Nutrition-conscious true food kitchen opens in palo alto + walnut creek – 7×7 bay area

Opened this month in Palo Alto and Walnut Creek, True Food Kitchen is the third healthy, fast-casual chainlet to land in the Bay Area this year (after Sweetgreen and Lemonade). Baked avocado and egg recipes Serving up flavor-forward, East-meets-West cuisine that caters to vegans, vegetarians and those with gluten sensitivity, menu items are based on the anti-inflammatory diet principles of wellness superstar and father of integrative medicine Dr. Egg and avocado sandwich recipes Andrew Weil.

We chatted with Dr. Avocado egg and bacon Weil while he was in town to get the 411 on the anti-inflammatory diet, why the Bay Area is perfect for True Food Kitchen, and his favorite dishes on the fall menu.

Dr. Avocado and egg on toast healthy Weil: The mainstream American diet is pro-inflammatory, meaning it gives us the wrong kinds of fats and carbs, and not enough of the fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that protect us. Avocado and egg health benefits Our menu is based on my extensive research into chronic diseases and findings that many are rooted in chronic inflammation.

Baked avocado and egg breakfast An anti-inflammatory diet provides steady energy from ample vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber and and protective phytonutrients. How to use avocado and egg for hair Optimizing for health and longevity means reducing inflammation through foods with these specific protective elements. Avocado egg oven recipe Foods such as mushrooms and turmeric.

I’m a very good home cook and, despite friends telling me over the years to open a restaurant, I was never tempted to because I knew nothing about the restaurant business. Avocado egg and oil hair treatment But then nine years ago I was introduced to Sam Fox of the Fox Restaurant Group and ended up proposing what became the True Food Kitchen concept: A restaurant that would serve really good food that was also nutritionally correct. Vegemite avocado and egg At first, he thought that I was talking about bland tofu and sprouts, but Sam became convinced after I cooked him and his wife dinner at my home. Avocado and egg dinner They actually liked it! A space opened up in Phoenix and he skeptically agreed to give the concept a trial run. Avocado and scrambled egg recipes From the moment the doors opened it was a remarkable success. Avocado and egg yolk hair mask It’s very gratifying to me that the food that I’ve cooked and enjoyed over the years is appealing to many people now.

We knew we wanted to be in Northern California, and I think Palo Alto will be great for us. Avocado egg boat recipe As for the area with relation to health, I do think techies are particularly prone to the stress of information and media overload that comes with the industry. Baked egg and avocado I hope the culture of True Food will be a little bit of an antidote to that. Egg and avocado recipes for breakfast For techies, learning some principles of the anti-inflammatory lifestyle is particularly important.

I’ve always liked the Slanted Door and Greens. Poached egg and avocado on toast They are two of my favorites. Avocado and egg hair treatment I mostly cook at home when I’m in Tucson, so in San Francisco it’s great for me to go out and try things I can’t get at home.

We have an autumn salad that I think is terrific. Avocado and egg sandwich recipes For starters, we have charred cauliflower, roasted Brussels sprouts, and chiogga beet bruschetta with almond ricotta. Avocado and egg breakfast recipes Our ancient grains bowl is wonderful with its a mixture of grains, hemp seeds and miso-glazed sweet potato. Avocado egg yolk honey hair mask If you order it with a protein like shrimp or steelhead salmon it’s so satisfying.

My favorite is our squash pie, a personal recipe of mine. Baked avocado with egg in the middle It’s vegan and full of antioxidants. Avocado and egg sandwich healthy The delicious whipped topping is made from coconut—it’s a wonderful dessert.

I based the anti-inflammatory diet on the Mediterranean diet for which we have a great deal of scientific evidence as to its benefits. Salad with avocado and egg I tweaked it by adding Asian influences such as mushrooms, soy, ginger and turmeric. Avocado and egg calories In the Mediterranean diet, wine is included, especially red wine which has proven benefits. Egg in avocado recipe pinterest The key is moderation. Egg and avocado toast I do drink red wine and sake, but not every night. Egg and avocado for breakfast On our menu, we’ve tried to include organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines as much as possible.

My greatest challenge is to convince people that there is no difference between good food and food that’s good for you. Avocado deviled eggs recipe paleo Diet is a huge factor in the body’s inflammation. Avocado and egg salad recipe Another way to cut down on inflammation is to avoid environmental toxins such as secondary smoke, which is a strong inflammatory agent.

Practicing how to limit stress through breathing techniques and meditation is hugely helpful. Avocado and egg microwave In addition, I think there are certain herbs and spices that have anti-inflammatory properties, particularly ginger and turmeric. Avocado and egg hair mask There are some supplements you can take that have anti-inflammatory activity, but I think exercise and control over diet is the most important.

// True Food Kitchen is open now in both Palo Alto (180 El Camino Real, Suite 1140) and Walnut Creek (120 Broadway Lane, Building #4, Space #1044 ). Avocado and egg diet For more information on the anti-inflammatory diet, as well as breathing and meditation techniques, visit