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North Hawaii restaurateur Edwin Goto paid his dues long ago to earn his successes of today. Noodles and company bozeman Owner of the famed Village Burger, he opened his second restaurant — Noodle Club — in Waimea in late October.

The new dining spot is a welcome addition on Hawaii Island where, until lately, there seems to have been a dearth of noodle houses, particularly when compared to the neighboring islands and Hawaii overall.

It all began in 2009, when Goto was motivated to open Village Burger after noticing there were no beef restaurants except for McDonald’s and Burger King in an area known for grass-fed beef.

The success of Village Burger led to inspiration for Noodle Club. Noodles and company niles “People started telling me, ‘Now we need noodles, we need saimin, so I said, OK, I’ll work on something,’” says Goto.

While Village Burger is popular with tourists and currently ranked the number eight burger joint in the nation by TripAdvisor.com, Noodle Club is proving popular with locals.

Noodle Club serves up more than just noodle soup. Noodles and companu Tempting items like crispy baby back ribs and bao (pork belly) buns are also on the menu. Noodles and company frederick But it’s the variety of noodle soups — or more specifically the noodle broth — that is the real star. Working at noodles and company Goto makes noodle soup broth the way broth is intended to be made: rich, satisfying and full of flavor. Noodles and company woodbury He knows that the soul of the soup lies in the broth, so he makes his broth from marrow-rich beef bones left to simmer all day, absorbing flavor with each passing hour.

Working first as a cook at the five-star Halekulani hotel in Waikiki in the mid-’80s, Goto then moved to the San Francisco Bay area where he cooked in restaurants and hotels. Noodles and company headquarters He left the bustle of the big city for the calm serenity of the Lanai countryside, where he worked at The Lodge at Koele for eight years and then as executive chef at the Manele Bay Hotel for two.

Here on Hawaii Island, he shared his culinary talents at Mauna Lani Bay Hotel from 2001 to 2008. Noodles and company hudson wi In 2009, he ventured out on his own in the not-too-crowded, not-too-small town of Waimea.

Goto took as much time and care designing Noodle Club as he does crafting his dishes. Noodles and company new berlin He worked with local architect Paul Donoho to create a space filled with personal touches and Hawaii Island connections.

The interior design started with the idea for a “wall of windows” based on a feature he saw at a Hong Kong restaurant. Noodles andcompany “I loved it,” Goto says, so it became the focal point customers see first when they walk through the door.

After that decision, all of the other unique design features seemed to just fall into place. Noodles and company menu prices Rugged beams, made from reclaimed local barn wood, crisscross the restaurant’s ceiling. Noodles nd company Wooden tables and a serpentine wooden counter — a typical feature in authentic saimin restaurants — were built by Honokaa woodworker Hans Torweihe from ohia and Japanese cedar wood harvested and milled on the island. Noodles and company to go Recent additions to the restaurant include a condiment shelf, and a takeout counter.

Goto’s other passion — a proclivity for Japanese vintage toys — has resulted in an impressive collection that includes toys dating back to World War II. What is noodles Some are artfully arranged on shelves around the restaurant. Noodles locations If customers look up, they might see one of his larger toys — a 12-inch Godzilla, for example — peeking down at them from atop the wooden beam above their heads.

Graphics for Noodle Club were designed by Nancy Botticelli. Noodles and company draper The art has a decidedly “Star Wars” feel but Goto says any tie to the restaurant’s opening during the new Star Wars sequel film’s launch was just a happy coincidence.

“Edwin’s a wonderful, wonderful chef,” she says. Noodles etc chicago “He’s so innovative in his marrying of all the different herbs and spices in each of his dishes, and his homemade broths are amazing. Noodles and company louisville “It’s a mouthful of joy every time I go there.”

Vrendenburg retired from a career working as a food and catering manager at high-end restaurants and resorts on Oahu. Noodles and things “I know running a restaurant is grueling work,” she says. Noodles history “Edwin learned under some great chefs.”

She’s right. Noodles fast food Since opening Noodle Club, Goto’s barely found time to breathe. Noodles and company texas Besides managing and cooking at the restaurant, he works with local meat vendors and farmers who supply his luscious herbs, vegetables and greens. Noodles and company take out More than 90 percent of the food served in the Noodle Club is locally sourced.

“It’s definitely not one-stop shopping,” Goto says. Noodles and company franchise But worth the effort, as a chattering crowd fills Noodle Club each day, with patrons contentedly slurping up noodles or nibbling on tasty ribs.

Noodle Club at the Parker Ranch Center in Waimea is open for lunch Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30 a.m. Noodles corporate to 3 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays for dinner from 2:30 to 8 p.m.; and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. Noodles and comoany to 5 p.m. Noodles and company joliet For more information, call 885-8825 or go towww.facebook.com/noodleclubwaimea.