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It will run for 10 weeks throughout the summer and feature a British diner, a Jamaican beach bar, nightly DJs and a raised sun deck along with a host of food and drink stalls.

Food shacks will include jerk from Rudie’s, creative dishes inspired by British ingredients from Nanny Bill’s, burgers and more courtesy of Lucky Chip, pizzas from Slice Guys, wings and more from Wingmans, and all things egg-ilicous from The Good Egg.

That’s on top of four bars. Poached egg and avocado on toast The Lazy Flamingo Bar will return, serving pink pina coladas, spiced mojitos and watermelon sherbet daiquiris. Avocado and egg hair treatment The Coco’s Rum Shack will offer spiked coconuts, coconut based cocktails and the straight-up coconut water.

Avocado and egg sandwich recipes ENTER.Sake will offer a hefty selection of Japanese sake. Avocado and egg breakfast recipes And the Singha Discovery Bar will serve the namesake Thai beer along with Thai street food snacks.

The steam rising from bubbling pans of creamy coconut beef almost obscures Rebecca Lloyd-Wright’s joyously bright stand and adorable bird logo: before it went extinct, the dodo was indigenous to Mauritius, where her stews also hail from. Avocado egg yolk honey hair mask Not that House of Dodo is likely to go away anytime soon. Baked avocado with egg in the middle Lloyd-Wright quit her PR job last year and now serves the capital’s first and only Mauritian street food. Avocado and egg sandwich healthy The mark of her success is that she has the approval of Mauritian Londoners. Salad with avocado and egg If you are feeling hardcore, ask for an authentic helping of chilli.

The bearded, bike-wheeling and vintage-hatted of Hackney will happily queue for an hour to get their chopsticks on John Li’s sheng jian baos (pan-fried soup dumplings): squidgy dough parcels drowning in spice, filled with minced pork and crab and an intense umami soup that gushes into your mouth upon biting. Avocado and egg calories There’s even an Asian take on a scotch egg — the brunch dumpling is filled with homemade sage-and-onion sausage with a runny quail’s egg in the centre.

Put the buns away and celebrate beef it in all its perfectly pink, seared glory, simply sliced straight from the grill onto a pile of rosemary-salted fries. Egg in avocado recipe pinterest An escapee from the corporate rat race, Lily Bovey jacked in her old job at just 22 for the sake of steak — and the satisfaction of London palates. Egg and avocado toast Add some of the crisp courgette fries for one of your five a day and a nod to virtue.

The only thing that beats a great curry is a great curry wrapped snugly in a blanket of rich egg-glazed paratha. Egg and avocado for breakfast Kate de Lord and Jack Hogarth discovered kati rolls whilst travelling in India and became addicted. Avocado deviled eggs recipe paleo After months of experimenting, and the creation of an outrageous date ketchup, they’ve perfected the rolls over here: brilliant textures of soft masala chicken or paneer, crunchy onions and fresh tomato.

When it comes to Mexican food, tacos are great but the quesadilla can be even better. Avocado and egg salad recipe Especially Will Leigh and Josh Whiting’s artisan cheese-loaded beasts. Avocado and egg microwave Think melting smoked short rib with kimchi, blue cheese, and avocado dip which is the stuff of dreams. Avocado and egg hair mask They’ve even improved on the glory that is roast spuds: ramming them into a ’dilla with jalapenos, cheese, and Korean

Oysters for a hangover breakfast? It all makes sense once you neck one of Tom Browne’s stunning New Orleans-style molluscs, chargrilled until sizzlingly golden with a hearty dollop of garlic pecorino butter and hot sauce. Avocado and egg diet Then there’s the delicious clouds that are his beignets: impossibly light and crunchy pillowy doughnuts, drowning in icing sugar.

Eritrea does not have a street food scene — but Makda Harlow is so proud of the pungent, spicy flavours of her homeland that she and husband Jack decided to recreate them in London. Poached egg and avocado In Afro-tacos, rounds of crumpet-like injera flatbread (made of teff, the health addicts’ fave grain) replace traditional tortilla, meaning that all the juice from the musky zigni (paprika and chilli) pulled lamb and anise chicken soaks in until you’re left with a wonderfully meaty sponge of bread.

If you’ve ever crunched into Thai barbecue joint Smoking Goat’s spectacular fish sauce chicken wings, you’ll already be drooling at Seb Holmes’s feet. Baked avocado egg microwave The 25-year-old former head chef, who also cooked at the original Som Saa pop-up, has taken his Thai food to the streets: that means more of his incredible whisky sweet soy chicken, massive spicy king prawns and a revitalising papaya salad.

Baker Henry Hatton Brown’s madcap creations are a far cry from your average cheesy slice — he pimps his pizzas with toppings like ripe pear and gorgonzola, fig and prosciutto, and n’djua tempered with pickled turnip tops to take the edge off the heat. Avocado and egg breakfast ideas They are all layered up on a crisp, soggy-proof bottom that Mary Berry would be proud of. Avocado and egg salad sandwich What’s even more impressive is that it’s all made at what he claims is “probably the smallest pizzeria in the world”.

Moo off, beef — the hot meat in town is goat. Avocado and egg treatment for the hair When Nadia Stokes’s family lost everything in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus they had to live off their own land, and that meant eating a lot of kid goat. Avocado egg and olive oil hair mask Forty years later she and husband Nick have put her goaty expertise to excellent use. Avocado and egg for breakfast Slow-roast kid shoulder and heavily spiced goat kofta come in fluffy pita bread with a punchy Mediterranean salad to slice through the richness.