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There’s a brand new restaurant opening up in Boerne, and the mastermind behind the restaurant is a very familiar face. Tomato pasta sauce brands Mark Bohanan from Bohanan’s Prime Steaks & Seafood is taking his cooking talents to his newest restaurant, Peggy’s on the Green. Homemade pasta and sauce recipe He’s bringing elevated Southern cuisine to the Ye Kendall Inn. Homemade spaghetti sauce recipe no meat Bohanan calls Boerne home so he’ll take care of you like you’re family. Easy homemade tomato pasta sauce recipe The Menu

This Southern-inspired restaurant and craft cocktail bar serves as an homage to Bohanan’s late mother Peggy Bohanan, a stalwart home cook and champion of the land and all its bounty.

Easy homemade spaghetti sauce with meat One of Bohanan’s earliest memories of his mother is the time he asked her about their garden, confused why his family had one — were they too poor to shop at the general store like the rest of his friends’ families in their small town of Jourdanton?

At the time, the taste of a homegrown tomato compared to the store bought variety didn’t make much of an impact on Bohanan. Homemade white sauce for pasta To a little boy, a backyard garden represented nothing more than extra chores and additional vegetables to eat before dessert. Homemade pasta sauce slow cooker Yet, the conversation stayed with him, as did his early recollections of picking corn straight off the stalk for his mother to make creamed corn and getting off the school bus and smelling his grandmother’s long-simmering tomato sauce and meatballs all the way down the lane.

In Bohanan’s mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens, preparing daily, from-scratch meals was the norm. Sauce for pasta noodles Some of his favorites were his mom’s lasagna, creamed corn and pork crown roast. Homemade pasta sauce quick Even when the family was eating leftovers, Peggy had a knack for making the meal feel like a brand new feast such as using leftover pot roast in sandwiches and salads that she still managed to make fit for a king, or rolling rosemary new potatoes in the remnants of bacon grease from that morning’s breakfast.

Even with his mother’s busy schedule as a school teacher and cheerleading and basketball coach, if Peggy wasn’t going to be home in time to prepare dinner, there was a homemade casserole in the fridge ready for Bohanan and his two siblings. Homemade spaghetti sauce from whole tomatoes From local turnips to watermelons to farm fresh eggs to whole hogs butchered and shared throughout the neighborhood, Bohanan certainly learned the pleasures of carefully prepared meals made with the bounties of Jourdanton. Homemade tomato sauce for pasta recipe This early respect for seasonal and local ingredients has continued to serve him in his restaurant endeavors today.

What has also become a hallmark to both Bohanan’s Prime Steaks & Seafood and Peggy’s on the Green is his devotion to hospitality, which Bohanan attributes to his upbringing as well. Tomato pasta sauce recipe nz In Bohanan’s neighborhood growing up, all of the men, including his father and grandfather, worked in oil. Homemade pasta sauce without tomatoes While they left for their jobs at the crack of dawn, they were home several hours before dinnertime, thus the inception of a neighborhood teatime. Homemade pasta sauce from garden tomatoes Every day after work, the men would rotate houses and share a homemade pie or cake with coffee. Homemade pasta sauce recipe with fresh tomatoes The communal table extended itself to dinnertime as well.

“There was never just five of us — there was always at least 7 to ten people around the dinner table,” Bohanan said. Homemade pasta sauce with tomato sauce “We lived in a small town where everyone got along.” Chess Pie

Bohanan’s mother Peggy was always whipping up pies. Tomato pasta sauce recipe italian She would make ice box pies, peach pies with the fresh peaches from the family’s backyard trees, and sky-high lemon meringue pies. Homemade pasta sauce for baby Bohanan’s favorite pie, though, was his mother’s chess pie. Homemade spaghetti sauce recipe with garden tomatoes The pie, an old Southern staple, is simple and timeless — made with just flour, butter, sugar and eggs and then usually a secret touch or two from whoever is making it. Homemade pasta sauce with tomato paste Although the pie was simple enough to make, Peggy only baked her famous chess pie on Christmas, Thanksgiving and for special occasions.

While Bohanan isn’t entirely certain where Peggy’s chess pie recipe came from — he thinks it was probably a collaboration between his mother, grandmother and his Aunt Ethel — the recipe has been in the family for years, and often guests who try it say it’s like no other chess pie they’ve tasted before. Quick homemade pasta sauce recipe As a child, Bohanan loved the pie because he didn’t get it every day, and, of course, because it was marvelously sweet and rich.

At Peggy’s on the Green, Bohanan uses his mother’s original recipe for the pie, but he’s added a few fine touches with its presentation such as housemade caramel sauce, seasonal berries and a quenelle of freshly whipped cream. Homemade spaghetti sauce recipe from scratch Even though Peggy thought the decadent chess pie should be reserved for celebrations, Bohanan has a feeling if his mother was here to see Peggy’s on the Green, she would understand that every night at Peggy’s is special, for through her pie, her legacy lives on. Homemade pasta sauce nz Hot Biscuits

“When you’re little, everything hinges around the kitchen table,” he said. Best homemade spaghetti sauce recipe from scratch “I remember watching them make them forever, but I never dreamed I would need to know the recipes well enough for my own restaurant. Easy homemade cheese sauce for pasta It tugs at my heart every time I think about it.”

At Peggy’s on the Green, a basket of hot biscuits served with lush honey butter is worth a trip by itself. Homemade pasta sauce tomato While Bohanan knows he doesn’t have his mother’s biscuit recipe exactly right, he’s worked hard to get it almost there — and for him, capturing the biscuits’ essence and the indelible warmth they brought him as a child is what he finds most important at Peggy’s on the Green.