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Only a couple of growers in the U.S. Delicious baked pork chops have pawpaw patches larger than the 350-tree plot that Lehman and his wife, Barbara, operate in southeastern Vigo County. Stuffed pork chops recipes Most pawpaw trees — indigenous to North America and especially Indiana — grew primarily in the wild until the latter part of the 20th century. Stuffed pork chops baked Lehman started his crop in the 1990s, looking for a creative outlet after 35 years as the proprietor of a Motorola television service shop on North 16th Street in Terre Haute.

Lehman had no background as a pawpaw grower, but he wasn’t an agricultural novice. Recipes for pork chops in the crock pot He grew up on his family’s 100-acre farm near Berne, a town of 4,000 residents south of Fort Wayne.

They raised chickens, dairy cows and pigs, and used real horse power rather than engines in the fields during Jerry’s early boyhood years.

Smoking pork chops His grandfather told Jerry about pawpaws growing in the woods beside the farm, but he never gathered any.

Now 80 years old, Lehman is that guy. Grilled pork chops healthy He knows well the virtues, quirks and history of the pawpaw. Smothered pork chops food network He’s trekked around the nation and abroad, including journeys to the former Soviet Union and Russia, to share expertise on pawpaws, as well as persimmons (his farm also features about 1,000 trees bearing that delectable North American fruit). Baked pork chops gravy He’s spoken to growers and researchers from Indiana to Ithaca, N.Y.

“Jerry is like a worldwide expert,” said friend and fellow grower Mark Hildebrand, leaning on a three-legged fruit-picking ladder while visiting with Lehman. Hyvee stuffed pork chops “And he’s brought all that knowledge back [to the Wabash Valley]. How to cook pork loin chops It’s just lucky to have a local resource.”

Hildebrand launched his grove of pawpaw trees, as well as persimmon, on acreage along the Wabash River after hearing Lehman speak at a 2002 growers workshop in the Holiday Inn.

A quarter-century ago, Lehman had a mentor, too. Stuffed pork loin chops boneless Jim Claypool ran the planet’s largest persimmon-growing operation in St. Best recipe for baked pork chops Elmo, Ill., and Lehman heard about it through the Indiana Nut Growers Association. What to make out of pork chops So, in 1989, Lehman met Claypool, who also grew pawpaw trees and eventually wound up starting his own grove of those fruits.

Within a few years, Lehman had made a journey overseas with a U.S. How to make great pork chops farm contingent, had started growing his trees and had watched pawpaws gradually gain popularity. How to make pork chops in oven The internet transformed the fruit from a rare novelty into a prized and surprisingly nutritious gem. How hot to grill pork chops “With the advent of modern communications, the rest of the world is getting interested and demand is skyrocketing,” Lehman said.

“The use of Lehman’s pawpaws in our wood-aged sour ale program is part of a large commitment to sourcing indigenous and locally grown fruits in our beers,” Doug Dayhoff, Upland’s president, told the Tribune-Star in an email from Portland, Maine, where he was offering samples of the brewery’s sour ales at a Belgian beer invitational.

Any skeptics thinking pawpaws are just a backwoods oddity need to read Upland’s description of its pawpaw beer and its suggested food pairing for that sour ale. Baked pork chops and cream of mushroom soup “Expect a flavor of soft tropical fruits with mild lactic acid tanginess,” Upland says. Awesome pork chops “We recommend rosemary-rubbed pork chops and dark chocolate to join this beer with other fellow dining companions.”

Scientists call pawpaws the asimina triloba. Fry pork chops how long The Nature Conservancy, a land and water conservation group, says pawpaws stand as the lone North American temperate member of annonaceae (or custard apple) family of trees. Best way to do pork chops It grows wild in 26 states and Ontario, Canada, according to the conservancy. Healthy meals with pork chops Lewis and Clark lived on pawpaws, a favorite of the Native Americans, when the legendary explorers’ supplies ran low during their expedition across North America from 1804 to 1806.

Pawpaws contain high levels of vitamins A and C and potassium, and pack more protein than popular fruits such as apples, peaches and grapes, the conservancy reports. How to cook pork loin chops on stove And, a Purdue University researcher isolated a compound in pawpaws that has been shown to fight cancer cells.

With such a big upside, the pawpaw’s relative anonymity seems odd. How to cool pork chops Yet its marketability is tricky because of the fruit’s relatively short shelf life. The best baked pork chops It will spoil in several days if kept at room temperature, but stays ripe for three weeks if refrigerated.

In the Hoosier state, pawpaws are a mostly wild, but local food. Grilled pork chops bobby flay The climate perfectly suits the pawpaw, hence its nickname. Quick pork chops in the oven “Indiana is an excellent spot for them,” Lehman said.

The world has figured that out. Smothered pork chops tyler florence A tree nursery operator from Holland visited Lehman’s orchard on Labor Day weekend, which is the peak moment when pawpaws (and persimmons) reach ripeness. Perfect pan fried pork chops The trees, which live an average of 25 years, aren’t naturally found in Europe, but interest in growing pawpaws there has grown.

The Dutchman picked a prime year to tour Lehman’s farm. The warm, wet 2016 season has been “a good year,” Lehman said. How to cook pork chops so they are tender The orchard also features hand-developed styles of pawpaw trees — which growers elsewhere have given names (humbly agreed to by Lehman) such as “Jerry’s Big Girl” and “Lehman’s Delight.”

His success involves trial-and-error, patience and naturally good trees. Baked pork chops marinated in italian dressing “A lot of people say, ‘What’s your secret?’” Lehman said, shrugging his shoulders. Baked pork chops over rice “There is no secret. Smothered pork chops It’s all genetics.”

Before heading back to his house on the golf cart, Lehman cut open a Jerry’s Big Girl, tasted it, shared a slice and grinned. Crock pot pork chops potatoes His fruit won the Biggest Pawpaw award five years in a row at the prestigious Ohio Pawpaw Festival in Athens, and he earned second- and third-place honors for Best Pawpaw at the International Pawpaw Conference earlier this month at Frankfort, Kentucky.

Most of all, the orchard that Jerry and Barbara tend has fulfilled that retirement goal of making a contribution to the world’s food offerings — a tasty contribution. Baked pork chops mushroom gravy It also reconnected him to his Hoosier farming roots, nearly seven decades later.