New food vendors flock to summertime by george! event

Among the new vendors is African Yen (previously known as E-Latob), a catering company started by Nigerian immigrant Oluwatoyin Adetunji. Parmesan crusted chicken pasta Adetunji has had her food service license for three months, but she has been cooking her whole life.

“I grew up with the family business in Africa,” says Adetunji.

Chicken parmesan easy quick “My mom is a chef, and my dad was also very involved. Pan fried chicken parmesan recipe The business of cooking has been in my family for 20 or 30 years.”

Adetunji’s mother, Kemi Adeyemi, helps out with the catering business and is also the source of many of African Yen’s signature recipes. Chicken parmesan italian bread crumbs Among the dishes they will serve at Summertime by George! are jollof rice, a flavorful tomato-based rice; curry chicken, which Adetunji says is unique compared to the Indian or American curry many are familiar with; and puff-puffs, a sweet fried-dough treat.

“Food has a way of bringing us together,” says Adetunji while chopping colorful peppers to garnish a dish filled to the brim with fluffy rice, fried plantains and braised beef. Adetunji is particularly dedicated to capturing the genuine flavors of her home country by using spices and flavors that are hard to get here in Central Minnesota.

“It brings the originality and authenticity out in the food,” she says, citing African curry and bay leaves as unique flavors in her food. Parmesan crusted chicken with sauce Adetunji also has begun using two local gardens for organic, sustainable ingredients.

Emmanuel Oppong, community engagement coordinator to the mayor’s office, stopped by Adetunji’s kitchen in the St. Best chicken parmesan recipe Cloud north New York Gyro location to offer words of encouragement.

“One of the things the city looks out for is diverse participation,” says Oppong. What goes good with chicken parmesan “I personally helped Oluwatoyin navigate the process, and we are proud to get her registered.”

As a representative of the mayor’s office, Oppong was enthusiastic about Adetunji’s success story. Simple parmesan chicken “This is what the mayor seeks to promote. Chicken parmesan simple recipe We want people everywhere to know that the processes of getting licensed or being cleared by the health inspector are not that frustrating, and we are looking to make it an easy, smooth process for all. Chicken parmesan without cheese It can be done, and we can help you.”

Oppong went on to praise Adetunji’s food for its authenticity. He believes the cuisine Adetunji serves is an example of harmony between African cuisine and Minnesotan ingredients. Oppong hopes that people from all walks of life will come out and try African Yen at the Summertime by George! series.

“It’s not just going to benefit the African population here,” says Oppong. Baked chicken parmesan pasta “St. Best parmesan chicken Cloud as a whole can benefit from having African cuisine locally.”

“Some people believe African food is very spicy, but we have (spice) for everyone’s tastes.” The food served at African Yen is also pork free, which is notable for those with religious or dietary restrictions. Chicken parmesan with pasta recipe Finally, Adetunji hopes that everyone will come with an open mind. Chicken parmesan over spaghetti “Sample! Sample, so you can see how it tastes. Parmesan chicken no breadcrumbs I want you to be able to try it, and then, I promise you will come back!” Adetunji says with a laugh.

Adetunji hopes to have a storefront by the end of the year. Easy oven baked chicken parmesan But ambitions aside, the great joy in cooking for Adetunji is feeding people, including newbies to African cuisine and immigrants alike.

“Some of the feedback we’ve received from the African community has been, ‘Wow, I’m back there in Africa!’ ” says Adetunji with a warm smile.

Along with African Yen’s offerings, here is a complete list of the 10 new vendors that will be providing Summertime by George! with sweet and savory snacks this season:

African Yen will be serving a variety of African foods particular to Nigerian culture and cuisine, including grilled chicken and goat meat served with either fried rice or jollof rice, a spicy tomato-based rice. Best cheese for chicken parmesan African Yen will also serve meat and sausage pies and puff-puffs, a Nigerian twist on deep-fried doughnut holes rolled in sugar, cinnamon or nutmeg.

Dustin’s Delightful Delectables will be offering English toffee featuring Dustin’s grandfather’s recipe. How to bread chicken parmesan A variety of flavors will be available, including toffees with walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and coconut.

Grizzly’s Wood Fired Grill will feature selections like spicy rotisserie chicken sandwiches and fried pickles. What sides to make with chicken parmesan They will also be selling their Grizzly’s Ginga seasonings and rubs with flavors like habañero, jalapeño, and salt and vinegar.

Happy Hut Concessions will be selling their inventive grilled cheese sandwiches with combos like Muenster and green olives, bacon and cheddar, and havarti and dill pickle. Baked chicken parmesan pasta casserole The sandwiches will be sold with tomato soup shooters.

Jimmy Z’s will bring Italy to Lake George with their Italian-style Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, porketta sandwiches, meatball subs and Parmesan garlic fries. Best parmesan chicken recipe They will also offer Italian lemon ice smoothies.

Place of Hope will be offering frozen chocolate-covered bananas, topped with nuts, sprinkles and chopped candy bits, as well as chocolate-dipped strawberries.

You Say Potato encourages guests to try a taco tater or a bacon and cheddar spud from their stand, which will offer baked potatoes with a wide variety of toppings.

Summertime by George! is a free concert and festival offered every Wednesday beginning on June 15 and coming to a close on Aug. 31. Chicken parmesan and pasta Festivities begin at 5 p.m. and end at 9 p.m., with live music beginning at 6:30 p.m.