Paleo chocolate melting cakes – bakerita fudge brownie cupcake recipe

These Paleo Chocolate Melting Cakes are incredibly gooey, rich and chocolatey! This easy, five-ingredient recipe is a healthier take on Carnival’s Chocolate Melting Cake. Brownie recipe blog You’ll love the melting, gooey center!

So, have you ever been on a Carnival Cruise? If you have, I bet you’ve ended one of your dinners on the ship digging into the gooey center of one their famous Chocolate Melting Cakes, topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This past summer my mom’s whole family piled onto a Carnival cruise ship in Athens and sailed our way through Turkey, Greece, Malta, and Italy, finally landing in Barcelona. Chocolate brownie recipe without cocoa powder Most of the nights that we had dinner on the boat, we would eat in the same restaurant.

The menu would change depending on our port of call, but the Chocolate Melting Cake was a staple on the dessert menu, and at least one person at our table would order it for dessert each night. Chocolate brownie recipe by tarla dalal On the final night, we had a whole round of them on the table and we were all sad looking forward to our lives without readily accessible chocolate melting cakes.

I vowed to recreate it, and make it a little healthier, and though it took a little while…I finally made it happen! Even better? The recipe is super simple – only five ingredients needed and you can have these chocolate melting cakes in the oven within 15 minutes. Chocolate brownie recipe donna hay What more can you ask from your desserts?

Because of the minimal ingredients, they all should be high quality. More importantly, make sure you use the best quality chocolate you can because the chocolate is flavor that’s going to come through most predominately in your cakes. Easy brownie recipe without butter Great chocolate will make great cakes! I used a strong 72% which made these babies super rich, so if you prefer a less deep, dark cake, use a 60% or 55% chocolate.

These paleo chocolate melting cakes should be served immediately after they’re baked, but they can be prepared ahead of time. Easy brownie recipe no eggs After you divide the batter between the ramekins, they can be covered with plastic and refrigerated until you’re ready to bake.

When these chocolate melting cakes bake up, the edges bake into a soft chocolate cake, while the center stays gooey and “melting”. Super easy brownie recipe When your spoon breaks through, you get a spoonful of that rich cake mixed with chocolate “lava” sauce.

When they are served, hot of the oven, they deserve a spoonful of whipped coconut cream or vanilla ice cream – I added a big spoonful of vanilla bean Halo Top on mine 🙂

These paleo chocolate melting cakes are perfect to serve for any for the holidays or at any dinner parties. Best brownie recipe martha stewart Any old night where you’re needing a good dose of chocolate is a good excuse, too! Who doesn’t love a gooey chocolate cake? Enjoy! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Snapchat Remember to #bakerita if you try the recipe!

Oh my GOSH… these are AMAZING Rachel!! I just whipped them up and embarrassingly I devoured 2 before I could even begin to restrain myself. Best brownie recipe ever from scratch I don’t know how you do it – you take a combination of the most simple ingredients and as usual, it produces something that tastes like a pastry chef spent all day making it. Fudge brownie cake recipe I lost count of how many of your recipes I have made, and every one of them has been a huge success. Fudge brownie recipe uk Thank you so much for making Paleo and gluten-free recipes so awesome and easy to make!! 🙂