Outraged by the new ‘free-range’ egg definition_ then stop eating eggs _ jenna sten _ opinion _ the guardian

The new national standard for free-range eggs allows farmers to keep a maximum of 10,000 hens per hectare, a significant increase from the 1,500 that many small farms and animal welfare groups consider to be sustainable and humane. Parmesan chicken slow cooker “Meaningful access” to outdoors is required under these new standards, but hens don’t need to leave the barn at all for their eggs to be classed as free-range – a perfect example of an entirely empty commitment.

Before last week’s decision, there was no legally binding set of standards, resulting in misleading packaging and confusion for consumers, who had no guarantee of what free range actually meant.

Parmesan chicken breast The number of hens per hectare will now appear on the carton, allowing consumers to discriminate.

Choice is calling for a boycott of the brands that exceed the CSIRO’s Model Code recommendation of 1,500. Homemade baked chicken parmesan Many people have taken to social media to protest these changes, and spread news of the boycott.

That consumers want to vote with their dollar, and don’t want to support businesses that treat hens badly is incredibly encouraging. Chicken parmesan recipe in oven A lot of genuinely upset people are unsure how to proceed, now that the definition of free range has broadened to the point of meaninglessness.

It is to these compassionate, driven people, that I address my solution. Chicken parmesan recipe healthy Stop eating eggs. Parmesan crusted chicken salad Like, all of them. Parmesan chicken recipes without bread crumbs Every single brand is doing bad things to hens.

“Free range” is a feel-good term. Parmesan chicken pasta recipe Businesses use it to create a generous reputation for themselves, and it makes us feel kind. Recipe for easy chicken parmesan But any large or small scale farming system harvesting eggs from hens is not letting them grow old in green pastures once their productivity levels drop, no matter how many nice words are on the box.

Male chicks are routinely killed in both conventional and free-range hatcheries because they do not lay eggs, and are therefore not profitable. How to make chicken parmesan with chicken patties “ Debeaking”, a process in which hens have part of their beak sliced off with a hot blade is also standard practice; debeaking prevents hens from injuring one another in the overcrowded spaces they live in, but it also prevents them from performing healthy social behaviours such as preening, and sometimes eating. Parmesan chicken sides The process is, as you might imagine, painful.

Even before consumer affairs ministers broadened the definition of free range, the system was not humane. Chicken parmesan pasta bake Under these new standards, many “free-range” hens will have less space and unguaranteed access to the outdoors. Chicken parmesan recipe with mayo This is bad for their health and happiness. Parmesan chicken wings You could also say that breeding them to kill them has a pretty significant impact on their health and happiness.

Legalities aside, animals are irrefutably, scientifically sentient – which means they feel feelings, good and bad ones. Chicken parmesan recipe simple When we turn them into products, and refer to them as such, it distances us from this fact, and turns our relationship with them into something we can comfortably commodity or wilfully ignore. Chicken parmesan healthy recipe This kind of cognitive dissonance is not something we should be proud of. Chicken parmesan temperature It’s the same empathy deficit that allows us to respond with indifference to many oppressed groups whose experience we deny.

In the hierarchy of privilege, we push animals hard to the ground. Chicken parmesan recipe food network A backward slide in free-range egg standards is not our biggest problem. Chicken parmigiana recipe olive garden If you’re comfortable with the idea of animals as uncomplicated property, continue to use your dollar in line with your values in whichever way you see fit. Parmesan crusted chicken recipes If you feel strongly about animal welfare reform as a means to an end, support the companies you still have trust in, and campaign for the new standard to be changed.