch it, and then we test it. Food network chicken parmesan Like I’ll do a small batch of something and see if we like it and go, hmmm, that’s good, or it could be let’s add this to it or that. Parmesan chicken salad Then we have to make sure you can freeze it and it tastes like you just made it when you heat it back up. Make parmesan chicken I’ll give you an example. What is a chicken parmesan We get asked for this every once in a while and its Country Captain. Chicken parmesan italian You’ve heard of the Columbus dish with tomato sauce and curry and fried chicken. Parmesan chicken manicotti I cannot (develop) one that I would sell because I can’t make the chicken still taste crispy after it has been frozen. Easy bake chicken parmesan That’s a personal standard of ours. How to make chicken parmesan baked It just begins to taste soggy to me versus when you’ve freshly made it.

A. Chicken parmesan in oven recipe Corie: The same thing with an eggplant parmesan dish we did. Parmesan chicken breast recipes We tried it and it was mushy. Easy parmesan chicken bake One of the last things we just added came from my child, who’s a foodie and asked one day: What do you have new? I went to the freezer and took out our triple mac and cheese, which is to die for. Recipe for chicken cutlet parmesan And we have our buffalo chicken wing dip, which is also good. Parmesan chicken pasta ruby tuesday I thawed them out and put them in a bowl and mixed them together and he came in there and tried some. Baked chicken parmesan recipe easy Oh my gosh, my family went crazy over it, and I brought it into the shop.

A. Pan fried chicken parmesan Corie: I love the customers. Parmesan chicken legs I’ve got one, a man, who every time he gets in an argument with his wife he comes in and buys food. Chicken breast parmesan recipe So the funny thing is I have his wife’s cellphone number now and so I’ll text her: Isn’t it time for y’all to argue? And she’ll say, it is. Parmesan crusted chicken baked I think I need this and this and this. Crispy chicken parmesan (laughs)

A. Parmesan crusted chicken longhorn calories Nancy: Our customers, the people, really are quite amazing. Chicken parmesan zucchini boats We’ve made good friends with some of our customers. Great chicken parmesan recipe We did not know them before this and only knew them from coming in here.

A. Chicken parmesan recipe baked Corie: There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t believe in our products, and that other people need this service. Parmesan crusted chicken tgi fridays You know it’s a good thing. Parmesan crusted chicken with mayo You know that people enjoy it.

A. Parmesan chicken mayo Nancy: Oh, yeah. Fried chicken parmesan recipes We have vendors who all of a sudden can’t get a supply of something in. How to make easy chicken parmesan Like last year, there was a squash shortage. Easy chicken parmesan bake Whoever thought we would be worried about squash. How to bake chicken parmesan That’s the kind of humor that we come up with. Parmesan crusted chicken weight watchers Right now, there’s a particular bean we use for green bean casserole and all of a sudden that’s an issue. Best way to make chicken parmesan It’s like, who knew? We’ve learned to start enough in advance to make sure we’ve got everything.

A. What sauce to use for chicken parmesan Corie: Nobody bothered to give us heads up on that until they were out of squash. Parmesan chicken bundles It was a crisis. Chicken parmesan from scratch And we do just have to laugh about the fact that we’re chasing green beans all over town.

A. Easy chicken parmesan sandwich Corie: You don’t know a business until you do it yourself. Chicken parmesan recipe rachael ray You have to be involved in every aspect of it. Quick and easy chicken parmesan So if somebody comes in here and they have some brilliant idea, we generally laugh because it’s not like we already haven’t tried it 18 different ways and finally, go, heck, this is actually working. Grilled chicken parmesan Our failures have been the best thing to happen to us, I would say. Parmesan chicken kfc Now it would be nice if the failures didn’t cost money.

A. Chicken parmesan recipe without eggs Nancy: There’s something very satisfying about watching an idea grow and really doing something about it. How to make a chicken parmesan sandwich There are hundreds of ideas that Corie has or I have. Italian parmesan chicken recipe But this is one that we actually put some action behind. Easy chicken parmesan I have learned so much not only about myself and the business, but I don’t know that I’ve ever truly respected the small business person in terms of what it takes to start and open a business. Parmesan chicken with pasta It’s huge. Chicken parmesan without egg My hat’s off to these people who run these restaurants, because I don’t know how they do it. Parmesan crusted chicken mayo I’ve learned a lot, and I’m happy that I get to continue to learn.