Paleo zucchini pasta with spicy shrimp marinara {whole30} italian sausage potato soup recipe

Paleo zucchini pasta with spicy shrimp marinara {whole30} italian sausage potato soup recipe A quick and easy Paleo Zucchini Pasta with spicy shrimp marinara made with fresh herbs and packed with flavor. Spaghetti with italian sausage recipe Healthy weeknight dinner idea that’s Whole30 friendly, gluten free, dairy free, and Paleo. How are you guys doing today? I have to say, between getting sick last week and then going away for the weekend, I’m finally feeling normal again for the first time since last Tuesday.

The timing of everything worked out well – no one else got sick, and Adam and I got a weekend away from the kids to go visit his college friends for a yearly reunion at their lake house. Homemade italian sausage recipe Everyone had fun,

it finally felt like “summer” because I not only saw water but went in it, and I didn’t do any work or even cook all weekend.

Italian sausage and peppers pasta recipe It felt seriously strange, in a good way. My parents stayed with the kids at our place and all went smoothly. Italian sausage pasta recipes with alfredo sauce We were gone for not even two days but it felt more like a week – does that ever happen to you? I didn’t even pressure myself to take pictures and barely had my phone at all. Italian sausage penne pasta recipe I think I was in desperate need of a weekend like that! So right now, it’s Monday afternoon, and, playing catch-up-on-life is no joke!

Especially since we’re actually going away again later this week to take the kids to Hershey Park. Italian sausage soup recipe olive garden I will try very hard to be “fun mom” for Hershey Park – think I can do it? We’ll see. Pasta italian sausage recipe And you guys will see too, since for this trip I definitely plan to take pictures! I’m realizing I’ll probably need to start thinking about bringing food for myself and planning all of that – not my favorite thing to do, but I’m going to be fun mom, not complain, and stock up on Larabars, nut butter, and spoons 🙂 Now, to get back to the recipe!

I made another Whole30 Paleo zucchini pasta – mostly because the one I made a few weeks ago – with scallion avocado sauce and chicken was so good that I wanted more. Pasta italian sausage recipe But of course, I needed it to also be totally different, for the sake of variety.

I grabbed some shrimp and fresh herbs and put together a quick and easy spicy marinara sauce that will work perfectly for a weeknight dinner and makes great leftovers the next day, too. Recipe homemade italian sausage I know, because I ate it 3 days in a row and it totally held up. I hope you guys have your spiralizer ready to go! I’ve been using this one for two years now and it’s help up really well. Mild italian sausage recipes for dinner I spiralize mostly squash and sweet potatoes and for my needs, it’s absolutely perfect. Italian sausage pasta recipes with alfredo sauce Let’s get started!

Paleo Zucchini Pasta with Spicy Shrimp Marinara {Whole30} • Put your spiralized zucchini in a large bowl lined with paper towel and sprinkle with a large pinch of sea salt, set aside. • In a medium saucepan over medium heat, add the olive oil and cook the garlic in the oil until just softened.* Add the tomatoes, Italian seasoning, crushed red pepper and salt, stir and heat until just boiling.

Recipe using italian sausage and pasta Turn the heat down to low, add the fresh basil, and allow to gently simmer. • While the sauce simmers, heat a large skillet over med-hi heat and add your cooking fat. Recipe italian sausage Sprinkle the shrimp with a generous pinch of sea salt and the smoked paprika, then add to the hot skillet. • Cook 2-3 minutes on each side until lightly browned on the outside and cooked through.

Mild italian sausage slow cooker recipes Remove from heat and add to the simmering tomato sauce. • Heat the same skillet once again over med-hi heat. Potato and italian sausage recipe Make sure the zucchini noodles are drained of excess water and add them to the skillet, stirring and cooking for about 2-3 minutes, until just softened. Homemade italian chicken sausage recipe Don’t overcook – they get more watery the longer they’re cooked for. • Remove sauce from heat and toss with the zucchini pasta in a serving bowl.

Hot italian sausage pasta recipe Garnish with extra fresh basil if desired, and serve warm. Italian turkey sausage recipes Enjoy!

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What are your go-tos? Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Robert’s homemade italian sausage recipe This means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Fresh italian sausage recipe Thank you for supporting The Paleo Running Momma! More than a little into running and paleo recipes (yoga now too!) but I’m not here to rain on your grains (or anything else) so come along for the ride!

I do a little too much of everything (except cleaning), and I enjoy laughing at myself. Italian sausage and kale soup recipe As long as I’m the one making the jokes, that is. Italian sausage pasta recipes with alfredo sauce Just kidding.

Italian sausage pasta bake recipe So bring me your angst, your appetite and your frying pan and climb aboard! This recipe looks so good! I got my spiralizer last week, haven’t tried it yet but now I really really want to! Glad to read you had a great time! As much as I like cooking, no cooking sounds like a real vacation!

Between my son’s special diet and my special diet, I usually cook 5 different meals a day… so a day without cooking feels strange for sure… but in a good way! When I’m on vacation I prefer not to pack food. Easy italian sausage pasta recipe I like to hunt and forage for stuff (in stores not in the wilderness 🙂 ). Spaghetti italian sausage recipe It can end up biting me in the bum but I prefer to not have to think about it ahead of time.

Ground mild italian sausage recipe It’s part of the vacation feel for me. I love those times away where you barely take any pictures or whip out the phone. Recipe for making italian sausage It sucks for blogging, but it’s so SO needed since we spend so much time on the computer anyways. Italian sausage recipe slow cooker Going out to the lake is seriously the epitome of summer, especially when you end up doing some swimming 😉 Oh these zoodles just made me drool!

Glad you got some time alone with hubby, I think it is the key to keep things well and alive. Beef italian sausage recipe I too have (four) kids and swear on the magic of a weekend away with no kids! Thanks for sharing your story and amazing recipe, I want to make this… like, right now! Hi! I’m Michele.

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